Monday, January 12, 2015

[Review] Sailor Moon Blanket from Lookhuman

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How are you all today?
Today, I wanted to review this item for you all today.
It's the Sailor Moon blanket from
I saw this link on tumblr and immediately clicked it. I've always adored Sailor Moon and her bedding is just too adorable for words and when I saw it I knew I simply had to have it.

The blanket comes in three sizes, baby (30 x 40) middle size (50 x 60) and large (60 x 80).
I was sure I didn't want the baby size so in the end I went with the middle size because I thought the big one would be too big.
I'm happy with the size I got in the end because it ended up being perfect. 

The best part of this print, is you can also get matching items;

 If that is simply not the cutest thing ever, I'm not sure what is.


This product was surprisingly good quality, I actually purchased this without looking up any reviews or feedback on the item so I had no expectations.
I wasn't expecting it to be as soft or fluffy or as warm as it was.
I actually own one Liz Lisa blanket and I would say that this blanket is just as soft  and cozy as my Liz Lisa one (which I really like,) so I'm really impressed with it and I guess not reading any reviews was a blessing because I was impressed with the quality.
The print of course is really lovely, and I really like that it doesn't have any logos or anything on it, so if someone isn't a Sailor Moon fan, they're not really going know what it is.
The print is nice and clear as it appears in the stock photos but it's also a little bit bigger than it appears in the stock photos.
I really like all the different size options available as well as there's one for everyone's needs.  
The blanket is plain on the other side which is convenient if you flip it over or have the plain side showing (for what ever reason,). Of you can fold it over a bit so it looks more like Sailor Moon's blanket when she's asleep.
Like so.


The shipping for this product was fairly average, it wasn't super quick or really slow but I wasn't in a rush to get this product so I wasn't too fussed about it not being super quick but I did think it was fairly priced so that was good. 
It does help that they do free shipping over $50.00 which is awesome. 

The blanket was sent in only a large envelope package so it wouldn't be ruined in transportation although considering I only ordered a blanket there's not much that can go damage it in transit (right?) so extra packaging was not necessary for this item.


This blanket cost $55.00 (I don't think I got it on sale,) but I have seen it go on sale so if you want it really badly but the cost is to steep then you can always wait for a discount (But then no free shipping,).


Overall, the quality of the blanket is really nice, there's no loose threads or anything to fault with this product.

The front is nicely printed and it's very clear what the print is. The print is only on one side of the garment, and the other is plain solid white so if you want to turn it over and hide the print you can.

I can't really fault the blanket for quality and I've been using it for a while now. I'm really glad I purchased it because it's a must for watching Sailor Moon Crystal with. (Yes, I am just a big kid) 

Final thoughts; 

I love this blanket, it's on my bed still even though it's Summer in Australia. 
The quality of it is really good and if your a Sailor Moon fan like I am, I think it's lovely to own such an iconic piece of Sailor Moon. 
I also think this (anything in the collection) would make quite a nice gift for anyone that is a Sailor Moon fan because it's really practical but still thoughtful. 

One thought I had was when it was sent, LookHuman didn't send an invoice or a business card or anything with the package and I think it would have been nice at least have one or the other (or both,).   
(I actually like keeping cards from places I like to buy from to remind myself about their existence,)
But that's my only complaint over all with the whole order so I'm very very happy and would definitely order with Look Human again~

If you're more of a pink girl  then check out the pink version.

Would you guys own Sailor Moon's blanket?
And what kind of anime's do you like - if any?

I might do a Sailor Moon collection soon - let me know if that kind of post interests you guys~

Thanks for reading!!



  1. I really like the pink print lol. I used to watch Sailor Moon as a child but don't remember a lot from it so I didn't even recognize the purple print as her blanket but now that I see the picture, that's that's totally cool! Glad you are happy with your purchase!

    1. Hmmm, I really like that it's not obviously Sailor Moon, it's just crescent moons and bunnies which is cute! I'm really happy with it and I'm glad I got it.

  2. Whoa!! I didn't even know they made those haha! I think I remember awhile back that I searched for something like this but they didn't make it at the time. I would totally buy one but it doesn't really match with my room's theme anymore... but who knows~! It looks really great!

    1. Haha, that's why I wanted to do the review :D Totally doesn't match my room either but I love Sailor Moon so much I'll put up with it :P. (Plus you can totally flip it over otherwise,) but it's great blanket and I'm sure the other blankets from LookHuman are good as well.

  3. Thanks for this review! Whenever you took pictures of stuff on that blanket I was always wondering where you got the blanket. I'm definitely going to buy it when I have money to spend again.

    Also what kind of bed do you have? King, Queen, Twin size? I'm just wondering so I know for size reference for when I order. :D

    1. That's alright~ I did it cause you asked where it was from and I've seen people asking people where they got there's so I thought why not? I think it's a good purchase if you like Sailor Moon or just Magical Girls.

      Uhhhh, Nope, I have a single bed because I'm a little person that doesn't take up much room. XD The size I have covers my bed with blanket to spare. I hope that helps.


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