Monday, March 2, 2015

[Review] Jill Stuart Matte Chiffon Nail Polishes

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Today's review will be the Jill Stuart Matte Chiffon Nail Polishes, I did a post [here] and I decided to do a review on these in case anyone wanted to read up on them before buying them.


The nail polish comes in a really lovely cardboard box decorated with ribbons and flowers. 

The product comes in the most princess-y packaging. It's the same as other Jill Stuart polishes however the packaging for these is slightly different. The Matte Chiffon nail polishes are slightly different from the regular kind however, the lid has a slightly milky consistency so it's not as shiny as the regular kind and the bottle itself is frosty in appearance. I really like the look of the bottles and they really stand out again other brands and competitors as well as the regular nail polish line at Jill Stuart.

The brush is fairly average to be honest, I don't think it's and different to competitors OPI or Essie at all. I notice no difference.


This nail polish comes in a 10mL or 0.33 fl. oz.


I bought mine from here and they were retailing for US$19.95 but because of the exchange rate right now it was a little bit more for me. 

(Competitor's OPI retail for AU$19.95 in Australia so for me, buying Jill Stuart nail polish is pretty much in the same price bracket as OPI, but I can see how the price would put off American buyers,) 


I did a terrible job on my middle finger. Whoops.

I'm really impressed with the application of this product.
It drys fast and is opaque in two coats.
It's not streaky or hard to apply at all for me and watching nail polish go from shiny to matte is quite fun. Who knew watching nail polish dry could be entertaining?
I can't remember previous matte's I've used but I feel like these aren't completely matte as they do seem to catch the light and have a reflectiveness to them, as strange as that sounds.
I was also anticipating these to chip really fast, but I've been to work and washes dishes and carried on with normal everyday life and they're holding up as well as regular nail polish.
I really can't fault the application of these polishes, they're wonderful.

What I think; 

I'm actually pleasantly surprised by these I was expecting to not like them for some reason or another but I really think these are fantastic nail polishes. I really like the colours and the application as well. The bottles are lovely to look at and display as well. I only wish they were a bit cheaper or easier to get a hold of but I really recommend you trying at least one - if you're interested and can make room in your budget for them.

Just a reminder that these polishes are limited edition (as far as I know) as well, and only available for the duration of the Matte Chiffon collection's availability. I'm not sure Jill Stuart will continue producing the matte nails although I hope they do. I quite like them!

Tell me, what kinds of nail polishes do you like? Shiny or matte or glittery or something else? 

Thank you for reading~
Berri Doll



  1. The colors you pick are so cute and it seems like these are a great choice. I still can't get over how expensive polish is in AUS!

    1. Lol. Yeah, we get ripped off TT_TT And we get opposite season colours which is kinda...meh. I guess there's not a better way but still, kinda odd seeing pinks and greens and brights in Autumn and deep, woody colours in Spring. :/

  2. They do look really nice *^* I actually can't decide if I'd rather wear shiny or matte nailpolish :P

    1. XD I think if you wanted too you could apply a top coat and make them shiny? I dunno if that would work though.

  3. The products from Jill Stuart always look so pretty T__T Makes me sad that the Canadian dollar is worth so little...these nail polishes would probably cost 2x as much for me to buy :'(

    The colors are really pretty though *_*

    Mia - Rainbow Road

    1. They're lovely! Awww, really? I guess that's the thing about currency it can be worth more in the future depending... so who knows??


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