Friday, August 22, 2014

The Vaseline Trick

Hi! Hi!

Today, I wanted to share with you all a tip for you and your shoes.
Sometimes, when we have brand new shoes, they rub up against parts of your feet and cause blisters, pain and redness.
But I have a quick, cheap and easy solution for you all.

The answer is as simple as Vaseline!

Simply place some on your feet where your shoes rub uncomfortably. The Vaseline creates slickness where the shoe normally rubs, it now easily glides over your skin.
Since Vaseline normally takes a while to absorb it's fine for long periods of time as well.

It doesn't ruin your shoes either but be warned, do not use this trick on suede (real or made made) or fabric materials as the Vaseline can and will ruin the material.

Any other material is fine however, and you shouldn't have any problems with it ruining your shoes.

The only down side is your feet might look a little shiny but hopefully no one will look at your feet that closely. (Plus it looks a lot better than band aids in my opinion,)

TIP: You can also use Vaseline on dry and aged (real) leather goods to restore the shine and look of the leather. Simply apply a small amount all over the leather and rub it in. Leave on the material for 24 hours or until it's all absorbed. Voila~ Shiny new leather!
This trick doesn't work on patent however.

There's actually many uses for Vaseline - I also use it on dry lips, heels, elbows or knees as well. I find it works better than moisturizers for such dry areas.

Do you guys have any handy tricks for Vaseline and want to share them?



  1. That's a neat trick! Thanks for sharing, I might just give it a go. ^^

  2. I used to use Vaseline all the time on my dry lips when I was little but I never thought to apply it this way. Exactly how much are you supposed to apply?
    TMI - I usually don't notice my shoes are rubbing my feet until the skin is already broken and raw and I got blood on my shoes though tbh. Bandaid then becomes only option lol.

    1. I did that too but I never enjoyed it as a lip balm to be honest.
      Hmmmm, depends how big the area you feel the discomfort it, you really just need to apply enough to coat your skin and protect it from rubbing normally I apply quite a lot though because I'd rather be safe than sorry. Sorry it's kinda hard to explain an amount? Maybe try the same amount as lip balm? XD
      I don't really like band aids, it doesn't really help me sadly.

  3. Thanks for the tip! I definitely will try this trick the next time I buy new shoes~! ^^

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  4. Yeah! Give it a go and let me know how it goes!


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