Wednesday, February 11, 2015

[Review] Bandai Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Prism Power Dome Gashapon Set (Set of 6)

Hi! Hi!

So many new Sailor Moon Collectables... so little time.

My latest items I've collected are these adorable mini 'Domes' or snow globes. These are prizes found in Capsules but you can actually purchase sets of them online at various locations - I've bought mine from here and I would completely recommend them if you're looking for a place to purchase these from.

The 6 'domes' correspond to the different inner senshi, Sailor Moon and Chibiusa!

The stock images for the snow globes. They look exactly as pictured minus the stars.

 The little domes all come individually packaged like so. The plastic keeps to two parts separate
 This is the Sailor Moon one. This one is the biggest dome but it's the smallest container for the water. It also has pink love hearts in the globe bit.
 The Chibiusa one! Chibiusa also has love hearts in it.
 Sailor Venus, all the inner senshi domes are the same minus the colours.
 They all feature cute little gold stars in them.

 Once they come out of the packet, you can fill them up with water and then assemble them.

 The little stopper/plug.
  It comes off easily. One tip for filling these is make sure you hold these on an angle otherwise they won't fill correctly. I found the senshi to be easy to fill but the Chibiusa and the Sailor Moon are quite hard to fill.
Together while it's empty. It's really easy to assemble these trinkets as well! Just twist the top on and in place and it's done. So easy!
 The little instrustion booklets. I got 6 for 6 domes but tbh it seems unnecessary to send six :/. Could have just sent the one.
 All the domes are pictured and the instructions are on the side as well.
 The Sailor Moon Dome all filled up! These Domes are surprisingly detailed. I half expected them to look different to the stock pictures and have less details and arrive feeling flimsy and cheap but these aren't at all. They feel quite nice and not cheap at all. I have no idea what these would retail for in the capsules but they feel nice.
 All six. They look so cute together.

That's all for this post! Have you guys gotten any new Sailor Moon Merch recently? Or have you been eying off anything?

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Omg these are so cool!
    Maybe the 6 instructions sheets are in case you wanted to part it out and give one to each of your friends? Ahaha idk.

    1. Yeah, they're really nice! I'm sure they send it for credibility or in case some one does want all six but I threw 5 away and kept 1 in case I need it XD

  2. Oh these are so cute! I was thinking about ordering these too but I wasn't sure about the size or quality or either but it's great to see how pretty they are!

    1. They're really cute! The size is really small, maybe about 5-6 cm in height? The quality is really good as well considering it's just a small item!

  3. Nice! I just bought part 2 of these domes at a gashapon machine and it's really very hard to fill!!!

    1. They were quite hard to fill - there's definitely a 'knack' to it but once you figure it out, it's pretty simple.


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