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[Haul + Review] Etude House Global

Hi! Hi!

Did you know that Etude House ships internationally?
And even better, is they accept pay pal!
Okay, have I sparked your interest yet?

I think so~

So, since I've never seen anyone talk about that Etude House ships internationally at all, or reviewed the process I though I would give it a try and review it here for you all.
(It seems this site has been up since 2014 at least O.O) 

I decided to take advantage of the 'Princess Day' Event which was Free Shipping for over US$50 (standard shipping) and the 'Free Gel Patch' offer as well.

Order Precess;

3 / 2 - placed order, Etude House was currently running a 'Princess Event' where you receive free shipping over $50.
(Note: once you pay with paypal, you aren't re directed to the website, which I don't really like so much,) Went straight to 'processing'.
4 / 2 - Order is complete
26 / 2 - Order arrives.

It took 22 days for the order to arrive which isn't too much longer than they stated it would take to arrive (I think the est. arrival time was 14-20 days?) 

Note: I did have a play and see how much the shipping would be when you have to pay and it's modest, I would say it's neither cheap nor expensive for the regular shipping method. They seem to do free shipping fairly often though so keep an eye out and take advantage of that offer whenever you can!

The site is exactly how you would imagine Etude House's website, it's very pink, but simple to use and navigate which I really like.

Logging in and making an account is super easy and takes only a minute or two and is nothing new or exciting. Just name, address and phone etc.

Also, the prices of everything on this site is super reasonable! Because it comes from Etude House the prices are modest unlike resellers who mark up the cost of the products two or three times the rrp.
You no longer need to try and find reputable resellers or use ebay and worry if you're going to get the product you want or wonder if it's real or not which is excellent.

The site also offers ample information about the products as well, description, directions, caution, ratings, ingredients, volume, size, product questions and shipping information! All located beneath the product for your convince.

Any questions will be answered by the Etude House Rep as well! How fab is that?

All prices are in US dollars.

Can you tell I'm really happy with this site so far?

 I really like Etude House because the prices of the products are modest but that doesn't mean compromise on product size or quality, the packaging is also really cute so let me share what I got with you!


The box is really cute!

 But it was a bit crushed when it arrived. The box says, 'All of you are born as a Princess,'. Really cute and matches the cute princess-y feel.

And it says Etude House on the side.

So what did I get? 

The inside of the box! Ooohhh, teaser of what's inside ~

Nope! Here's an overview.

First up,
 Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer - Link!
 Price: US$5.50.

 Description: Proof 10 Eye Primer supplies coverage to eyelids and around the eyes to enhance eye shadow colour and integrity for a longer lasting, Perfect 10 look.

I actually bought this because it was quite cheap and I thought maybe it would be a decent eye primer for a cheap cost. The reviews are good as well, I find it really convenient when sites have in built reviews because you can check the reviews before you purchase instead of looking for them.  We'll see how this one works out anyway ^.^. 

Etude House Liner #04 - Link!
Price: US$6.00

Description: This Liquid liner contains superfine glitters in a clear base to give eyes a sparkling dazzling effect.

I've had this before actually, and I had been missing having a glitter like this so I bought this one again. I really like the soft champagne gold colour of this one - I think it's a bit more natural than a harsh looking white (on me,) 

Etude House Surprise Concealer Co #1 - Link!
Price: US$5.00

Description: Enriched with Honey Essence, this creamy, liquid concealer hides flaws, blemishes and dark circles with full, natural-looking coverage.

I've gone through a few concealers lately so I needed a new one and decided for $5.00 this was a good one to try. Concealer is a necessity for me so buying it cheaper is better so I can save more.. I have high hopes for this one. 

Etude House Baby Choux Base in Peach - Link!
Price: US$11.00

Description: This Choux Base comes with a soft and cushiony texture that delivers a smooth and powdery complexion.

This is a product I've wanted to try for quite a while now (since it was released with the Sweet Recipe collection in 2013,) but I just talked myself out of it whenever I have the chance to purchase it. The different colours help with different needs, the peach is suppose to make a dull yellow face brighter and more lively so I'm super excited to try it out.
This product also has a decent amount of sun screen in it as well. 

Lip Perfume Breath Mist in #01 Peach - Link!
Price: US$3.50

Description: Oral care mouth spray disinfects and freshens breath with fruit flavor.

Another repurchase. I had this before but I keep losing them XD. I really like these though as an alternative to gum or mints because not all situations are appropriate for gum (like when I'm at work,) but you still want to freshen you're breath right? Use a breath mist! These ones taste really nice as well and the small size is convenient to travel with.

Sugar Lip Tint Balm in #05 PK002 - Link!
Price: US$8.00 

Description: This Sugar Tint Balm comes with a sweet color that gently melts onto lips for long-lasting soft and moist lips. 

This is 'new' on the website so I decided to try it. I really like the fresh cherry tints from Etude House but the fact that this comes in a balm interested me- will this be a moisturizing tint?This product has a really nice colour range as well for a tinted lip balm as well- right? 

Colour in Liquid Lips in #12 PK005 - Link!
Price: US$9.50

Description: Color in Liquid Lips fills the lips with a light and smooth texture that slides onto lips for vivid color and a transparent shine.

Another new to the website product. They seem to be pushing this product on the global Etude House instagram and was interested in it because of that.  The colour selection on this is really nice as well - there's something for everyone from nudes to pink to orange to red to purple and vampy colours! Plus this product was on promotion!

Cherry Lip Gel Patch - Link!
Price: $2.50 (one unit) 

Description: Formulated with vitalizing Cherry extract, this lip-shaped hydro gel patch hydrates, repairs, and soothes for soft, supple and smooth lips. 

I've had something like this from The Face Shop and I wasn't too fussed over it to be completely perfectly honest with you but this was free with purchase of the above product so I'm not going to say no to that. XD

NOTE! Please be mindful that if something comes free with something, you must add the product manually to cart. (It'll say, free gift add and let you know though, once your on the 'cart' page)

 And once I added all this to my cart I was still off the free shipping mark by a mere $1.50...

My Beauty Tool 3 Layer Cotton Puff - Link!
Price: US$1.50 and contains 60 pieces

Description: This 3-Layer Cotton Puff is great for applying liquid skincare products. 100% Cotton. This Cotton Puff is composed of 3 thin layers, which can be separated after soaking in toner to work like a face mask on the face.

1. For Makeup Removal : Moisten the Cotton Pad with Cleanser and apply over the face and neck.
2. For Skin Care : Moisten the Cotton Pad with toner. Wipe it over to the face inward to outward stroke.
3. Facial Masks : This 3-Layer Cotton Puff can be used as facial masks. Soak one cotton pad with toner. Separate the cotton layer to 3 layers.
Then place them onto your face to act like the facial masks.

I just got these to make the $50 for free shipping but I always use cotton puffs for make up removal so not a waste to buy these at all and for $1.50 I think that's a decent price.
I would have gotten the plain ones but they left me 0.50 cents short and I just wanted to hit the $50 exactly XD.

9 items: $50
Shipping: FREE!

Total: $50.00

I think I got quite a lot of items considering the cost and I'm really happy with the variety I got as well. I totally didn't need any of this lol.

I'm going to try and review most of these items for you guys as well but let me know if there's anything your interested in seeing first!

Do you guys like Etude House Make up? What's your favorite thing about Etude House?

Thank you for reading!~
Berri Doll



  1. Wow this was a lot of stuff for just $50! Score! And the products all look so great. I had no idea they shipped international and had a website like this :O

    1. Yep! Etude House is so modestly priced I really did well! Yep! I never saw it before so I really wanted to try it and see if I like it and share it. I think it's worth more people knowing about because I think it's sweet~

  2. WOW the prices are so cheap! I should just get my Etude House cushion refill here. I'm just a bit scared of it drying out during transit if I have to wait quite a bit of time to get it >_<

    1. The prices aren't bad at all on the store - definitely better than ebay or other webstores who charge top dollar. Mmmhhh, everything I bought was sealed and nicely packaged so I think it will be okay - maybe you can pay a bit more for the express shipping? I don't really know how much more that will cost tbh.

  3. I love Etude House~! The packaging for everything is super cute. You got a lot of things too haha. I also wanted to try the Baby Choux and the lip patch (but if it's free maybe I should buy something too) LOL! Hopefully you'll like everything!!

  4. Etude House is so great~ I love the cute packaging too. I really did get a lot of items which feels nice lol - who doesn't like getting good value? I'll have to let you know how the Baby Choux goes then. Hopefully I like everything ^.^


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