Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hong Kong Haul

Hi! Hi!

The title probably sounds like I went on holiday to Hong Kong. But I did not.
My friend when to Hong Kong and I asked her to pick up a few things for me since it's cheaper in Hong Kong than online.

I did give my friend quite a large list to be honest and she actually bought quite a few things - she didn't get any face masks for me (not that I really need them) but got everything else. (Thank youuuuu XD)

First things I got her to get;
Jill Stuart Make Up!! Yep, of course I made her get something from Jill Stuart for me!

Firstly, I got this Jill by Jill Stuart Perfume. I had wanted to try this one for a little while now, so I made my friend get it for me and I'm really glad I did. It's a really lovely scent. If you love sweet floral scents you'll like this perfume.

How pretty is this bottle? I got the smaller size because
a.) I wasn't sure I would like the scent and
b.) it's all they had left.

The bottle is really pretty! The detailing is actually removable so if you want to travel with it and not worry about losing a crystal or a gem then that's possible!

Jill Stuart Make up Bag.... I think this was a freebie/gift with purchase. It's really nice and a good size.
Want to see what's inside?

I got some things from the Autumn Collection! The lace on the packaging is so elegant and lady like. 

The names of the two things I got, if you're interested,
107 Romantic Candle and 102 Midnight Feline.

This is the nail polish I chose. It looks like a nice brown. I'm not sure but the other two look quite pale and quite dark so I'm glad I chose this one in the end.
This collection features black swarvoski crystals.

The other item I got was this Jill Stuart Eyeshadow Quad. It's limited edition (I think) when I saw it I thought it was really unique - I have nothing like it so I decided to get it.

The colours are so nice! The beige and gold are similar to what I own already but I use these colours often enough the teal and the black are completely unique to me. These also seem quite matte (especially compared to how sparkly Jill Stuart normally is,)

 I also got these booklets from Jill Stuart. One has their regular make up collection and the other features their newest collection.

Enough Dolly Wink Eyelashes to last a life time.
(I'll try to do these in order; (L - R)

Top Row
Dolly Wink #15 Pure Girl
Dolly Wink #20 Glamorous Doll
Dolly Wink #10 Sweet Cat

Bottom Row
Dolly Wink #19 Sweet Lady
Dolly Wink #14 Natural Cute
Dolly Wink #21 Secret Girl

Dolly Wink Point Lame in Gold. I really like this. I've used it a few times and it looks really pretty.
I think at the time, this was the latest Dolly Wink product at the time. Maybe there's something new out now, I'm not too sure.

 My friend was nice enough to get this for me as a gift! I've never tried snail products so this shall be interesting.
 I love these lotions from Victoria's Secret! They smell really nice and they keep my skin really nice and soft. I always ask people to buy these for me when they travel because we don't have Victoria's Secret in Australia.

 Another gift! Disney earrings. They remind me a bit of Tsum Tsums....which is a line game and I'm currently addicted to it. (Thanks Emiii)

This is something I really wanted to try because I use computers/phones a lot every day so I thought something like this would be helpful to use on those days when you're eyes are really sore from staring at the screen for a while.

 Dolly Wink Eyeliners and Mascara's. I haven't tried the new formula of the mascaras so I'm interested in seeing how these perform.
 My friend got me this as a gift. Brown mascara by Majorlica Majorca. 

Dolly Wink Mascara's, Brown long mascara, and both long and volume in black. 

Dolly Wink Eyeliners, three in black and one brown. The red packet ones came in a set with the mascaras. 

I actually got quite a lot of things and I'm pretty well stocked for a long time XD 
I think I got a good price for everything as well which was really great as well. 
(Yay for decent exchange rates!)

I might do a few reviews on some products from here but if there's anything your interested in especially please let me know!!

Thanks for reading~~



  1. Lol omg that is definitely quite a haul! Lucky you :)

    1. Yep! I got quite a lot! Lucky I got almost everything I asked for!! :D

  2. UWAAA~~~~~~ So many cute things I'm so envious ^___^/

    I want to also try the Jill Stuart perfume, the bottle looks very very cute and detailed.

    Great haul!!!!

    恵美より ♥

    1. The perfume is so so so nice!! Totally recommend it if you like sweet floral scents.

  3. This post makes me want to do some shopping teehee! ^ ^


    1. Ahaha!! I don't need to see a haul to want to go shopping - I want to shop all the time XD

  4. Lucky!! Now I definitely want to visit Hong Kong in the future just cause everything there is cheaper. xD

    1. Yeah! I actually was surprised with how much this ended up costing me - it was not bad considering how much I got.

  5. Wow so much nice stuff in one haul!

    1. Yep! I mad my friend do a lot of shopping for me! XD


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