Friday, March 20, 2015

[Review] Etude House Color In Liquid Lips in PK005

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Today, I want to review the Colour in Liquid Lips from Etude House. These are a relatively new product to Etude House and something they've been promoting a lot recently on social media so naturally I wanted to try it out. Good advertising - right?

These are the two promotional videos from Etude Houses' Youtube. 

The description of this product is; Color in Liquid Lips fills the lips with a light and smooth texture that slides onto lips for vivid color and a transparent shine.

The selling point of these is that they're a opaque lip colour that you can apply like a lip gloss to your lips and that's all you would need. No liners, gloss or anything to make these wearable! Sounds great if you're out and about and don't want to fuss with lots of products to maintain your lip colour. 

Here's what it claim from the online website (source

What it does
- Lovely splashing color: Vivid colors like melted liquefied lipsticks make delicate and supple lips.
  (Exclusive "One-Touch-Color" technology is applied to express vivid color with one touch)
- See-though glossy lips: Smooth water-sliding texture cares lips lightweight, glossy, and non sticky.
  (Water-Sliding: Light and non-sticky texture for cushiony and sleek application)
- Long-lasting hydrated lips: It contains Sweet almond oil and sunflower seed oil to coat lips comfortably and smoothly long time without getting dry.

The box it comes in is simple but matches the product itself.
 The box matches the colour of the product colour which is nice. It means you won't accidentally purchase the wrong colour (hopefully).

 The packaging of the actual product itself is lovely. It's definitely really cute but it reminds me of pop art. The packaging definitely stands out and grabs attention. It appears like a lip stick bullet in a lip gloss container. It matches the products purpose and selling points perfectly.
 Etude House is printed on the lid. 
 You can see the lip colour in the bullet which I like. It means you can see how much product you have left and it's kind of just fun to look at.
The applicator is like this and it matches the product exterior well. Honestly, it's not my favorite applicator I feel like the product is meant to go into the hole in the applicator but mine never does so it's quite a big waste of space, and the could have had a smaller applicator.

The packaging feels quite heavy compared to a lip stick or lip gloss - I assume because of the extra plastic used to house the product but I quite like the feel of the container. It feels nice and durable.


Swatch on the back of my hand, you can see it's an opaque lip colour that's really true to the colour on the applicator. 
Personally, I find this lip colour to be not very hydrating or long lasting but if you like you can apply a lip gloss over it to make it more moisturizing if you need to. The colour applies nicely and doesn't catch on any dry parts of the lips at all which is nice. 
It has a buttery, velvety texture.

 Worn. I really like the colour. Sometimes finding the right baby pink can be hard but I got really lucky with this one! 

Look and all the colours to choose from as well. I love the variety available and it feels like there's something for everyone from more simple baby pinks and beige  to bright reds, oranges and hot pinks as well as some darker colours as well. The purple has me very interested just because I've never seen a purple quite like the one pictured. 
The colour I have arrived and was pretty much exactly what I was expecting so I feel confident to try other colours based on the online swatches because they seem true to colour.


This product retails for $9.50 for 3.5 grams or 0.12 oz.

What I think; 

I really love this product and have been reaching for it on a daily basis. It's a really convenient product and it's easy to use when you're out and about. 
I love that it's opaque and you really don't need any other products with it. Even though this claims to be long lasting, I really haven't found that to be the case for me although through the day I can eat and drink quite often so maybe that's why. 
The price is quite reasonable as well for the product and the colour selection is really good as well, there's a lot of nice colours but at the same time there's not too many it's over whelming to choose just one - and I really want to try a bright colour next just because I tend to stay away from them but these look promising. 
I would really recommend these to everyone because I do really really like them. 

Let me know, what's one colour lip stick you have never tried but would really want to? 

Thanks for reading, 
Berri Doll


  1. The color looks really nice on you! I like it a lot actually! I tend to stay away from bright colors since I prefer nude or light pink lip colors, but they do seem to have a nice selection of lovely colors!

    1. Thank you - I really like it on and I think it suits me nicely. I normally don't like brights either but lately I've been liking them every now and again! I think it's worth having a few in case one day you feel like a bright colour.

  2. The colour looks gorgeous on you! I'm in the market to look for a good baby nudy pink. I've always wanted to try this because the adverts are good at making me curious. The package destroys me the most because its so ingenious and cute! I may purchase this after I finish off the Candy Doll lipgloss from my P10P

    1. Thank you ^.^ oooh, try these ones, I'd like to hear your thoughts :D

  3. The packaging is so cute and the color is great on you!


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