Sunday, December 7, 2014

[Haul] Guerrilla Sale - Liz Lisa and Tralala

Hi! Hi!

A while ago Liz Lisa was having a decent sale, and I decided to purchase quite a few things because
a.) a lot of the items I had been eying were in the sale
b.) Prices were decent
c.) I generally seem to like Autumn style more than Winter (I don't really require a lot of Winter clothing where I live so I might as well purchase more Autumn stuff while I have the chance,)

First thing I was after was this dress, 
The best thing about this dress is it can be worn two ways. 
(Or three if you consider off the shoulder an other way to wear this dress,) 

 Originally Emi pointed out this dress and I thought we would both get it. The Silhouette is interesting and I figured even if I didn't love the top, the dress was lovely and I would wear it quite often. I think when I purchased it, there was only 2 left in the red so it was a when I got it or never. 
If you're lucky to live somewhere where Christmas is cold, this would make a wonderful Christmas dress.

 I'm still not sure how I feel about the removable top - I like it in pictures but I feel like in real life, it's quite poofy and sticks out a lot and I'm on the fence if I like it or it just looks weird.
 The back of the top. You have to untie the bow to get the top on which is annoying unless you have someone who can make it look pretty for you.

 The top is quite small so you can bring it with you if you would like to wear this dress to different places on the same day.

And how it looks without the top. I think it's a great fit.

I also got this Penderie dress in brown.

To be honest, I like this dress and I'm glad I got it because I think it'll be really versatile to wear but I don't really think the dress itself is particularly special.
I'm glad I have it and the fit is quite nice.
I paired it with a Liz Lisa cardigan.

 Liz Lisa Skirt in Navy + Liz Lisa Plain Blouse in Red

I really wanted this when it was released at the beginning of Autumn but I have to admit I wasn't expecting it to be so long on me but I still like it regardless. There's a lot of fabric in this skirt so I think it'll be great for Winter as well as Autumn. 

 I also got the skirt in red because at the time I couldn't decide which one but I'm glad I got both because I really like them and I think they're lovely skirts. The fabric on these is really heavy, and it's almost like a blanket or a quilt which is pretty much perfect for a cold Winter day. You'll be able to be fashionable, elegant and warm all at once.

 Do I look like a teacher like this? I feel like I look like a teacher XD.
The blouse I'm wearing with the red skirt is this;

Blouse in Ivory. 

This blouse is really pretty and I love the half sleeve. I wish it had come with a camisole to wear with it as well because the blouse is definitely cream but I don't have a cream singlet (only white) and I think it might be obvious with the white under it.
I really love the collar on this blouse! There's some fraying going on in the collar which is really odd because it arrived like that which is kind of unusual for Liz Lisa I guess, normally everything arrives in good condition so I guess if that's something that worries you I would advise you to stay away but it doesn't really both me too much because I really like the blouse itself and I can simply cut the loose threads easily.

Penderie Checkered Skirt 

Pink Version

 Green Version

Brown Version. 

I purchased all three because it was a good price and I literally couldn't decide which one to get lol. When in doubt get them all XD. I really love this skirt though and I think I'll be wearing it a lot. I like the lace that peaks through and this skirt feels nice quality and it's lined and fits nicely. I also quite like the length - it's not too long and it's not too short. I really like the slightly longer length on this skirt.
The fabric really isn't too heavy but it would be suitable to wear with tights on cooler days.

Tralala Blouse

I've actually worn this a few times and I like it a lot. It fits really well and it's pretty comfortable.

 Matching Hair bands

 I bought these in a different sale but they were the same price in the Guerrilla Sale.

Tralala Two Tone Patent Heels

These are really comfortable from what I could tell and I really enjoyed them.
These shoes are not too high either and I love the pink colour. Originally I wanted the beige x brown but they were sold out at time but the pink is cute.

Aaaannnnddd... I made a video - here...

Have you guys bought anything from Liz Lisa or Tralala so far? 
What's your favorite Autumn/Winter item so far? 
Thanks for reading!!


  1. I think I might like the Tralala/Penderie stuff best tbh! You really pull off stuff from that brand really well. And I think a lot better than the stock photo model.

    1. Awww, the stock model is nice too! XD But thanks for the compliment. The Tralala stuff fit quite nicely (I think).

  2. Ohh, you purchased a lot of nice things! The Penderie dress looks great! Everything's really pretty~ good buys! ٩(๑ơలơ)۶

    1. Aww, thank you!! The Penderie dress is quite nice! I think it'll be great for layering. :D


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