Monday, February 2, 2015

Work out Routine~

Hi! Hi!

I actually asked on Dayre if people would be interested in my workout routine. I decided to go through with it because most people really wanted to see it.

Disclaimer: I'm not a health care specialist or trained but I did ask my brother who is to trained as a personal trainer for the routine.
Be aware that even though, I might find this routine okay, if it causes you any pain or it hurts then discontinue the exercise. 

Just to say, I work out in a gym so I use most of the equipment at the gym. Some of these exercises at home but some you can't because it requires certain equipment but my routine is very flexible and you can swap out exercises and add exercises or change it to suit your needs really easily.
Of course, feel free to change and try new things. If you desire particular results, I suggest adding or swapping exercises.

- Make sure you warm up accordingly, I normally have a walk/run warm up on the treadmill but just stretching and warming up is good as well, do what's best for you.

-Drink plenty of water - be mindful that all water you drink during your work out doesn't count towards your daily intake.

-Be mindful of your rest times, you want to rest between sets but I would advise you to not take too long (or too short,).

-Consistency is key, you're never going to see results one session into a new routine, you need to keep at it.

-Resting is just as important as working out so take care and rest as you need.
-Don't beat yourself up if you don't feel like working out one week or you want take it easy one week. It's okay to take a break.

-I believe these exercises should be hard and you should struggle to do them but of course, if they're causing you pain or hurting you, either drop the weights or discontinue the exercise. Don't push yourself to do something that can potentially hurt you.

-Don't be afraid of doing weights, even if you don't want to get muscular and bulky, just remember to keep the weights low and you'll be okay. I find that once I've done my weights I can see muscles but once I get home and shower or a little later in the day they've kinda settled down a bit.

-Working out is great but it's only half the battle, a healthy diet with lots of variety in foods in the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I normally do 3 sets of 10 but of course you can tackle it another way like, 4 x 8 or 5 x 5 or any amount you like. 

Routine: A Day (Chest)
 10 minute warm up.
Bench Press (with the smith machine) with weights.
Over Head Press
Pectoral Fly
Dips (Assisted)
Push Ups
Triceps Extensions (rope,)

Routine: B Day (Back)
 10 minute warm up.
Lat Pull down
Hold angle pull up
Seated rows
Pull ups (Assisted)
Bench over rows
Bicep curls

Routine:C Day (Legs)
 10 minute warm up
Squats - with weights (I normally opt for Sumo Squats)
Lunges (with the Smith or if your pro, use a free weights,)
Quad Extensions
Seated Leg Extention
Leg Press (I do these one leg at a time,)
Calf raises (Use the leg Press)

Normally each routine takes me 40 - 50 minutes including warm up time so they're manageable if your short on time or you don't want to spend all day at the gym.

This is the base for my routine but every day in between I do cardio if I can get to the gym.

I would recommend a break in between days but if you're short on time on week or that's just the days you get time to work out, you can do one after the other, since you're targeting specific areas you'll be okay with doing one after another (hopefully,)

Anyways, that's all for my routine.
I'm not super strict or hard or specific and it's pretty flexible so let me know if you enjoy this blog post and if you're going to try my routine~

What kinds of exercise do you guys like best?

Thank you for reading.



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