Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Web Limited Reveal~

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Today's another Fukukukuro Post but I think this one is more interesting than the other one because there was no sample reveal and it turned out you could get anything from the outlet.
Everyone seems to get different contents with a few items that were in a few of them.
I knew this year I really wanted to get a trunk because Liz Lisa Trunks are simply gorgeous. When I saw this one, I knew I would like this one because firstly, it's pink and the embossed is just the perfect combination of mature and timeless yet still youthful and feminine.

So what did I get in my Fukubukuro?

I got lucky and got one with a big bow printed right in the middle!
When it first arrived, only one strap would snap shut! The other side, no matter what, would not snap shut. I noticed my trunk was a bit heavier than everyone else and I was very excited to see the contents because, WHAT WAS MAKING IT SO HEAVY?
After folding everything and putting it back in the trunk - I could no longer snap it shut TT_TT.
I think I made the joke it was six coats, and I'm glad it's not XD.
Okay let's go.
It's from Winter 2012! This was in a few fukubukuro so I was kinda half expecting to get this myself. I have to admit, I like it a lot more in person than I ever did online or in the catalog. I think it's really warm and unique looking.
 And the lining is lovely.
 Tag and retail price - 14,490 YEN

 It's actually quite a nice coat and I'm glad I got to see it in real life because I wouldn't have known otherwise, that being said...

VERDICT: Selling. It's not cold enough to wear where I live so it's impractical for me to keep it. I think this would be an amazing coat if you lived somewhere it snowed or got icy cold though.

Another item a few people got (but didn't seem to like,) but I actually liked it when I saw it so I was happy to receive it. I own no turtle necks or roll collar knits so this is a unique piece for me personally.
It's also really soft. ^.^
This one originally cost 6,195 YEN.

I'm not sure if I like the purple x deep pink colour scheme. It seems... not right.

Verdict: Keeping. I really like the fabric and the style of it.

I have to admit... actually had this item before! I had it in orange but I sold it because it was hard to match with other items in my closet.

It's really cute and quite warm. If I remember correctly though I'm pretty sure this was a (early) Spring/Summer item and not winter but I could be wrong.

The price tag (and spare button) also fell off this item when I held it up but I still have the tags/button, but it was 8,925 YEN originally.

Verdict: Keeping but if anyone is interested in this item - please contact me because I'd be willing to sell it if someone else wants it. I'm probably not gonna list this item though so you'll have to contact me directly with inquiries. Thanks.

Next up is this skirt. I really love this blanket style skirt from Liz Lisa because they're so warm and cosy for cool winter days and nights. I also quite like this length.

 Original Price: 6,195 YEN.

Verdict: Selling. I really like this skirt actually but I have quite a few that are similar and I like them more than I like this one so I'm going to let it go.

And finally, this OP! I was really happy to receive this OP I have one knitted OP like this from Liz Lisa already but it's a bit too short for me to wear as a dress but this one is longer which I really like.
It feels very onee style with the of the shoulder by but the pom poms keep it quite cute.
This OP is also really really soft!

The original price is 8,295 YEN.

Verdict: Keeping I really like this item and it's not something I would go for normally on my own.

EDIT: I forgot this XD

 I got this necklace as well, I think this is really lovely and quite nice. It's not my usual jewelry style (I prefer something dainty and light) but this might be nice to have for when I do want to wear something a bit bigger and I guess, dressier. I think this would be really nice to wear to a nice dinner, or party.
 Price: 4,900 YEN.

Verdict: Keeping.

I really like the contents I got and I'm happy I got the items I did. I really did like the items I got but unfortunately I don't need them all.
I'm really happy with my trunk as well, it's lovely in person and it's really sweet.

Please check out my video here!

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That's all for my 2015 Fukubukuro posts.
I hope you liked seeing what I got. Let me know if you got any other brand's Fukubukuro - and if you liked their contents!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Mini Trunk Reveal~

 Hi! Hi!~

Today, I'm going to do my Fukubukuro reveal blog post. I kinda teased a bunch of you on dayre and instagram with what's inside but I'll share it all with you now XD
(Also, sorry for the teasing, but it was fun) 

Here's the stock photos for the mini trunk.

When I first saw it, I really liked the print and the fact that it was a mini trunk really made me curious. I don't know or have any current plans to use this trunk but I can imagine it will be a really useful size - when it's needed. I think it would be a great weekend trunk or day trip trunk or even a good carry on as well.
And the print is stunning of course! stripes and floral? Sold.
My only gripe with the trunk is the rollers are black. I wish they were white or beige to match better - I've seen other's make this comment as well so I'm glad I'm not alone. 

 Can you believe this is my first ever trunk?
 It's surprisingly light - even with the contents inside!
 Do you guys want to go on a trip? Lol.
This is the sample reveal for the mini trunk. 

When I saw this I was actually quite happy with it although I was 'meh' about the coat/jacket because it's not really my style and I don't actually do hoodies too often but the coat looks nice. I really liked the dress of course, and the singlet, I didn't really care over. It's a white singlet - what can you say about it? 
Once the trunks started revealing, I saw there was a second set, and I really wanted that one actually. The navy skirt and white blouse was too pretty and I really wanted it personally - more than this one but I'm happy to say that I'm glad I got this one in the end.

The dress is really nice. The amount of contents for this year from last dropped significantly and I was hoping that meant an improvement in quality and I really do this it's better quality than last year. The outer material of this dress and coat are really nice although the lining is a bit stiff but it's okay, I don't notice when I'm wearing it.
Also, the darkest brown in my dress matches perfectly with these boots I bought from Tralala this year - isn't that really lucky?

 The singlet is pretty nice, it's nothing amazing and I probably wouldn't purchase it on my own but a white singlet is always useful even for wearing under clothing or as room wear so it's alright to get one of these.
Please note, the straps aren't adjustable, which is a bit of an inconvenience. 
The lace isn't the softest lace either I think if the lace were a bit nicer than this would be a nicer camisole over all?

 The dress! I actually really like it. It's not really heavy so you can layer it with cardigans or knitwear easily and I really like the pink x brown combination. It's really cute and it seems like such a great basic and easy dress to have and wear and can be dressed up or down really easily in my opinion.
That being said, the zip on this dress is quite... but other than that, I'm really happy with it and I can't wait for Autumn and Winter to wear this dress because I am really happy with it otherwise. 

I was actually telling myself to sell this before I even received this but as soon as I took this out of the plastic, I knew I was keeping it. It's really nice. The fabric is thick so it'll keep you warm and the jacket is really cute but quite casual. I think some of the coats I have are very pretty and girlie so having this one to just wear and not care if it gets rained on or worn out quickly is a good option.
I wish the hood was detachable but it's not.
The fur, of course is.

 So that's everything I got in the Mini Trunk~ I also made a video here!

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Thank you so much for reading~
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