Monday, February 16, 2015

[Review] Diamond Beauty Pressed Face Power in Princess Face

Hi! Hi!

Diamond Beauty Pressed Face Powder is absolutely my favorite face power at the moment. It's a full coverage powder that's still light and doesn't cause clogging of the pores or caking up.

From the website; (using terrible translate)

Princess face transparent skin Pressed Powder

Such as light emitting from the inside of the skin, it can become a transparent skin shiny!  

In veil of ultra-fine particles pearl powder, I will fluffy cover the pores and dullness. Excellent powder in the evening of your face-lift, which is 圧塗Ri without feeling skin tone up!

9g ¥ 1,200 (tax)


(original Japanese;
プリンセスface透明肌 プレストパウダー



Here's a link to the product on the official web shop [here] but you can buy it at a few other web shops as well, like ebay and anywhere that sells Diamond Beauty.

So, let's get on with the review.


The product comes in a really simple black box. The decorations make it cute but otherwise, it's really simply packaging.
The product comes in a really simple yet small container. There's a sweet little fairy - the Diamond Beauty mascot embossed on the lid with a little pink diamonte. It's a durable container that you can throw into your make up bag and carry with you everywhere for touch ups on the go.

(Tip: The pink means 'Princess' which is the 'glittery' or illuminating, and the purple means 'Doll', which is the matte kind,)
It comes with a mirror and a puff making it perfect to transport around.
The powder. This powder is available in one colour! I think it's a quite nice though and it suits me. I've used this through Summer and Winter and I think it does adjust accordingly.
This powder is also medium - full coverage. You can really build it up and make it full coverage but only applying it lightly it is medium.

Even though this is 'Princess' or illuminating type, it's not overly glittery, the glitters are fine and colourless so your face simply glows and looks radiant.
The back, the pink writing matches the pink diamante and pink box.


The product is 9 grams in weight.


 This retails for ¥1,200, but it's normally marked up a bit at all Japanese cosmetics are online.

What I think;  

I really love this powder! I think it's one of my absolute favorites. I love that it's a build able powder so you can use it lightly for everyday or build it up for a longer day. The compact design makes it suitable to carry with you everyday or simply use in the morning (or whenever you apply your makeup,).
I really wish that this was easier to obtain (there's not many sellers on ebay,) because I really like it!

Let me know, what face powders do you like - do you like matte or illuminating types?

Thanks for reading~
Berri Doll.



  1. Ich finde deinen Beitrag sehr interessant :-) Und du hast einen sehr schönen Blog! (Mint & Berry Beauty)

  2. I'm actually looking for a good new powder to try after I finish up my Candy Doll one from my P10P! I may give this a try since I absolute hated Diamond Beauty's loose powder, but now there's a pressed version so maybe I'll try this again!

    1. Ooohh, if you try it let me know!! I'd love to know your thoughts. I've never used the loose powder but I prefer pressed since it has more coverage than presses.

  3. This looks like an awesome product. I like that it's called Princess Face lol

    1. I know right?? So cute! It's a really nice powder regardless though.

  4. Oh this product sounds nice, I think I might try it out! I prefer illuminating powders since my face looks dull half the time haha! I think i've only used a matte pressed powder and I wasn't really fond of that.


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