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Yui Kanno x Liz Lisa Collaboration Part 1 & Part 2

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I feel like this post is a little over due so I apologize! A while ago, Liz Lisa and Yui Kanno collaborated and came out with a small collection of items. There were two parts to this collections; 

Part One: 
Shoes (Not online any more) 
Dress: Link!

 Volume Two was much larger; 
Skirt & Bustier Link!

 Bag Link!
 Necklace Link!
 Coat Link!

So, what did I get from the collab? 

I got the shoes from Part one! 

 The box is really cute! All Liz Lisa boxes look the same so recieving this was really cool! The colours are so nice and it matches the dress.

I think so far, there are the only lavender shoes Liz Lisa has out. I was kind of hoping the heart would be detachable but they aren't. They're still really cute and I don't think the fluff is too much. The shoes have a really nice velvet texture. Basically, do not wear these shoes in water or you will cry! XD
 Text on the sides - no idea what is says.
Love heart patter on the back! I love the hearts - so cute!

Second thing I got was this set! I really liked it when I saw it so I wanted to try it. To me, it looks very 'Larme' in style. 
(Larme is a Photobook or magazine from Japan read more here!

 These are the photos from Tokyo Kawaii Life. 
It looks really nice online - right? Well, it's actually even prettier in real life! There's a lot of details that aren't shown on the site. 

 The set is really pretty in real life and there's lots of detail in the garments.

 Bodice top, can you see how pretty it is?
 Cute little roses!
 Also on the skirt!
These roses remind me of clothing I wore when I was a kid and they would have this rose on the clothing. Good to see it's still around.
 Pretty patterns and little details
 Curly hem.
The under layer has text on it! This was not shown online to my knowledge - you can barely see it under the tulle but if you can it's a really pretty touch. 

Basically, this set was a lot dressier than I was anticipating. I thought it would be dressy but not as dressy as it is. When I wear this, I really do feel very 'princessy' in it. 
I have no idea when I'll wear this or what to wear this skirt/top with other than each other. 
Quite a challenging set I think!

So, how would I coordinate it? I took some photos!

Set: Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno 
Jacket: Liz Lisa
Shoes: Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno 
Hair Clips: Liz Lisa

I think that this set looks nice with denim and it really dresses the set down which makes it more wearable.

Set: Liz Lisa x Yui Kanno
Cardigan: Liz Lisa
Socks: Tutuanna
Shoes: Missshop
Hair clips: Liz Lisa

I tried to make it look more Larme style. I don't really know if I did a good job. 

I also made a video but I don't think it's that good but I hope you'll enjoy it anyways! 

Ever wonder how to store sets? I keep mine together on a hanger like this! How do you guys store sets (if you have any?) 

I feel like there's wayyyy more pictures to this post than words... :/ 
It's okay though - right? 

Thanks for stopping by!!! 



  1. So cute! I love the Yui Kanno collab shoes with the set up! Ahhhh <3

    1. It actually looks quite nice together! I didn't think it would look as nice on me as Yui but that

  2. The shoes are so cute! I love the first outfit!

  3. All so adorable :3

    恵美より ♥


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