Friday, January 9, 2015

[Review] Canmake Smooth Clear moisturizer N

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Canmake Smooth Clear Moisterizer N (Emulsion) is a light weight moisturizer designed for normal to dry skin.
Today I will be sharing my thoughts on this product.
I bought this from Yesstyle simply because it was a relatively cheap moisturizer and I just wanted something that was cheaper since I spent quite a lot on the last one I used and I just wanted to alternate.

The packaging states; 

An infusion of elasticity for skin prone to dryness. Conditions and rehydrates for plump, velvety-smooth skin.

The Secret For Your Beautiful Skin
This skin care regimen contains nature's beatifying skin care essences, which has been well-loved since the ancient Japanese times.
It gives It gives moisture, preventing kin roughness.

Replenishes moisture in skin suffering the effects of UV rays and environmental changes and skin prone to dryness, giving it fine texture and bringing out its translucence.

Quickly penetrates the skin without and residual stickiness, making it lusciously moist from within and preventing dryness. 

Contains rice bran oil (emollient ingredient). Regulates the oil and moisture content of the skin, for plum, moist skin with elasticity.

Packaged with beautifying and moisturizing agents.  
Royal Jelly Extract, Alpha-Arabutin, Aoluble Collagen, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic acid, cermide2)

Contains extracts that tighten the skin.
(Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) Leaf extract, cynara scolymus (artichoke) leaf extract,)


The original packaging it arrives in. Very simply and nicely designed. 

The Product comes in a unique bottle (shown above). The bottle is decorated nicely. It's cute but not overly cute so it looks quite nice. 
I think it looks quite elegant but still girly. 
The one thing I hate about this product is the way you dispense the product. You have to turn the bottle upside down and try and get the product out which is a really big inconvenience for me, I much prefer a pump or a tub or something along those lines as they're far more practical (in my opinion,) that being said, this product has a stopper so you don't need to worry about too much product coming out. 
However, I am wondering what using this will be like towards the end of the container.

The product contains 100 mL of product.


This product has a light floral almost herbal scent and on the packaging it says it's a relaxing scent of lavender and Geranium Oil, it's not overpowering or strong and doesn't linger on the skin so if you're sensitive to scents then it's shouldn't be a problem for you.


The moisturizer is really light and quite runny in consistency.
It absorbs into the skin very quickly and leaves no residue on the skin. 


I bought this product from Yesstyle where it's sold for 23.90 but I got it on offer and I only paid $19.70 which for a moisturizer is pretty modestly priced.

What do I think? 

I really like it, I actually use it with another really light moisturizer and I really like the results of using two light ones (in stead of one heavier one). 
I like that it absorbs quickly and that the formula is so light and silky. 
It's a great product for a mornings when you want something that will sink in and not linger.
I quite like the scent personally while it's applying but I'm happy it doesn't linger at all.
I think it's a nice moisturizer for Spring and Summer.
This line also has skincare for oily skin but I think considering how light this product is you could use it with any skin type.
Personally, I think it's worth the price and I would repurchase it so it's a winner in my opinion.

Tell me, what's your current favorite moisturizer and what do you look for when shopping for skin care - is it brand? Cost? Container?

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