Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DreamV Haul~


I bought somethings from DreamV a while ago - ah, okay. I'm really slow at blogging things I ordered this a while ago.
Anyways... I wanted to buy a few things, mainly, I wanted mint shoes... because I don't have a pair and I'm not sure, I felt like I needed a pair for whatever reason.
In the end I found three pairs I liked but one was without straps anywhere and more expensive so I didn't bother with them.
Since I  couldn't decide out of the other two pairs, I decided to get two pairs - one in mint like I wanted originally and one in a beige colour because I don't really have a pair of beige heels (or I do, but they're sparkly glitter covered ones :P hardly versatile,)

First Pair;
- Link! -

I bought them in size LL (?) or 24.5 and I think these fit pretty well actually. The bow is detachable. I took it off the shoes when I first got the package and I spent a good ten minutes trying to put it back on - not worth the effort. If you want to get these shoes and take the bows off - that's fine or just leave them on. I think it's really one or the other basically. I'll leave the bows on mine because I think it makes them more special.
I don't consider the heel height of these to be very high at all either.
They have a good amount of padding in them as well so they're pretty comfy over all as well. If you're new to heels or just want something more comfy or more wearable, I'd really suggest these to you.

Pair Two;

- Link!

I bought these in 24.5 and honestly, I've found them a teeny tiny bit big but not so much that they're the wrong size but still, bit big over all, if you're in between sizes (like... 24.0-24.5 maybe go down? but take that with a grain of salt actually,) These have heaps of padding as well and I really like the cross pattern on them. Really nice looking! The heel is  quite high so not so much for a novice heel wearer but comfy and good shoe. I think I can wear this dressed up for a fancy setting or down really easily.

If anyone is wondering, DreamV shoes always *for me anyways, come with a box which when I got a different pair of shoes, I wasn't expecting because cheap shoes, typically don't come with boxes but these do.

Socks One;
White floral

- Link! -

I just thought these were cute to pair with other shoes. I've seen transparent socks before and I've always like the look so I'm happy to have a pair. These really weren't expensive to me and they came in a few different colours/pattern combos so if you like the look you should be able to find something you like.

Socks Two + Three
Black stripe and black polka dot.

- Link -

Polka dot version.

And stripe!
I have no idea what to pair these with actually... the website shows a few different co-ordinates but I'm not sure I can pull them off in real life somehow. XD 

Bikini One

 - Not available anymore -

 If you would like to know where DreamV hides their bathing suits - they're under clothing - Other (Apparel).
I honestly didn't know what else to buy two shoes and some socks seemed like a pretty pathetic order somehow and I didn't see any clothing I liked at all (at the time,) so I decided to get some swimsuits I had been eyeing. I prefer bandeau style swim tops and normally I wear floral or simple suits but this one was brighter and just different. 
The straps are detachable.
I actually have three pairs of DreamV bathing Suits and this is the only one that does not have a lot of padding not sure why but that's okay.
I go this in a M or a S (which ever was smallest,) and the bottom fits fine, but the top is a bit loose... not like, it'll fall down or anything but not as tight as I would like. Does that make sense?
I think this one is my favorite out of the two I got.

Also, if you're wondering, both bathers came like this - in zip lock bags.
I'm wondering if it's a good idea to store all my bathers like this actually because it keeps the sets together (I'm actually a sets fan when it comes to bathers!) but also keeps them clean but I'm wondering if there might harm the bathers if I do this? Anyone have any advice?

 Bikini Two

- Link! -

I do like this one as well but the top... eh, fits a bit odd... I feel like it needs more padding (or just bigger boobs,) to make it fit better which is strange because there's already so much padding in there. But other than that it's fine. It's really cute. I like that it comes as a set with shorts so you have a cute cover up or if you aren't so comfortable in just a bikini.

Overall, I'm really happy with all the items I got - hopefully, you guys saw something you liked as well. ^.^
Thanks for looking~



  1. Yay this order! I love everything
    LOL. The removing bows thing...Whenever I get a pair that has a removable thing on it, I always immediately try to see what it looks like without and then have huge regret after because I either cant get it back on or I do, but it doesn't look the same and/or doesn't look exactly right. I never learn my lesson so it's funny that you mention that.

    1. I wasn't too happy with how the shoes looked without the bow - just very boring. Definitely prefer the bows on these. Lol. Sometimes, you just got to keep trying in case there's one item that DOES look good without it.

  2. Those flower socks are incredibly cute! I especially, especially like that combo.

    Little Grimoire

  3. I love DreamV, that shop is awesome! You got some amazing things there. ^^

    1. It's hard not to find something that you like on DreamV - they have so many things there! Thank you!


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