Friday, July 25, 2014

[Review] Cure Natural Aqua Gel vs. Tony Moly Appletox

Hi! Hi!
Today, I decided to try a comparison review between two popular peeling products on the market today;

The first is Cure Natural Aqua Gel which a popular product in Japan. It's a gentle gel with a watery constancy. It has no fragrance or colours so it's very natural and good for your skin.

The other is Tony Moly Appletox a popular peeling product in South Korea. It's a moisturizing peel which looks and smells like a green apple and it uses fresh green apples, papaya and other veggies to nourish your skin.

Both products are very popular products and both claim to peel dead and dry skin from your face (and neck) to reveal fresh, healthy skin underneath. 
Let's compare the two products today!


Cure Natural Aqua Gel comes in a pump which is really nice. It's hygienic and dispenses the perfect amount of product for you. The packaging is clear so you can see the product easily as well.

Tony Moly Appletox comes in the cutest apple shaped container however you have to dip your fingers into the product to get it and the product doesn't come with a spatula.

Overall: I prefer the Cure packaging, the Tony Moly is really cute of course but it's impractical for storing and it's easy to get too much product out at one time. The cure also has all the information on the back but the Tony Moly doesn't.
I think both are okay to travel with, the big size makes it difficult but both products can be transferred to smaller containers easily.


Cure Natural Aqua Gel is quite expensive, it's listed on yestyle at AU$57.90 for 250g.

The Tony Moly Appletox is AU$16.90 for 80g.
You can buy three Tony Moly Appletox for less than the cost of one Cure (and get more product that way).

Overall: The Tony Moly is much better value for money. To my knowledge both products only come in the one size as well so you can't buy smaller or bigger sizes either so you've got to decide if you want less product for cheaper or more product for more money.


Cure Natural Aqua Gel doesn't have a scent so if you're sensitive to scents or fragrances you should try this one. 

Tony Moly Appletox has a strong green apple smell so if you dislike apple smells or are sensitive to scent this might not be for you. It's not a strong or over whelming scent so I don't think it's something to be too concerned over. 

Overall; Depends on what you prefer. I love the smell of the green apples so I like the Tony Moly but it's up to you and what your skin likes. 


Cure Natural Aqua Gel is actually not like it's name, it's much more of a watery consistency then a gel consistency, and it's very gentle on your skin.

Tony Moly Appletox is more of a cream like consistency. It's very moisturizing and leaves skin feeling clean and nourished.

Now that I've got that out of the way - let's talk about the way to product performs. 

The Cure Natural Aqua Gel is really watery and takes a while for the product to cause peeling in the skin which I think is what makes it feel so gentle. As you keep rubbing into the skin you'll feel 'beads' which is actually the dead the skin forming and you just keep rubbing into the skin until small white bead form (that's the dead skin balling up as you roll it) and wash off when you're satisfied.

 Here's what the product looks like after you've rubbed it in. You can see the dead skin beads and the consistency. The gel becomes more white as you rub it in as well (but you can't see it in the photo too well,)

The Tony Moly Appletox is similar but it's very creamy, simply apply a small amount to your face and rub until small white beads (dead skin) form. In my experiences with both of these this process is much faster with the Appletox than the Cure.

There's not much Appletox left on my hand as you can see - and only the dead skin remains.

Both hands after I used the products on them. I'm not sure if this helps anyone but thought I'd include it anyways.

Overall, I think you can't go wrong with either product and I can see why both are so popular. I think if you have drier skin or are in a dyer climate then I think the Tony Moly will be better for you and if your very sensitive or oily then try the Cure.
Personally, I've only just got the Cure so I'm biased to the Tony Moly because I've had it longer and I've gotten used to it.

Let me know if you found this comparison post helpful or useful since I'm not sure anyone is interested in either product. 
Have you guys tried either of these products? What's your experiences with them? 

Thanks for reading!



  1. Great comparison! I have the appletox but I haven't used it yet actually lol

  2. Thank you!! awww, really??!? I really like it. Sometimes, when you want squeaky feeling skin it feels nice! ^.^

  3. Great post! I've always wanted to try the Cure gel but it's not available here in Canada (at least I haven't been able to find it), and it's much too expensive to order online >__< I'll check out the Appletox instead~

    1. The Cure is very expensive. I think cost wise, the Appletox is better even if it's smaller packaging. ^.^ If you try the appletox let me know how you like it!


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