Thursday, March 6, 2014

[New] Liz Lisa Set


Today, I wanted to write about this set I bought from Liz Lisa because... well, I just wanted to warn people about it - okay that sounds suspicious but I just want people to be aware if your interested in this set I'd like to share my experiences...
Firstly, here's the stock photo... 
The set I'm talking about is this one. I decided to purchase it (at full price) because I really wanted the navy skirt + white blouse combo but I want it and it sold out - one day it restocked (one left in the navy) and I decided I wanted the navy the most so I purchased it.

Mainly... I have a few gripes with these items...
Firstly the skirt. 
Not Liz Lisa's fault but I assumed this skirt was polyester//cotton type of thing and I didn't realize it was wool.
According to website; material: 50% wool 50% polyester Lining: 100% Polyester 
So completely may fault but thinking about it, I guess that's why it's been a popular skirt for the shop staff lately because it's on of the warmest clothing items right now. 

That's not really my biggest gripe.

This skirt is small (waist).
 The skirt it's self is voluminous but the waist is tight. There's such a small amount of elastic in this if you're not a small (in the waist) - don't buy this. 
I still really like this skirt and I'm happy I can wear this in Autumn so I'm not mad but I can no way eat anything in this. 

You can actually see there's no elastic... I wish I had checked this first.

Secondly, is the blouse. 

Again... my fault, but this blouse isn't full length. It stops at the waist or just a bit lower on me. I thought this blouse would be a nice blouse to wear with other things, but because of this I can't really wear it with other things in such a versatile way. 
Second thing, is it's not really white. It's more of a oyster or a grey-toned white? It's not white as it looks in the photos or on the staff which again means I can't really wear it with other things as much as I would like.
That being said, it's still a beautiful blouse and I love the floral lace on the front on the blouse and the bow and sheer sleeves. 

this skirt is really blue in this photo... sorry. I took it after work so it was getting a bit dark I guess. 
And the back. 
I got a new tripod by the way! It made taking these photos way easier ^.^ I'm so happy I bought one. Anyways... 
That's all I wanted to say on this. 
Here's a link to the blouse and the skirt if your still interested. The blouse is still available in all colours and the skirt is only in pink if your still interested in it after what I had to say. 
I hope I didn't come off as too harsh but I just don't want someone to buy this set and not fit into it and basically waste money on it. 
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Is there anything else I should add to my list? ^.^ Please let me know. 



  1. The set looks really cute on you <3 Basically just like the model (besides the color/lighting difference)! The detailing on the top is so precious. Maybe at that length it would be good with the spring jumper skirt?
    Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for your other posts.

    1. ^.^ Thank you Emi! The top is really really lovely! I think I can wear it with other things - just not all my other things, but that's okay! Sometimes, it's nice to have different things. At least I know not to buy the navy one as well (Which I was going to do if and when it went on sale but now I don't think I will,)

  2. When I saw the skirt I had in my mind 'Wow, the details are so pretty' but when I read on I discovered it was made of wool.... I guess it's not for me then, since it's always hot here in Malaysia..... (^^;)

    1. Yeah, I was really surprised - I wasn't expecting it because to me, wool is a Autumn/Winter thing not a Spring/Summer one but I can't complain really because it's still nice!

  3. Thank you for the review!!! I love this set as well, and was tempted to buy the full set once, but I am not a big fan of wool. I would've made the same mistake of not checking as well. The blouse is still really cute thought. :D

    1. Yeah... It looks so deceiving online - but I'm glad I helped you out!! The blouse is lovely however - and I totally recommend it because it is really lovely - but only for high waist skirts.


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