Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Liz Lisa Christmas Outfits

Hi! Hi!!

How's the Festive Season treating everyone? I'm sure in between all the shopping for Christmas gifts, baking and decorating you might be a little stuck for what to wear to all those lovely Christmas Gatherings!
But never fear, Liz Lisa is here XD. 
I've made a video with various Liz Lisa dresses, shoes and coats. I think I've covered most occasions XD
Video is here!

First is a Elegant Look; 
 This coat was originally an exclusive to the Shibuya 109 store (as far as I'm aware) and I wanted it really badly when I saw it but didn't want to get a shopping service so I didn't bother getting it but it made it's way to the outlet a year later (only in the brown colour,). It's really heavy so it's warm. Normally I wouldn't leave the fluff on a coat in case it gets dirty or in the way but I would wear it to a party or at nights when it's really cold out.
And of course I had to wear some sparkly shoes.
 I don't wear this dress as often as I wish I did, I really like it though and I'm glad I did. It's really lovely in real life and it's so pretty. I do really love organza overlays so this dress is lovely. The necklace has beads which are exactly the same colour as the dress so it goes perfectly.

 Coat: Liz Lisa
Dress: Liz Lisa
Necklace: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Liz Lisa
Bag: Oh la la 

For a more Traditional Holiday Look;

A deep red dress of course! I paired this dress with black because I didn't have anything else to with it actually.
My tights have cute metallic gold bows on them which makes the tights more 'special' in my opinion. I think any sort of lacy tight or printed tight will look more special than regular plain black or white.

Dress: Liz Lisa
Tights: Forever New
Bag: Tralala
Shoes: Tralala 

For a Elegant Christmas; 

 The lovely Liz Lisa x My Melody coat! I really love the look of this coat and I think it's really eye catching. Perfect for a fancier occasion.

This is one of the three Christmas Dresses from Liz Lisa. I bought it in the lavender colour (thought I think it looks bluer on camera) and I'm really happy with it. This dress is really stunning and very eye catching - perfect for a fancier occasion.

Dress: Liz Lisa
Necklace: Forever New
Bracelet: Liz Lisa
Bag: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Liz Lisa

For a tropical Christmas; 

I wanted to include something for warmer weather. A Summery dress in a bright print is really easy. I paired it with other bright colours that are in the print to keep it looking polished.

Dress: JugeETTA
Shoes: Liz Lisa
Bag: Liz Lisa

So, what will you all be wearing for Christmas?
Thanks for reading!
- Berri


  1. We don't wear anything special for Christmas in Hawaii mostly I think lol. People typically go to private family gatherings even for New Years but that's slowly changing since they banned consumer fireworks/firecracker laws lol. I love all the outfits! Especially the LLxMM coat. And I don't even remember you purchasing that small square Liz Lisa bag :O

    1. Eh, depends, most people are really chilled out here but I normally dress up more on Christmas Eve than Christmas Day but I still get dressed nice. Most people go out for NYE here. Fireworks are legal unless you're licensed either. The LLxMM coat is so nice. Glad I ended up getting it. And I dayred about the purse. :P

  2. omg I LOOOOVE Liz Lisa too!!! Can't get enough of Liz Lisa stuff~~ ^^ it's really cute!


    1. Liz Lisa fashion is so cute - it's easy to get so addicted XD Hahaha.


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