Monday, June 23, 2014

[Hair Tutorial] Popteen Inspired Bunny Hair Style

Hi! Hi!

Today, I'm going to show you how to do the hair style on the right!
It's a fairly simple hair style but it does take some time to complete it.

Things you need; 
- Hair Brush or comb
- Hair Ties x 2
- Bobby pinks - 2-4 bobby pins will be required. 
- Hair Spray
- Hair accessory of your choice

Best for;
Medium to Long hair 
Curly hair

This hair style is extremely cute and definitely stands out so it's definitely not a hair style I would wear everyday but it looks nice for parties, dressing up, photos or just for fun.

Let's start!

Firstly, please curl your hair this hair style suits curly hair best and it's easier to make the 'bunny ears' you hair has some curl to it.

Then take a comb and a small elastic band. I'm using elastic bands here but if you only have normal bands then you can use those with no problem.

Simply use the comb to separate and comb a small section of hair. I would suggest for this hair style that you keep the section relatively small because it looks better and it's more maintainable.
Do this to both sides of your head - I did mine on either side of the top of my head but if you like you can do it lower or higher depending on your own tastes.

 Next, gently back comb your pigtail with your comb- back combing is easy to comb out so it's not as scary as it looks.
The more you back comb your hair the bigger it will be and the bigger the 'bunny ears'. 
The smaller the smaller the look so play around and see what you like and what appeals to you the most!

 Next, twist your back combed hair in a spiral - you don't want to twist it too tight. Twisting your hair will make it look nicer when you arrange it in a little bit.

 Now, all we have to do is take the twisted twin tail and wrap it around itself until it makes the 'ear'. Try and pin the end in the back for the cleanest and tidiest look.
I simply pulled and tried to make it look less 'perfect' and structured to mine but it depends on the look you like. 

That's it for the one side!

Once you've done one side - the other is much easier. Try to keep them even, but if you're gonna accessories your buns it's okay if they're not even (you can hide it with an accessory!) ^.^

Lastly, lightly back comb your curls for bouncy and thick curls to match your bunny ear hair style!
Don't forget to hair spay everything to keep it in place.

Here's how it looks from the back. It doesn't look too horrible so if you want to wear it out and about it should be okay.

The fun part is the accessories! I like either flowers or bows with this style but feel free to try other things! I tried this cute Gerbra pin but it looks cute with this bow I have as well!

Aha, all done!

Anyways! I hope you enjoyed this hair tutorial! It's very different from the previous one I did so let me know which one you liked more!

Overall, this hair style is simple to do and surprisingly it doesn't take too long however it's not the longest lasting hair style and it's not suitable for trying on lots of clothes or moving around a lot.
If you try it share a picture with me or let me know how it went! ^.^

Thanks for looking! 



  1. Cute hairstyle! I need to invest in those tiny hair elastics. Hopefully I can get this done properly cuz I failed the Larme inspired hair do you posted previously LOL

    1. Thanks! They're not hard to find I got mine by a brand called Lady Jane which is a hair brand and you can buy it in Supermarkets so not hard to find! Lol!! Awww, what did you do wrong with the Larme one!? Maybe I can help?

    2. LOL it's okay Catherine, I failed too.

    3. TT_TT Guys, please!! That's not helpful!!

  2. very cute tutorial!~
    you're hair is really long! XD
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    xx Charmaine

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    1. Thank you!
      Ah! I got it cut not to long ago so I'm surprised you think it's long since it seems short to me.


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