Friday, October 3, 2014

Twinning Post with Emiiichan

Hi! Hi!

Today, I have a really special post. 
Actually it look a long time to plan and take the photos so I hope you enjoy it!

If your wondering who my lovely twin is; 
It's none other than the beautiful Emiii-Chan!

We decided to base our outfits on the seasons! 

First is lovely Autumn, since the weather in Autumn is still warm during the day, you can wear a cute dress but you can pull out your ankle boots and wear earthy tones to represent the changing leaves! Since most places are back to school and work you need something that you can wear all day for work and play!

Outfit: Web Limited Dress in White (Autumn) and Liz Lisa Ankle Boots in Brown and Beige. Emii is also sporting Tralala 3 way bag. I forgot to take mine! Sorry Emi XD

 Pretend Purikura Snap - Selfie in a outfit shot XD

 Winter Look is cute long sleeved blouse and checkered skirt! Browns, beige and pink are good choices for winter. Pom Poms are an adorable addition to your knee high winter boots. A brown coat is a good choice as it can go with any outfit! Faux Fur attachments are cute and keep you warm as well!

 Elegant and simple Puri for Winter since the outfits are enough.

 For Spring we both went with the Liz Lisa Suspender Skirt in different colour ways. Mine is pink and Emi's is 'white'. We both paired it with a long sleeved blouse since Spring can sometimes be cool. Emi is wearing winter suede shoes in pink for a dressier look but I'm wearing pink wedges for a girl-y look.

Flower coated Puri!

For Summer we both went with this lovely JugeETTA dress. Emi is pretty in pink and I went with orange. We're both wearing the same Liz Lisa wedges in different colours.
(Though Emi has the shoes in yellow as well,)



Seashell themed Purikura for fun. 

 And finally cute roomwear!! Mine is with the Liz Lisa x My Melody Collab roomwear set and Emiii's is Coucher a Chambre. 

I hope you guys liked this post - please check out Emiii's blog linked above because she's adorable and her blog is great if you love Liz Lisa :D (Who doesn't) 

Ah, and I just want to say; thank you Emiii for being a wonderful friend to me and reading my complaining in emails about everything ("I hate this assignment!" "When is Liz Lisa having a sale?" "OMG!!! SALE!!! Tell me not to buy all the things!" etc. etc.) Thank you for making this post with me as well. It was fun. Let's do it again some time. 

Thanks for reading!! 



  1. Hehe~! Aww, I'm so jealous! I wish I had a twinning buddy! All of my friends are either super casual or punk, so I always end up looking over-dressed in comparison, lol. You two are so cute!

  2. I think I forgot to mention Emiii lives in Hawaii! XD This was all planned by email and done digitally XD Thank you though! I think the results were pretty cute!

  3. So so cute, the fashion is delightful.

    恵美より ♥


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