Friday, June 6, 2014

[Hair Tutorial] Larme Inspired Braided Up-do

 Hi! Hi!

Today I wanted to do a hair tutorial and this is a pretty easy hair style inspired from LARME magazine.

Things you'll need for this hair style;
- Hair Brush
- Bobby Pins (10 or so,)
- Hair Ties (2)
- Hair Spray
- Hair accessory of your choice

Best for;
Medium to Long hair
Curly hair or hair with texture

This hair style is very sweet but also very mature at the same time. This braided up do is suited to lots of different occasions like; school, work, evenings out or just hot Summer days. It's even practical for windy days because your hair will remain out of your face and tidy.
It's also great for hiding 'bad' hair days. 
If you would like to change the 'look' of this hair style, then it's easy to do so, you can make it more messy if you like or make it look even more polished so it's a really practical look overall.
This hair style is pretty easy so I'll show you do to do it. 

 First things first, if your hair is naturally straight or if you just straightened it the day before, curl your hair or apply something to make your hair more 'textured' like any gels or sprays.

 Next, part your hair on your preferred side, separate your hair into two and comb it so it's tidy.

Firstly, braid your hair all the way to the end. 

And braid both sides. For this hair style, keep the braids even in size. 

 Next step is to pull the braids and make them 'flat' by pulling on each section of the braid.

 Here's a close up of the 'flattened' braids. 'Flattening' the braid makes it sit nicer and also makes it easier to pin in place.

 Next step is to pin the hair into place, please take care to pin your hair under the braid so you can't or see a little bit of the pin. 

 Because my hair is dark it's quite hard to see the braid, so I drew a line in the place I've pinned the braid. Surprisingly, you don't need too many bobby pins to keep it in place.
If you have medium hair, you can just bring your braid along to the other side of your head but if you're hair is long like mine, then just twist and curl it upwards like pictured above.

 Close up,  don't worry about the hair ties, showing yet because the other braid will hide it when we cross it over.

  Then simply, do the opposite to the other braid, you want to cover the hair tie of the first braid and go up where the other braid goes down.

 I guess the best way would to imagine the shape of a pretzel. 
Make sure you pull some hair over the hair ties to cover them and make hair look tidy. If you like, you can use the clear elastic bands designed for hair but I never have any luck with those (they break on me, half way through the day) so I use regular hair ties.

Here's how the hair looks from the front! It looks very tidy and elegant but also cute. If you want more hair framing your face then it would suit this hair style as well.

I like to wear this hair style with either a sweet flower crown. 

Or a simple bow or hair clips! You can even wear this hair style with a cap but it doesn't work with a beret.

I think this would be a nice hair style to use when your at the beach as well and you quickly want to style or tie up your hair making it a great Summer hair style.
For me, it's Winter where I live and I really like it for Winter because it keeps your hair out of the way when it's windy or rainy which is really helpful.

Tip: If you want to you can add a ribbon into your braids for a really pretty and elegant touch. 

I hope this hair tutorial helps you and you try it out! If you like it and try it then please share them with me!
Of course this is my first hair tutorial, so let me know how I did. I'd love to do more in the future because I'm trying to learn new hair styles for myself so if I can share them and help other people then that would be awesome. 

Thanks for looking!


  1. So cute! My hair is too layered to do nice, longer braids (because all the ends stick out and poke my neck or other exposed skin and it irritates me to no end) but I'll give this a try! Also wtf I first read the title as Lame inspired braid :|

    1. I think it's it's layered you can do messy braid and it will look nice. Or you can use wax to keep it in place? Oh, should I call the hair style something different then?

    2. No lol! It's just my bad reading. I was really slouched in my chair lol.

  2. I also read lame instead of larme @_@ but I should try this sometime! This is really cute and it seems easy and effortless for school!

    1. I think Larme sounds like a cigarette brand but the magazine is so nice!!! I love it! Yeah, the hair style isn't hard at all, you'll probably be able to do it quickly. It looks really nice ^.^ I hope you try it!!

  3. it's such a cute hairstyle, whenever i see hairstyles like this i so regret having cut my hair so short.

  4. If you have mid length hair you can still do it! You just bring the braid across your and pin the ends - no need to curl it upwards like I did!


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