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[Haul] Jill Stuart Chiffon Ribbon Collection

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On the 16.01.2015 Jill Stuart released a new collection for Spring I when I saw the promo picture, I knew I wanted at least a few things.
The collection is made up of the sweetest loveliest pastels - and they're all matte.
Normally, I prefer shimmers, or glitters or glowing products so I was interested in trying a few matte items just for a change and something different. Plus all the colours in this collection are simply too hard to resist. 

 The nail polishes are what caught my eye first. The colours are quite lovely but I was a bit concerned about the matte finish.
I've had matte before and while I like that they dry extremely quick, taking care of them is harder than regular nail polish.
The one matte I had originally was also a deep vampy colour so I was never a big fan of it but these are lovely pastel colours!
Trying to decide on the colours I wanted to try was the hardest choice! There's too many nice colours to choose from.

Next the Matte Chiffon Lip Sticks. I'm a huge fan of the regular Lip Blossoms from Jill Stuart so I wanted to try one of these at least. I've always been a bit afraid to try matte lip sticks out of fear they're drying but since I love the Lip Blossoms so much I wanted to try this. 

Next up is the blushes, a red and a pink. I'm not sure these were available in matte since it doesn't really state that they're matte or shimmer anywhere. 
I actually decided to skip this item because I already have so many blushes from Jill Stuart (and other brands) so I decided I really didn't need them - though the colours are lovely. They look like they would suit so many different complexions and looks as well. 

So, I'm sure you would all like to see what I ended up getting - right? 

Let's look! 

Matte Chiffon Nails

I managed to select 3 out of the 7 nail polishes. I really had a hard time trying to narrow it down because all the colours are so lovely.

 The boxes are cute! They're white with blue flowers and ribbons.
 Matte Chiffon Nails.
 The colours I selected; 06 Wavering Leaf, 01 in Hot Heat and 04 Mischievous Moment.

 06 Wavering Leaf - this was the 'main' colour of the collection, the description is Pastel leaf Green evocative of a new and fresh love. I don't have any colour like this so I really wanted to try this. It looks nice and fresh doesn't it?

 01 Hot Heat - Pure red evocative of passionate love. I don't own a lot any reds. I really wanted to try this one because even the colours I don't think I will like when they come from Jill Stuart I seem to like it so I thought this would be worth a shot. Red's such a classic so trying it in a matte will be more modern.

 And finally, 04 Mischievous moment - Pastel Coral evocative of a sweet love. I really love coral nail colours so I knew this would be a good choice for me. I already have a coral in my nail polish collection but a matte would be a nice change.

 All three together. The packaging of the nail polishes are slightly different from regular Jill Stuart nail polishes, the bottle is matte and lid has a almost milky look to it.

The great thing about the Jill Stuart website is I find the colours to be very accurate to what the colour looks like in natural day light.
I'm very excited to try these lovely new nail polishes. Knowing they'll dry quickly is wonderful as well - especially if you're impatient and just want to do what you need to do.

 Matte Chiffon Lips

I really wanted to try at least one of these because I actually don't own a matte lipstick.

 The packaging is similar to the nail polish only it's a lovely lavender rather than blue. I can't choose which one I like more XD.
The packaging is a milky white consistency so it stands out from any other lipstick from the regular Lip Blossom line (which are metallic silver,). 
 It features the trademark flower on the top with a pink crystal in the middle. The flower actually pops open and a tiny mirror is concealed within.

The lip stick I chose in the end was melty plum. Honestly, I'm a little disappointment with the colour. I was expecting more of a reddish hue but this seems more pink than red. I actually own quite a few of these types of colours and I love wearing them because I really think they suit me so I guess it's not too much of a loss. It wasn't what I was hoping for but it's definitely a colour I'll wear and enjoy.

So that's everything I ended up getting from the Chiffon Ribbon collection.
The collection was pretty interesting since it's different from regular Jill Stuart products.

What type of make up do you prefer? Matte or Shimmery?

Thanks for reading~ 


  1. I really love the packaging *^* It's just lovely.
    Are you gonna post pictures of the nail polish once you tried it?
    I haven't tried matte nail polish before ;o;
    I love matte lipstick though and have bought quite a few in the past year

    1. It's really lovely! Yeah! I'll do a review if you like. I'm eager to try on of them out so I'll let you know if I like them and if they're worth it. I tried a dark colour once, they're nice but don't last as long as other types. Oh really!?? If I like this one, I'll have to ask you for recommendations!

  2. Wah you're still doing so much shopping ah?? Haha. These seems like great buys though :) Packaging is so pretty and the matte finish is something great to try I think!

    1. Awww, I know I'm terrible. TT_TT Yeah, I would have skipped more if it weren't matte but I just wanted to try!

  3. omg when I read matte I was initially hoping Jill Stuart would release a matte eyeshadow quad since matte shadows are right up my alley T_T

    Regardless, items look promising and as always JS makes the most beautiful packaging. I wish I could try them out but I'm so broke LOL

    1. The eyeshadows from the last autumn collection were more matte (I wouldn't say a traditional matte but definitely not as sparkly as normal,) maybe you can look into those ones?
      The packaging is what gets me the most too - it's okay though - right?


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