Monday, June 23, 2014

[Hair Tutorial] Popteen Inspired Bunny Hair Style

Hi! Hi!

Today, I'm going to show you how to do the hair style on the right!
It's a fairly simple hair style but it does take some time to complete it.

Things you need; 
- Hair Brush or comb
- Hair Ties x 2
- Bobby pinks - 2-4 bobby pins will be required. 
- Hair Spray
- Hair accessory of your choice

Best for;
Medium to Long hair 
Curly hair

This hair style is extremely cute and definitely stands out so it's definitely not a hair style I would wear everyday but it looks nice for parties, dressing up, photos or just for fun.

Let's start!

Firstly, please curl your hair this hair style suits curly hair best and it's easier to make the 'bunny ears' you hair has some curl to it.

Then take a comb and a small elastic band. I'm using elastic bands here but if you only have normal bands then you can use those with no problem.

Simply use the comb to separate and comb a small section of hair. I would suggest for this hair style that you keep the section relatively small because it looks better and it's more maintainable.
Do this to both sides of your head - I did mine on either side of the top of my head but if you like you can do it lower or higher depending on your own tastes.

 Next, gently back comb your pigtail with your comb- back combing is easy to comb out so it's not as scary as it looks.
The more you back comb your hair the bigger it will be and the bigger the 'bunny ears'. 
The smaller the smaller the look so play around and see what you like and what appeals to you the most!

 Next, twist your back combed hair in a spiral - you don't want to twist it too tight. Twisting your hair will make it look nicer when you arrange it in a little bit.

 Now, all we have to do is take the twisted twin tail and wrap it around itself until it makes the 'ear'. Try and pin the end in the back for the cleanest and tidiest look.
I simply pulled and tried to make it look less 'perfect' and structured to mine but it depends on the look you like. 

That's it for the one side!

Once you've done one side - the other is much easier. Try to keep them even, but if you're gonna accessories your buns it's okay if they're not even (you can hide it with an accessory!) ^.^

Lastly, lightly back comb your curls for bouncy and thick curls to match your bunny ear hair style!
Don't forget to hair spay everything to keep it in place.

Here's how it looks from the back. It doesn't look too horrible so if you want to wear it out and about it should be okay.

The fun part is the accessories! I like either flowers or bows with this style but feel free to try other things! I tried this cute Gerbra pin but it looks cute with this bow I have as well!

Aha, all done!

Anyways! I hope you enjoyed this hair tutorial! It's very different from the previous one I did so let me know which one you liked more!

Overall, this hair style is simple to do and surprisingly it doesn't take too long however it's not the longest lasting hair style and it's not suitable for trying on lots of clothes or moving around a lot.
If you try it share a picture with me or let me know how it went! ^.^

Thanks for looking! 


Friday, June 6, 2014

[Hair Tutorial] Larme Inspired Braided Up-do

 Hi! Hi!

Today I wanted to do a hair tutorial and this is a pretty easy hair style inspired from LARME magazine.

Things you'll need for this hair style;
- Hair Brush
- Bobby Pins (10 or so,)
- Hair Ties (2)
- Hair Spray
- Hair accessory of your choice

Best for;
Medium to Long hair
Curly hair or hair with texture

This hair style is very sweet but also very mature at the same time. This braided up do is suited to lots of different occasions like; school, work, evenings out or just hot Summer days. It's even practical for windy days because your hair will remain out of your face and tidy.
It's also great for hiding 'bad' hair days. 
If you would like to change the 'look' of this hair style, then it's easy to do so, you can make it more messy if you like or make it look even more polished so it's a really practical look overall.
This hair style is pretty easy so I'll show you do to do it. 

 First things first, if your hair is naturally straight or if you just straightened it the day before, curl your hair or apply something to make your hair more 'textured' like any gels or sprays.

 Next, part your hair on your preferred side, separate your hair into two and comb it so it's tidy.

Firstly, braid your hair all the way to the end. 

And braid both sides. For this hair style, keep the braids even in size. 

 Next step is to pull the braids and make them 'flat' by pulling on each section of the braid.

 Here's a close up of the 'flattened' braids. 'Flattening' the braid makes it sit nicer and also makes it easier to pin in place.

 Next step is to pin the hair into place, please take care to pin your hair under the braid so you can't or see a little bit of the pin. 

 Because my hair is dark it's quite hard to see the braid, so I drew a line in the place I've pinned the braid. Surprisingly, you don't need too many bobby pins to keep it in place.
If you have medium hair, you can just bring your braid along to the other side of your head but if you're hair is long like mine, then just twist and curl it upwards like pictured above.

 Close up,  don't worry about the hair ties, showing yet because the other braid will hide it when we cross it over.

  Then simply, do the opposite to the other braid, you want to cover the hair tie of the first braid and go up where the other braid goes down.

 I guess the best way would to imagine the shape of a pretzel. 
Make sure you pull some hair over the hair ties to cover them and make hair look tidy. If you like, you can use the clear elastic bands designed for hair but I never have any luck with those (they break on me, half way through the day) so I use regular hair ties.

Here's how the hair looks from the front! It looks very tidy and elegant but also cute. If you want more hair framing your face then it would suit this hair style as well.

I like to wear this hair style with either a sweet flower crown. 

Or a simple bow or hair clips! You can even wear this hair style with a cap but it doesn't work with a beret.

I think this would be a nice hair style to use when your at the beach as well and you quickly want to style or tie up your hair making it a great Summer hair style.
For me, it's Winter where I live and I really like it for Winter because it keeps your hair out of the way when it's windy or rainy which is really helpful.

Tip: If you want to you can add a ribbon into your braids for a really pretty and elegant touch. 

I hope this hair tutorial helps you and you try it out! If you like it and try it then please share them with me!
Of course this is my first hair tutorial, so let me know how I did. I'd love to do more in the future because I'm trying to learn new hair styles for myself so if I can share them and help other people then that would be awesome. 

Thanks for looking!

Monday, June 2, 2014

[Haul] Liz Lisa 50% off

Hi! Hi!

A few weeks ago, Liz Lisa was having a 50% off their regular sale items. 
Actually, I was a bit sick and had a bad day at work, so I was browsing and adding items to my cart (I already had the items I was interested in open in new tabs,) to see how much they would be and I saw that the total was quite... low... and I was like.. O.O Well, that's not bad so I bought it - afterwards I got an email from Tokyo Kawaii Life saying there was 50% of the sale stock.
Lucky me - right!?
So here's the things I got - I thought I'd share in case anyone is interested in anything I bought and wants to see it on.


Cardigan, can you go wrong with a cardigan? Lol. I liked this from when I first saw it I'm sad I missed the lavender but the pink is nice and will go with a lot. I love the lace panel on the cardigan as well, I think everyone knows I love lace details somewhere on my clothing ^.^.

The cardigan is super over sized and roomy and I really like it. It almost feels like room wear. It's really warm as well.
This item has pockets too which is good.
I actually didn't realized this item is a cropped top. Sigh. Actually I really like this knit because it's so warm and soft. I tried it with a few high waist things but somethings aren't high enough so I'm still trying to find items to pair with it. 
I guess, since this has happened a few times to me, I'm gonna warn you all to check the items your gonna buy.

When I ordered this I was a bit concerned it would be too cropped or too big but I decided to risk it anyways because I really like it. I love the sheer sections on the sleeves and the v-neck is pretty unusual for Liz Lisa.
I think this item might be my least favorite out of all the items I got because the sleeves are a bit uncomfortable under the arms due to bulk.
But it's really cute.
I really liked this when I first saw it but I always put it off thinking I can get it on sale, I knew I would be upset if I missed this item because I think it's an item I can wear on cooler days as well plus I think it's pretty enough to wear with a skirt or just make it more casual. I love the bows on the sleeves as well. 

Basically, I have this in coral already but I wanted it in yellow because I don't have a yellow beret but at the same time, I wanted the white because I don't have a white beret either (and white sells out quite quickly,) so I decided to get both while they were 50% off because the price wasn't unreasonable at all.

So, that's everything I got a while ago. I'm mostly pretty happy with the things I got - especially the price I got it for. 

Hope you all enjoyed my post!
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