Friday, January 23, 2015

Mini Trunk Reveal~

 Hi! Hi!~

Today, I'm going to do my Fukubukuro reveal blog post. I kinda teased a bunch of you on dayre and instagram with what's inside but I'll share it all with you now XD
(Also, sorry for the teasing, but it was fun) 

Here's the stock photos for the mini trunk.

When I first saw it, I really liked the print and the fact that it was a mini trunk really made me curious. I don't know or have any current plans to use this trunk but I can imagine it will be a really useful size - when it's needed. I think it would be a great weekend trunk or day trip trunk or even a good carry on as well.
And the print is stunning of course! stripes and floral? Sold.
My only gripe with the trunk is the rollers are black. I wish they were white or beige to match better - I've seen other's make this comment as well so I'm glad I'm not alone. 

 Can you believe this is my first ever trunk?
 It's surprisingly light - even with the contents inside!
 Do you guys want to go on a trip? Lol.
This is the sample reveal for the mini trunk. 

When I saw this I was actually quite happy with it although I was 'meh' about the coat/jacket because it's not really my style and I don't actually do hoodies too often but the coat looks nice. I really liked the dress of course, and the singlet, I didn't really care over. It's a white singlet - what can you say about it? 
Once the trunks started revealing, I saw there was a second set, and I really wanted that one actually. The navy skirt and white blouse was too pretty and I really wanted it personally - more than this one but I'm happy to say that I'm glad I got this one in the end.

The dress is really nice. The amount of contents for this year from last dropped significantly and I was hoping that meant an improvement in quality and I really do this it's better quality than last year. The outer material of this dress and coat are really nice although the lining is a bit stiff but it's okay, I don't notice when I'm wearing it.
Also, the darkest brown in my dress matches perfectly with these boots I bought from Tralala this year - isn't that really lucky?

 The singlet is pretty nice, it's nothing amazing and I probably wouldn't purchase it on my own but a white singlet is always useful even for wearing under clothing or as room wear so it's alright to get one of these.
Please note, the straps aren't adjustable, which is a bit of an inconvenience. 
The lace isn't the softest lace either I think if the lace were a bit nicer than this would be a nicer camisole over all?

 The dress! I actually really like it. It's not really heavy so you can layer it with cardigans or knitwear easily and I really like the pink x brown combination. It's really cute and it seems like such a great basic and easy dress to have and wear and can be dressed up or down really easily in my opinion.
That being said, the zip on this dress is quite... but other than that, I'm really happy with it and I can't wait for Autumn and Winter to wear this dress because I am really happy with it otherwise. 

I was actually telling myself to sell this before I even received this but as soon as I took this out of the plastic, I knew I was keeping it. It's really nice. The fabric is thick so it'll keep you warm and the jacket is really cute but quite casual. I think some of the coats I have are very pretty and girlie so having this one to just wear and not care if it gets rained on or worn out quickly is a good option.
I wish the hood was detachable but it's not.
The fur, of course is.

 So that's everything I got in the Mini Trunk~ I also made a video here!

For more Fukubukuro fun! 

2014 Tralala here!
2014 Liz Lisa here!
2015 Web Limited here!

Thank you so much for reading~


  1. We have the same set... As do a million other people lol! I really like the dress on you! The cami is my first LL cami and I loveeee it. Its much softer and not as itchy as the one in the pure pure tote bag I got.

    1. Ah, not sure millions. XD But thank you. Oh, - really? This one is nicer? That's interesting. I wonder why that is cause this trunk was cheaper.

  2. You finally got it :D
    The dress looks really good on you ;w; And the coat looks nice ;o; Very casual and more on the neutral side but still cute
    I can't wait for the next reveal post ^w^

    1. Yep! I finally got it! I really like the coat in the end which I really didn't think I would. XD Next reveal is coming soon since I have my Web Limited now!

  3. I'm glad you liked the mini trunk! I didn't think i'd like the contents at first either but I'm actually really happy with it~! Also, I never saw the other set for this carry D: I need to research some more haha!

    1. Yep! I'm really glad I got it and the contents are quite nice. I'm glad you like yours as well. O.O you should take a look and see if you can find it - overall, I think less people got the other set and more of the sample set but I'm not sure - it could be that was just what was online?

    2. I think people who ordered online got the separates set as well from what I can tell from what I saw for my recap post but it's just not as common? Maybe it depends on when you ordered.

  4. I'm so happy for you that you ended up liking the outer piece! I personally always thought it was cute, especially with the OP and couldn't understand why so many people were eh over it but that's probably because I never wear outerwear and have to think about it being short or long lol.

    1. I'm glad I liked it in the end as well! Mmmhhh, I hope most people who didn't like it to begin with liked it more after seeing it IRL as well. Ahaha, lol, maybe?

  5. You look super cute in the dress! I've seen people complain over the dress, but I think it's quite lovely and super casual. The jacket matches it so well too, and it's very A/W since it's plaid.

    1. Thank youuuuu~ I haven't seen anyone complain over the dress yet - but they're wrong, I quite like it. XD (My opinion is the right opinion right? Right?) I think the jacket is nice with it as well, it was a nice set.

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