Friday, May 30, 2014

[Review] Dolly Wink 05 Shiny Silver

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 Today, I will review the Dolly Wink eyeshadow in 05 Shiny Silver
Normally, I'm always quite happy with Dolly Wink products and I own a few but I only own one Dolly Wink eyeshadow - one of the older ones from the first series so I was interested to try this one. 

 The packaging for the new series! It's cute but kind of simple.

On the package is says; It contains plenty of glitter and makes easy gradation. This is a must item for elegant dolly eye make. 

 The back of the packet.

 There's a small eye tutorial. This seems a bit unnecessary to me however.

The packaging is a burgundy colour - I'm not sure if this is new packaging or if it's just for the 04 and the 05 eyeshadow. I like the colour of it though.

 Back of the packet.

 The old eyeshdow is 03 (I think) Country Retro and 04 Shiny Silver. The design and size is exactly the same other than the colour and the Dolly Wink logo.

 There's a frosty silver colour which I use sparingly, a beige, a warm silver and a dark charcoal.

All the colours are quite sparkly.

I have to admit, normally, I do avoid silver eyeshadow because I'm very 'warm' toned and as a result I find silver to be too cool or 'frosty' and I always think it looks quite odd so when I got this item I was a little bit... scared but I don't think that this item looks too bad on me.

Swatches on my fingers the beige blends in with my skin XD
You can see it's really sparkly here. 

Swatched on my hand. You can see the first two colours are quite light.

Please remember that I'm no make up artist so application is not perfect. 

 Lenses here

Honestly, I think this palette is hit and miss over all.
A.) colour is very light and it's quite sheer but it's not bad to work with.
B.) colour is really nice because it suits my skin so well.
C.) This is probably the most versatile colour in the palette because you can use it lightly or build it up and make it a bit heavier in colour. It's a good colour to have in the palette.
D.) This colour I dislike the most, it's dark and hard to blend which I guess I expect from dark colours. When I went to wipe the make up off my hand (from the swatch) the dark colour was hard to get off (unlike the other colours which were removed easily,) but even though it's hard to blend, it's not unworkable it just takes a bit more effort than I would have initially liked.

I really like this palette and I think it wears really nicely over the course of the day, the colours faded on me but I wasn't really wearing a primer so I'm sure if you do that step then you might have a different result from me but I liked the way it looked because the colours become more subtle and blend together nicely which I originally found a bit hard with this eyeshadows overall. 
This palette is nice for both day time and night time looks. 
But thinking about it, I think maybe the D colour would work well as an eyeliner.
This palette is sparkly so it's no good if you don't like sparkles.
Despite the palette being hard to blend, the eyeshadows are still soft to the touch. 

Dolly Wink 05 Shiny Silver -

- Small size is perfect for travel and everyday use. Can bring it with you easily for touch ups or changing your look.
- Not a bad price online (if you shop around).
- Good colour variety for day and night time looks.
- Nice packaging. 
- Versatile colour combinations - works for a variety of looks from day to night.

- A little difficult to find online still (not sold everywhere Dolly Wink is sold,) I've seen it on ebay however.
- Colour is a bit hard to blend and hard to work with.
- Not the best for someone who is new to make up. 
- Fades over the day.

Overall, I do like the palette but I think you need to play with it and find a way to work with it a bit but it's nice and worth looking into it your interested in a silver palette.
I'm looking forward to wearing these colours in winter.
I'd really like to try the shiny brown now because I do like sparkly eyeshadow.

I have to admit I actually was lucky enough to win this online in a giveaway so I didn't purchase it with my own money - but I'm glad I got the chance to try it because I would never have gone for the silver colour on my own.  

 Hopefully this review helps someone out there ^.^

Let me know if there's any other Dolly Wink products you like (I'm already a big fan of the liquid eyeliners as well,)

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I won this item in a giveaway but I was asked to do a review on it on dayre so I did but that doesn't change my opinion on the item at all.


Monday, May 12, 2014

Liz Lisa Spring Lucky Pack 2014

Hi! Hi!

I decided to purchase the Liz Lisa Lucky Pack that came out a while ago. Actually it was quite a while ago but I had a problem with TokyoKawaiiLife and the shipping address anyways, long story short, if you ever have a problem and need help, TokyoKawaiiLife is actually very helpful and efficient. 

Here's the stock photos and the link here! Currently, it's sold but there's a new one here. *I really like the new bag. 
The bag is really pretty in person and I really like it. No idea what I can use it for because it's not really a practical hand bag but bags are always useful so I'm sure I'll find a use for it.

So anyways, onto the items.

With this luck pack you can he option for a dress and two tops or... something else... I can't remember and my internet isn't loading that page for some crazy reason.
anyways I received the dress and two tops.


I styled it with a denim jacket because denim jackets and dresses seems to be a big trend this year and also, dreamV heels. I wanted to keep it looking mature.

 Front and back of the dress. It's very sheer so you must be careful what you wear under it.

I saw this dress online but I never really looked at it so I wish I could say I originally wanted it but I can't.
I actually do like it however, it's a really trendy item so it's nice to get it in a Lucky Pack and not pay full price - on the tag it says 7900 YEN but that might be the old price before the tax increase because on the website it's listed at 8,424 YEN.
Honestly, I don't think this colour is one that suits me too much but I think if I pair it with a cardigan or knit it will be okay.
This item is really light weight (perfect for hot climates) and I really like for that, if you have somewhere 'dressy' to go in Summer this would be perfect to wear.
I like the length of this as well but it definitely takes some getting use too.:p
Overall, I'll be keeping this for the Summer.

Original stock photo and this blouse actually matches this hat really well!
Don't worry, I'm wearing the plastic mold that came with it so it's not touching my head :p
I paired this item with Liz Lisa sneakers from last year and Liz Lisa denim skirt for a cool Summer look.  

 Front and back.

Second item is this blouse.It's sold out online but he's the link-
I think it's from Spring or Summer last year if it's in the outlet now.
Honestly... I love this item.... but.... I don't think it's something that really suits me, this style of blouse is not the best one for my shape personally which is a shame - this top is beautiful!
Because it's Autumn already, I'm sure I won't wear this for ages, I'm wondering if I should sell it and hopefully someone who can wear it will buy it. 

 Front and back.

Third item I received was this knit.
I was unable to locate this item online - if you've seen it - please let me know so I can link it for others who may be interested.
Honestly, it has to be an ugly knit  for me to dislike it! Ahaha~
This knit is white with mint, lavender and pink spots on it so you can easily pair it with any of those colours to make an outfit.
Personally, I like to pair it with pink or lavender because there's more mint than the other two colours (otherwise it's a bit too matchy matchy in my opinion,) but I really like the half sleeve because I don't have any half sleeve knits and also the different types of knitting in this jumper.
I think I can maybe wear this nowadays as the days are still slightly warm or very early Spring so it's a good item to have.
I'm wearing DreamV shoes and Drip Drops Singapore Reversible skirt for an extremely girly look. 

So that's everything I got, two out of three items isn't bad - right!?
I'm happy I got the lucky pack.

I also purchased this item as well with the Lucky Pack because simply, I fell in love with this dress online - Link here
It's a web-limited dress item so since it won't work with coupon codes and normally web-limited don't go on sale so I just bought it because I liked it so much.
It's an extremely cute dress so I can't wait to wear it out and about.

Front and back!
I love the little flowers sewn on the dress.
The bow is detachable and you can clip it where you like.

Hehe, I really like this dress, it's really lovely! I'm glad I like it so much. 

If you're thinking about getting a Lucky Pack from Liz Lisa I'd say go for it!! I think Lucky Packs are fun and really good value. 

Anyways, thanks for looking!

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