Tuesday, November 24, 2015

[Haul] Buyee Order #1

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I made my first ever Buyee order not too long ago and I've been meaning to do this post for about a week.
Buyee is like a sister company to tenso and the best was I can describe Buyee is it's like ebay or an auction site.
I hadn't ever really looked at Buyee too much prior to this order but Emi notified me that there was a listing for a novelty I was originally interested in.

 The item I really wanted was these mouton boots from Liz Lisa. These were a novelty in store so I couldn't get my hands on these first hand but I really liked them. These are something I would happily pay for myself if they were released online but unfortunately, they weren't.

The boots are really cute and they're really well made. For some reason, I wasn't expecting them to arrive in a box but I'm glad it did. It's a shame it Winter in Australia so I can't wear these for a while.

The second item I purchased was this skirt. It's secondhand but for the price and the condition - I'm really okay with purchasing this particular item second hand.
This skirt is one of the first items I saw from Liz Lisa and I've always really loved even over the years.
I'm not personally a big fan of the term 'dream item' just because I fee like it's means people will charge more for an item knowing it could be a 'dream piece' for someone but this skirt was always one I really wished I could own - so I guess it was a bit of a 'dream' item for me.
 The fabric on this skirt is so soft as well.
The buttons are in good condition - the seller was kind enough to include the spare button as well.

The one thing I dislike about this skirt is... I think it's on the 'too short' side for me so I'm not sure how often I would wear it but I'm glad I have it regardless.

 I paired the skirt with a Tralala denim blouse and Liz Lisa boots and bag.

 Worn with Penderie Tralala blouse and Liz Lisa shoes and bag.
The skirt seems really versatile and can be worn with a few different items in my closet already.

This was a complete impulse purchase and I wasn't super excited for it. It was reasonable priced on Buyee after bidding on it I kind of hoped someone would eventually outbid me but no one did. Oh well, I should think more carefully about what I purchase. 
The bag is very well made (no loose threads, feels heavy for it's size etc,) and it feels sturdy - however, I'm sure if you're not cautious with it the bag will show damage and wear and tear easily because of the material used to make the bag. 

Regardless, the bag arrived in excellent condition and it's clearly unused as you can see the original plastic on it. Mine also had the tissue paper in the bag as well to help it maintain it's shape.

The zip is decorated with a big pearl - which suits the theme of the bag well.
The bag is incredibly small in shape. It's really like a clutch - you can only fit small belongings in the bag. I actually have no idea where or when I would possibly use this bag because I can't think of a situation where it's appropriate to wear a bag shaped like Cinderella's carriage. (Maybe DisneyLand?)
It also has a small zip pocket in the bag as well.
It comes with a heavy gold chain as well - I'm not a big fan of chains but I do think it suits the bag.
I purchased this bag for 1600 YEN (plus fees, shipping etc.) and I'm not sure it's worth much more than than simply because even though it's well made - I doubt many people would have much use for this to justify a higher price.

That's all the I purchased from Buyee. I actually check buyee often, but I haven't made a second purchase at this point in time but there's some great stuff on there. If you're familiar with tenso and second hand sites, like ebay buyee is really easy to get a hang of.

Thank you for reading!
Berri Doll


Sunday, November 8, 2015

[Review] Sailor Moon Glasses - Set of 5 glasses.

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Will I ever stop buying Sailor Moon Merch? Probably not for a while.
I was browsing ebay and these pretty glasses caught my attention - there's a few Sailor Moon glasses floating around but I hadn't seen this design on ebay or anywhere else online before.
The listing was a bid listing and it wasn't super over priced so I bid on it and forgot about it (and kind of thinking someone out there in the world would out bid me but no one did and they were mine!)

The glasses were all in their own individual boxes and they all arrived safely. I'm always scared to ship stuff like this because I'm scared they'll break or get ruined.

The boxes are all really cute and I'm gonna have a hard time throwing them away once I finally get around to using them.
The boxes have the original Sailor Moon anime printed on them.

 Every side of the box. 

 All the glasses together. They're so cute! I love how elegant they look and they're not over the top. Unless you're a big Sailor Moon fan, you wouldn't notice it.
The colours of the glasses match to their respective Senshi.
 The Sailor Moon glass is more 'peachy coral' but it's really cute.
 Sailor Mercury.
 Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter 
Sailor Venus 

I actually don't like the names on the glasses too much. I think it's a bit pointless, if you're even slightly familiar with the show then you know each girl has a colour and what colour represents each girl so I don't see why they added the names. It doesn't bother me too much but I would have preferred it without them.

I also don't super love the texture of the prints. I'm not even going to try and explain how they feel because I can't think of a good word for it.
Other than that, the glasses feel really nice and sturdy - I was really thinking they would be light and flimsy but they feel nice.

The glasses are really cute and worth looking into buying if you're a big Sailor Moon fan. Personally, I really like the designs of the glasses despite the texture of them. Together the whole set looks really nice but you can easily split them and share them with friends or family (so everyone has have their favorite senshi glass,)

Thank you so much for reading! 
Berri Doll


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Halloween - Liz Lisa Wonderland Costume 2014

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Ahahaha, omg, this post is so freaking late. This is about the Halloween Costume I got from Liz Lisa last year.
It's okay if it's a little late - it's still good - right?

Last year, Liz Lisa released two costumes for Halloween - a cat costume and 'Wonderland' costume.

The cat costume was released on Tokyo Kawaii Life but the 'Wonderland' costume was available on Shibuya109 nets tore.  
I had to use a shopping service to purchase the costume (I don't think at the time Shibuya109 net store was shipping service friendly,). 

Anyway, in the spirit of Halloween - I decided to share pictures of the 'Wonderland' costume.

 The costume came in pink and white.

Pictures from Liz-Lisa tumblr.

The costume is quite short - you would really need to wear shorts underneath this costume or you will need to be extremely careful when wearing it.
The costume is actually good quality - however it's that type of fabric that stays poofy and in place. The top is almost a tweed like fabric with fluffy collar. The costume is also quite large. Without the apron the dress is actually quite shapeless and boxy - so it's a good thing the skirt is poofy so you can balance out the shape a bit more.

 The 'Wonderland' set is a 4 piece set with dress, apron, choker and tiara. You could use various elements of this costume to make another costume if you wanted to.

 The apron even has Liz Lisa printed on it.

 The necklace is good quality and can be worn on as a normal every day accessory if you wanted to.

The tiara is really cute - it's definitely my favorite part of the costume - besides the apron XD. 

I don't actually know anyone that bought the costumes from this year - so hopefully you found this post helpful. 

Thank you so much for reading and happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it

Berri Doll.

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