Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years Wish~ (and Store update)

Hi! Hi!

Whoops, I think this post is a bit late :P

I'm not normally a 'resolution' person, I always try to make a list, because I feel like, might as well take the time to remind yourself of where you want to go with the year - and the beginning of the year is always a great place to start.

I made sure to write them in my diary, on the front page so I can always see them and remind myself of my own personal goals. 

My resolutions this year,

1. Be more social and less of a hermit. 

2. Save more money and spend less. 

3. Be more conscious of make up expiry dates. 

4. Take blogging more seriously and try to create new posts at least once a week. (Don't hold me to that,)

5. "Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today," 

6. Practice! Practice! Practice! 

Last year, I started a YouTube channel - here -  as well and I don't really remember why but I guess I'll try my best to continue with it as soon as I know what I want to put on it XD.

This year is going to be really exciting because this year, I will be making my first ever trip to Japan (in April-March) and I'm hoping I'll be able to see Cherry Blossoms *fingers crossed* it'll also be my first time going to Disney Land so I'm pretty excited about that.


I've reopened my storenvy, and I've uploaded quite a few items at this stage as well. I'm still adding a few more items and trying to decide if I want to try and sell those items so we'll see if they make it up there; 
Here's a sample of a few things for sale-
 Tralala Boots - Here
Liz Lisa Shorts - Here
Liz Lisa Dress - Here
Liz Lisa necklace - Here

Anyways, sorry for the shortish post; My next posts will hopefully be more interesting XD. 
I'm really excited to see what I (and everyone else) got!! Stay tunned! Xx.


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