Monday, June 2, 2014

[Haul] Liz Lisa 50% off

Hi! Hi!

A few weeks ago, Liz Lisa was having a 50% off their regular sale items. 
Actually, I was a bit sick and had a bad day at work, so I was browsing and adding items to my cart (I already had the items I was interested in open in new tabs,) to see how much they would be and I saw that the total was quite... low... and I was like.. O.O Well, that's not bad so I bought it - afterwards I got an email from Tokyo Kawaii Life saying there was 50% of the sale stock.
Lucky me - right!?
So here's the things I got - I thought I'd share in case anyone is interested in anything I bought and wants to see it on.


Cardigan, can you go wrong with a cardigan? Lol. I liked this from when I first saw it I'm sad I missed the lavender but the pink is nice and will go with a lot. I love the lace panel on the cardigan as well, I think everyone knows I love lace details somewhere on my clothing ^.^.

The cardigan is super over sized and roomy and I really like it. It almost feels like room wear. It's really warm as well.
This item has pockets too which is good.
I actually didn't realized this item is a cropped top. Sigh. Actually I really like this knit because it's so warm and soft. I tried it with a few high waist things but somethings aren't high enough so I'm still trying to find items to pair with it. 
I guess, since this has happened a few times to me, I'm gonna warn you all to check the items your gonna buy.

When I ordered this I was a bit concerned it would be too cropped or too big but I decided to risk it anyways because I really like it. I love the sheer sections on the sleeves and the v-neck is pretty unusual for Liz Lisa.
I think this item might be my least favorite out of all the items I got because the sleeves are a bit uncomfortable under the arms due to bulk.
But it's really cute.
I really liked this when I first saw it but I always put it off thinking I can get it on sale, I knew I would be upset if I missed this item because I think it's an item I can wear on cooler days as well plus I think it's pretty enough to wear with a skirt or just make it more casual. I love the bows on the sleeves as well. 

Basically, I have this in coral already but I wanted it in yellow because I don't have a yellow beret but at the same time, I wanted the white because I don't have a white beret either (and white sells out quite quickly,) so I decided to get both while they were 50% off because the price wasn't unreasonable at all.

So, that's everything I got a while ago. I'm mostly pretty happy with the things I got - especially the price I got it for. 

Hope you all enjoyed my post!


  1. Such nice buys! My favorite is the sweater <3 You look so cute in all of them :)

  2. Everything you got is so cute! I was actually going to purchase that pullover with the sheer shoulders and the v-neck! I may purchase it in the future, would you say the material is itchy? Because I have another sweater from Liz Lisa and it's a bit itchy to wear >_<

    1. Thank you! Mmmhh, I don't find it too itchy, it's maybe a teeny tiny bit itchy but it's not anything too uncomfortable but I don't have the most sensitive skin.

  3. Thanks for reminding me of all the nice long sleeve items I miss out on because I live in a place with practically only one season! Haha <3

    1. Ahahaha, awwww TT_TT I'm sorry!! Lol - the v-neck one with the sheer sleeves isn't that warm at all but I'm always cold so I dunno if that's helpful.

    2. You wear anything knit here and people look at you like you're insane. Lol.

  4. Lovely stuff you got there! ^^


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