Monday, April 14, 2014

20% off Liz Lisa + Tralala Things

Hi! Hi!

Ah... I buy so many things lately...
I blame cute Spring fashion.

A while ago, TokyoKawaiiLife (I'm trying to get used to saying that,) and they had 20% off selected spring items, since they Liz Lisa hasn't had many sales this season *Why?!?!?  I decided to look and see what they had on sale, and actually I found a few times I was interested in so I decided to buy.
Sorry wallet. 

Liz Lisa Shorts in blue
I debated and debated which colour I should get in these because I really love this print. Personally, I knew I wanted the blue in either the dress or the shorts at the very least (Still waiting on the dress to go on sale, please,) so I decided to get them in blue in the end and I'm happy I did.
The fabric on these is nice and thick as well so they are a nice early spring item.

I actually think they'll be really versatile though - the stock photo shows the shorts paired with a knit but I think it would be nice with a blouse as well.
I also think if you have somewhere that you would like to dress up nicely you can wear these shorts or you can dress them down as well. 

- Link! -

Belt + details 
Lovely scollop edge.
In real life, these shorts look just like they do online.

I like these on, but they're quite poofy so I'm thinking I might want to wear a longer top to hide it (but then I'll cover the belt!) or just rocking it. I really like the length of these on me as well, they're not micro short (hate micro shorts)

Back pockets as well! I just really love the pattern okay!?? ^.^

Tralala set
 - Link! - Link! -

Again, I had no idea which colour I wanted but I went with the blue in the end because blue is really trendy and cute!
And I wasn't sold on the lavender buttons on the pink set and I'm very weary of lilac to be honest (I don't think it's a colour that always suits me,)




I think only the top was in the sale at the time, the skirt was actually in a different sale (but it was still on sale!) I really like this set because I think it looks nice together or separated. 
I was a little nervous the skirt would be micro tiny but it's actually not a bad length.

I honestly don't know if I've ever have the confidence to wear this set outside lol! I'm not sure how I feel about midriff bearing sets.
I'm glad I got this one because this one doesn't show any belly button which I think is important when wearing things like this because this is so fitted it won't move and you won't risk showing too much skin.

Tralala Dress

- link! -

Originally, this sold out when before it went on sale, but it was back in stock on the site when they 20% was on so I decided to buy it!

 Paired with Liz Lisa blouse.
I wore this dress a few weeks ago actually and it was really cute! It's a bit big on top so I find it much comfier and cuter to wear with a blouse under it!
Also, when I first tried it on, I thought it was super short for some reason but the length seems pretty okay on me after wearing it.

So that's everything I got!
I sure did buy a lot of blue - but that's okay, I don't have a lot of blue anyways so it's nice to have a different colour to choose from. 
I mainly went after things that were on my actual wishlist rather than buying things I thought were cute and I liked there and then in the heat of the moment.
Here's hoping Liz Lisa has a sale soon so I can buy more things from my wish list! ^.^
Thanks for looking!


  1. What's shopping service did you use?

  2. I love everything! That TLL set looks a lot better on you than in the stock photos. I wanted to get the denim version of the shorts but it already sold out in the blue color. Good to know that the fabric is kind of heavy

    1. Ahaha! You knew what everything was already :P And thank you! I think it looks silly online with the top under it :/. Oh, I know the shorts - they had something similar last year as well - maybe they're in the outlet? The fabric is quite thick but I don't think it's too hot personally. If that's your concern anyways, I wouldn't be too worried.

    2. TF, they restocked it. Maybe I'll grab it if I ever goes on sale..............

  3. The Tralala set is really cute! :) I like how the color doesn't look too bright like in the stock photo.

    1. I did edit the photo a bit and make it more pastel but in real life it's definitely a soft blue because of the white stripe through it.

  4. Those items are so cute... I love Liz Lisa, I just wish they'd make more things in darker colours lol....

    1. Thank you! Hmmm, really? I love pink and white and pastels so I guess I'm happy with the colour selection.

  5. the plaid dress is so adorable! love your picks!


  6. I love all of your outfits, they're all super cute!! :D Liz Lisa is one of my favorite brands~


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