Sunday, March 23, 2014

Waicon weekend

Hi! Hi!!

Omg... this post is llllaaattteee.
I want to blog about when I went to Wai-con this year. I posted about it last year here if anyone cares to read old posts but you really don't have too.
Waicon is the Perth Anime/Japan convention. It's really the anime convention but they include other aspects of Japanese culture here and there, like Lolita fashion panels, martial art demonstrations and other bits and bobs. This year was a really special anniversary for Waicon- 10 years old!! (And I've been going to it for 7 years now O.o!)
This year, I went on the Sunday and not the Saturday and overall, I prefer the Saturday - more people go and there's more to buy and more cosplayers and such so it's really more fun in my opinion but if you have large amounts of people - Sunday is the way to go.
If you like, they uploaded the opening ceremony from Saturday here so you can watch it if you like - again, don't feel obligated. It's quite funny at times so I enjoyed it anyways.

I ended up trying to cosplay - I went as Nurse Joy. Sigh... I couldn't find a hat - I saw a nurses costume + hat at a discount store but I didn't buy it so I went to a different discount store (in a different area) and they didn't have it!!! I was pretty bummed out by that...

Ah well...
I had a pretty relaxing day - I went by myself this year because I have no friends that wished to attend with me but that's okay. I got to do and see all the things I wanted to do and I didn't have to worry if any other people were having fun which can be surprisingly stressful.
I did see some friends and stuff throughout the day and I met new people as well!
Pamphlet + pass this year! I love the little character they designed for 2014.

My nail polish is terrible XD sorry! 

The pamphlet you get when you so in! Such a pretty picture.

The first thing I did was wonder around the convention center - and the buying area... and I bought a few things but then I saw my friend from school and we went and saw Bryce Papenbook Q&A in the theater. You can watch his interview here, he's done a lot of work actually and he's quite entertaining - if you want to watch it -someone sitting in front of me asked a question ^.^ So I think you can see my wig Lol. (not me hehehe,) 

For the life of me, I can not link the video from youtube so click here if you want to watch.

After I wondered around collecting StreetPass on my DS (I managed to get just under 100 in one day!) 
And then COSPLAY TIME!! Hehehe. I managed to talk to some girl about Monster's University and My Little Pony for like... twenty minutes...? I'm not sure. XD

My favorite part of Waicon is the cosplay contest - You can watch Sunday's here...

It's really entertaining and I don't think you'd dislike it ^.^ The host did a good job - it was her first time hosting Cosplay and I think she did a good job.
After... I got expensive convention hall food and it was not that great... :/ No picture... ahaha, sorry.
I got some cosplay pictures to share - I didn't take too many!

Yay! That's all of them...
Oh and... in case you read my other waicon post...

I didn't have anyone sitting next to me on either side :p SCORE!!
So I didn't buy very much when I was at Waicon this year.

All that I bought - I already ate the most of the pocky now. :/ It was good!!
I was looking for the Naruto omnibuses 7.8.9 + 10.11.12 for a while because I have the others.
I bought a Sailor Moon necklace... It was a bit expensive... and they had all the senshi! ^.^
And a Wing charm - I thought this reminded me of Cardcaptor Sakura so I bought it. I buy so many deco hand made items... :/ 
I bought this poster too I loved this artists style O.O I was like... I wanna do that!! I bought this poster but I wish I bought an other one too.

Afterwards I went to a panel as well - on cosplay - the presenters were entertaining and it was good. I really enjoy the panels at waicon because learning! Lol.
Okay! And then... I found my friends again and said farewell and left.
Did I write this weirdly??!
I don't know....
Ah, okay... I will try to post later in the week!
See you there!



  1. Looks like you had a great time! I admire you for being able to go to something like this solo <3

    1. ?? Not a big deal to go solo - I see lots of people going by themselves to these things? But I did have a great time!! I can't wait for next year. hehehe.

    2. Haha maybe it's just because I've never been to something like this. Even if I went to the one in Hawaii I'd be nervous to go on my own. I'm pretty codependent lol.

    3. Aw, cons are always good and safe (normally - there's always lots of people so safety in numbers really,) and I always have fun there. Eh, I wish someone came with me but... no friends Ahaha. Wow... that's depressing.


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