Monday, March 10, 2014

JugeETTA Haul

Hi! Hi!

I wasn't actually going to share this haul but I got asked, decided to. 
I had never bought anything from JugeETTA before because, 
a.) It's really expensive. 
b.) I was unsure of the fit of it because it's aimed at older women (hence the price point) I assumed it would fit larger but seems it's not the case. 

If you don't know JugeETTA it's a sister brand to Liz Lisa so the same company that makes Liz Lisa makes JugeETTA but it's it's own label, if that makes sense? 
Universal doll did a post on the shop here.

Actually, I do occasionally look at the webstore for JugeETTA but they don't update as often as Liz Lisa and Tralala so I don't check it all the time and while I was browsing I saw a few things I liked and decided to try the brand, I actually got a good price on everything. 

Next I got this dress.... isn't it pretty! I saw Cheynna wearing the pink and it looked so nice on her! 
I'm not normally a fan of empire waist lines and this dress doesn't make me love them but it's nice to have it as an option if I want to wear it. Also, good if you want to eat a lot. Lol. 
I'm happy I went with the orange colour - it's so happy looking. This dress is really versatile actually, I think it will look nice with flats as well as heels so that's nice. 
It's a bit longer as well which is a nice change as well. 

Front of the dress
 Back of the dress.. 
I think it's really nice on - but what do you all think? 
I think orange looks nice with my skin and hair actually. 

And next I got this scarf - I feel like I got this because I regretted not getting another Liz Lisa scarf but it's still a nice scarf none the less. It's really nothing 'special' because it looks like any other scarf but it's nice and warm and the fabric is nice as well. 
These boots were the reason I placed the order!
I originally saw these boots and was ahming and uming over them. I did like them and I was like... 
I like them but if I can get them on further sale, I'll buy them. 
They were 17,640 YEN originally at full price  but then they were 7,350 YEN on sale. Which to be honest isn't a bad price at all considering the original price but I didn't initially LOVE the boots. I just liked them and if I got lucky I would buy them type of thing. Lo and behold I did get lucky and I actually bought these for 6100 (Or something around that,) YEN - the last ones in the L size as well. 
I got really lucky on these!! 
Ah, I just want to say as well that these boots didn't come with a box. I suspected so when I paid for shipping - it was a.) way cheaper than I expected and b.) shipping information said 3 clothing items not 2 clothing 1 shoes so I suspected there was no box early on. I'm not sure why there's no box but the shoes arrived looking new and clean and unworn so I don't think they're floor stock but I'm not sure? I did get a good price for shipping so I'll live without the box. 
I'm also glad the patent down the front of the boots isn't as obvious as it was online because it did bother me but it's a lot more subtle in real life. 
 They're also really really comfy. I do find that these boots fit my legs just right so there's no way I can tuck jeans *Lol* into them but I can wear tights and leggings if I want to. 


 Folded - I think these boots look like pirate boots like this somehow so I'm not too fond of them like it. Also, the fabric of these are stiff so it's quite hard to bend them.

So, that's everything I got from this order. Sorry it took so long to get up - I'm a bit lazy is case no one has noticed yet. 

Thanks for reading!!



  1. Yayyy <3 The orange does look lovely on you! Light yellows and oranges tend to wash me out (depends on my hair color sometimes) but it looks gorgeous on you!

    1. Yays!! Thank you! I like warm tones best so that makes me happy to hear - ^.^


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