Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July Favorites!

Hi! Hi!!

Today I will blog my July Favorites!!
I don't have as many as last time but that's okay! Quick post then!

01 Shu Uemura Heartful Pink Parallel Pallet. 

 This pallet was a limited item from Christmas (which my friend got my birthday,) I really like this pallet lately.
The pinks are so soft and light on the eye but the browns are quite dark so you can make lots of looks with the pallet.
It offers a variety of matte and glitters as well which is nice. 
Note; I'm yet to try the blush XD.

02 Benefit Lemon aid

A HG (Holy Grail Product) of mine. I've gone though many of these. I have dark eyelids (and dark circles) this product helps cancel out the darkness and create a nice even base for you.
It's a bit pricey however but it's worth it for me because it works so well (and there seems to be no cheaper alternative)

03 Nivea Unscented Lip Butter

I have dry lips and no matter which lip products I used nothing would help stop it. Every day they peel and it hurts. A lot. (If you have dry lips, you know what I'm talking about,)
This lip (butter?) has helped with that and I no longer suffer from dry lips or flaky peeling dry lips. At all.
Miracle product.
I remember this being a little pricey (?) for a lip balm but it's amazing. If you suffer from dry lips, try this lip butter.
I can also apply this before putting on make up and by the time I'm done and about to apply lip stick this product has sunk in and left my lips conditioned and ready for lip stick.

04 Etude House High Lighter 

I think this is no longer available?
I really love this. I think it's meant to be an all over face powder but I've been using it as a highlighter and it's not too much glitter but it catches the light nicely and looks very natural.
I think when I finish this up, I'll definitely look for pink high lighters because this one works so well for me.

05 Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil (Green Type)
Another holy grail product. I've used a few smaller bottles of this before committing to the bigger bottle. This is from last years OB collab and the first time I tried the green type.
There are different 'types' and they suit different skin conditions (like pink is for oil control and pores, blue is whitening,) I think green is for drier skin types?
But this is by far the best make up remover I've used.
Yes, I think this is pricey but considering how well it works and how long it lasts I'm okay with the price.
This product can remove ALL your make up - even the really stubborn waterproof fiber mascaras. No joke. It will break down every bit of make up on your face and leave you with nice clean skin (and no oil residue) I can't recommend this product enough.
I think everyone should try this at least once.

When you apply it, it looks like a oil with a green tinge.

 Add water and it becomes milky in consistency. The more water you use and the more you work this product into the skin the better the results.

06 Essence Studio Nail Extra Strong Nail Hardener

 Finally, a really cheap product! And a really good really cheap product!
Basically, since using this, I've not broken or chipped or snagged a nail. My nail polish easily lasts a week if not longer. This product is under AU$5.00 (if not less than that) and I've used Essie, OPI and Sally Hansen. This product blows them away. Downside - I think it's been discontinued or I can't find it anywhere. :O (Or they've repackaged it)
But yes, if your looking for a new clear polish - I recommend trying this one. It's amazing.

07 Liz Lisa Beanie

 I got this last year and I really love wearing it! It's so warm and cute. The pom pom is my favorite bit.
The bright colour is nice too. I love bright colours in winter because they make me stand out :P

Anyway, that's everything for July!
Hope you enjoyed!!


  1. I wonder if we have that essence brand here? I haven't heard or seen it but maybe I'm just not looking in the right places lol

    1. I tried having a browse online to see if you can find it in the USA / Hawaii. It's sold at Ulta and Walgreens (and other places but I'm not familiar with them XD) Maybe you can look it up? http://www.essence.eu/us/store-finder/#_=_

  2. I need to try that lip butter because I have nasty chapped lips too! But one of my favs is the the Dr Smith Rosebud Salve. Its pricey but it works so well!

    1. You should try it! It's pretty good (imo) I've never heard of Dr. Smith - I'll look into it!


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