Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tralala x Sailor Moon Collab

Hi! Hi!

Did you guys know that Tralala collaborated with Sailor Moon Crystal? Personally, I pretty much died when I saw it and I knew I had to have it since I love Sailor Moon Crystal and Tralala quite a lot. (And the fact that it's modelled by Risa Doll? I was pretty much sold)

The release was the 23rd of January and it sold out in about 4 minutes!! That's almost as fast as the Liz Lisa x My Melody Collabs!
I was really lucky that I managed to get everything I wanted so easily.

The skirt arrived all nice packaged! I wanted to savor the moment so I took lots of photos~ 
 The skirt reminds me so much of Sailor Moon's without being an obvious cosplay.
 Little Luna's and Artemis'. Or are they both Luna? I'm not sure. 
I love this print though, the crystals and motif are so Sailor Moon yet not obvious.

 The back of the skirt - the bow isn't removable but I really love the bow so that's okay.
Also this item is just a skirt - it doesn't have safety shorts.
It has a zip!
The skirt looks exactly the same as it does online as it does in real life! ^.^

 All packaged up.

 The badge is made from fabric. Not sure if I would prefer a shiny one or this. It's also removable.
This was super over priced in my opinion but I knew if I didn't get it I would be upset or regret it so I ended up purchasing it. It goes perfectly with the skirt and the ribbon is lovely. I'm glad I got it but I still can't believe it cost so much.

It also looks like it does online.

 I'm seriously in love with this cardigan. If I had to pick one favorite... it might be this. It's possibly the least Sailor Moon Crystal out of everything but I think that makes it so versatile.
 The buttons are plain.
 Little Luna. ^.^
I wish the tag was fancy though. It has the Toei Animation studio sticker though!
This tag says Sailor Moon Crystal though! It's authentic!

Packaged up.

 I really really like this pull over, I'm so glad I got it, originally I was only going to get the one Risa was wearing but... I got this as well and I'm glad I did. It's really soft and light - perfect for warm days with a cool breeze. The navy x white is lovely as well.
 The bow isn't detachable but you can untie it.
 Nice embroidery!
The back!


One thing I love about this Collab is all the items work so well together but at the same time, you can mix and match them and easily wear them with other items in your wardrobe.

So... that's what everything looks like on! Lol.

I made a video HERE!

I uh, also pre ordered these items because... TT_TT I'm bad. Lol. I look forward to getting them in April however!!

Let me know, did you get anything from the collab!? What's your favorite piece?

What other collabs would you like to see from Tralala and Liz Lisa in the future as well?

Thanks for reading~




  1. Everything looks so cute on you! Money well spent :)

    1. Aw, thank you Emi~ I think so too! I can't wait to try and pair these items with other things in my closet as well.

  2. The clothes really good on you ;w;
    I love the top and the cardigan *^*

    1. Thank you!! The top is really nice actually - still pricey though. I love the cardigan. I think it's my favorite item.

  3. Ahh~ you're so very lucky! I forgot about the release so everything was sold out by the time I checked, and when I was going to book for April, the pages were gone! I missed out on something amazing ToT

    Everything looks really lovely on you!! I love the skirt & I do agree that the sailor top was too pricey, but it still looks really nice haha!

    1. I knowwww~ I kept refeshing the page from like, an hour before hand in preparation XD Thank you, I was expecting a weird fit or to not like something as much as online in real life but that didn't happen - thankfully. I can't believe how much I paid for the singlet.

  4. Oh my god everything looks so cute on you! You make me wish I got the knit too!

    1. Ahaha, Thank you hunni~ The knit is really nice! Worth it IMO!!

  5. Hey, I pre-ordered mine on the 24th of january through an ss and I was wondering does that mean I'll get them in April like you said? Been so anxious about it as she said there's no sign of it at all and has no information to give me >__<

    1. Hi!! I believe so~ I'm not sure if your SS bought it or got to Pre Order it for you, but if you preordered it then I believe it's going to be shipped in April (can't remember the date but I think it was in the second half of April - I wish they had left the listings up tbh so you can check the date :P) The original release sold out very quickly - in only 4 minutes so I'd say it's likely you got the pre order. ^.^ Hope that helps~

  6. awwww is so adorable on you >w< I saw this in facebook and fall in love with it =w= But I don't like to bought clothes on the net from other country because of size.... >o< HAAA I want it ToT

    1. Awww, Thank you very much!! It's really cute and I was lucky to get it. Yeah, buying from other countries can be really intimidating but it can be a lot of fun. I find the sizing okay for me personally but everyone's different.


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