Sunday, March 30, 2014

Yesstyle haul // Sailor Moon Eyeliners + Liz Lisa Set

Hi! Hi!

I made a yesstyle haul a while ago... I think I did too much shopping this month... I saw these eyeliners on Yesstyle and I really wanted to try some of the eyeliners.
But of course, I'm over the top and got all of them!!
The eyeliners are made by the brand Creer Beaute - or that's what they're listed as on the site?
I really wanted to try the red eyeliner because... well... I've never seen a red eyeliner before! And I wanted the brown and the white as well because lately, I've been wearing brown eyeliner instead of black and I use a lot of white eyeliner anyways so I figured it's good to have. Ditto for the black.
Which in the end, I decided to get all of them because what's the point in not buying just one from the collection?
Justification point made I believe.
The Pencil Eyeliners - isn't the packaging lovely?!? The bows look hard drawn on the packet and it's really pretty.
I actually didn't take these out of the packet because I'm saving them for when I need them ^.^

If your interested - Kimdao has a video here

 I also got this brown mascara -here- like I said, I've been liking brown eye make up lately and I've been wanting a brown mascara to wear with brown eyelashes so I got this. Honestly, no idea why I chose this mascara over other brown mascaras because I've never heard of this brand (they sell nothing else by this brand on yesstyle either,) but something tells me I might have got this because it might have been the cheapest option? Or I'm really random.
Or both.
Last thing I purchased was a lip stick from Jill Stuart.
At the beginning of Spring Jill Stuart released their new collection called Thumbllina - I fell in love with a lot of the collection and I bought the bush a while back but I missed out on the lipsticks. (I'm not sure, Yesstyle got rid of them? Sold out? I'm not sure! but I didn't get them,) but at the time the stocked the eyeliners, they restocked this lip stick.
I really wanted at least one of the lipsticks from this collection simply because... I love the packaging so much.

 Plain and ordinary box - so I guess these lipsticks might be permanent?
 the colour they restocked at the time! 05 amaryllis poetry - all the lip sticks in this collection are named after flowers.
 The lipstick features a crystal flower on the top which you can open and has the Jill Stuart logo and a mirror! So handy! I was wondering how big the mirror could possibly be on the lipstick and it's decent for re applying your lipstick. Of course a compact would be better but it's nice that you don't have to have the compact with you at all times with this lipstick.

 The side packaging  and colour. I seems to have a lot of this pinkish red actually. I guess I must think it suits me. It looks really nice however - I think it would flatter a lot of complexions.

And some samples were included - ahaha, the kiehl's one is upside down. Sorry.
It's an eye cream.
And the other is a Giorgio Armani primer.
Question: When you guys get these samples - do you use them? I feel like I never use them unless I want to try the product - so I like to test them out before I commit. I now have a big box of samples like this and I never use them... I should really use them.
Anyways, that's everything I got with this order.

The same day I received this package, I got my Liz Lisa order.
I bought this wonderful set.
I ended up buying full price for them both.
Basically after the pink sold out for a second time, I decided when it restocked to buy it because I was actually really devastated I had missed it! I even started looking into shopping services because yeah... I wanted it. (I wanted a sale dammit!)
I decided to get the matching blouse because... I like it. And I felt a bit silly buying only one thing?
And I did want the blouse and white normally sells pretty quickly when Liz Lisa has a sale so I decided to buy it. (It's still available in both colours - pink and white - here)

I love the details on the blouse - so pretty!! I really like the transparent touches as well.

 Worn - front.

Back -

Front - without suspenders. I like the suspenders but wearing them for the photos reminds me why I dislike them. Kept sliding off my shoulders and it annoyed me.
The skirts a good length.
Emi said this skirt photographs lighter and didn't know why... yeah. I think it's the same with the pink there's a lot of pretty colours in this skirt that you can't see in the photos - like gold - amber and purple and a rich green which sort of blend away but in real life they're really there.
The blouse's sleeves aren't as transparent as I thought they'd be but that's okay. That doesn't bother me.
But... sadly, when I took the blouse off and went to hang it off - one of the flowers fell off TT_TT
Honestly, stuff like this doesn't bother me I can fix it easily firstly. And please don't let that put you off the blouse or Liz Lisa. This is the first time anything has ever fallen off anything Liz Lisa for me. One out of god know how many Liz Lisa items I've bought and that's not bad - right?
I'm really happy I bought these items - mostly the skirt. I think this skirt is in my top 3 skirts from Liz Lisa that I own - no regret buying this skirt even at full price.
Again, sorry this post is so delayed... up next will be more delayed posts. Ahaha.
No really.
Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Liz Lisa hair accessory haul

Hi! Hi!

A while back Liz Lisa was doing an excellent sale in their outlet on selected accessories and since I'm such a accessory hoarder collector I decided to take advantage of this offer.
If I remember correctly, I paid roughly $10.00 for all these items (give or take) so I was content with the price of all the items.
I was pretty impressed with the selection overall as well, because Liz Lisa included a lot of items from past seasons that originally sold out or where no longer available in colours I desired so I never bought them - the must have gotten stock from the stores and put it online.
None the less- really happy I was able to get the ones I did. 
I think I like how this photo turned out actually ^.^ So I shall start with this photo.
First thing - mint + apple green bow. I love this! So cute and comfy as well!
Sorry it's a bit high XD But you can see how big it is compared to my head. It's good size actually not to big not too small. (I was wondering what size it was on the store actually,)

I bought both because I thought they would be small bobby pin type things and then I envisioned my mum stealing them and never giving them back so I bought both but since they're not bobby pins I don't think I need to worry.
(My mum steals my hair things, yes, so that's why I bought so many Liz Lisa items so id she does I have others to wear,)
(And I can steal them back, of course but she's my mum and she bought me lots of things in the past so I just brush it off and don't worry about it :p)

You can see the size compared to my head. Again it's a nice size, in my opinion because then people can see it!
Liz Lisa released a new version of this this season (stripy!) and I just want to say;
These are heavy hair clips - very strudy and feel nice. I have worn these and they don't give me a headache or cause any discomfort at all so I would suggest the new ones to you.
But only on sale.
Liz Lisa accessories are expensive at full price...
AH! This set! Last Summer I was like... so I want it??! Can I buy it!? And I added it to my cart numerous times but I always felt the total was too much with these in it so I decided always removed them. I did this several times so I was like... Mine now. Finally. A year later.
And in pink!
Honestly, I don't know if I'll wear the earrings that often but the necklace is nice.
Actually I was anticipating a coral or deep pink not neon :/ Oh well.
Still cute.

Earrings - ah sorry, the light was bright. ^.^ Can you see the clear plastic heart? I had no idea how to show it off in photos... :/
And the necklace - I wore it quite low here but it's got a tie in the back so you can really wear it quite high if you like - or even lower if you want.

 Mirror earrings. I love sweet, dainty but sparkly jewelry best.
 Sorry making these so small. I have these in gold actually...
But I lost them - or I can't find them anywhere. So I bought the pink because I really missed the gold ones but I didn't want to buy gold again in case I find them. So complex. Lol.

I have these in pink and I love them so I bought white. For the size they are they are really comfy. Plus, they're really pretty!! They have a little bit of sparkle in the petal and they're just really pretty okay!?!?

Close ups of all the earrings.

Sorry, I actually got no good photos of me wearing these.... so I'm working with what I have :/ I took quite a few as well...
 I have to admit, I was excited for the earrings because when I first discovered Popteen these style earrings were so popular but I don't know if I like them that much in real life- the roses are beautiful however.
 The hair clip is lovely and I'm so happy I got it.

These I have to hide from my mum XD Ahaha. I love these though. So cute.

Just really pretty bobby pins. I didn't realize the top one is in bow shape. I'm so good at internet shopping. (That was sarcasm,)

 I actually have this in pink... but... sadly there is a rip in it. I'm not sure what caused it. I can still wear the pink but I'm not sure how much longer for... so I got the blue.

See the rip in the pink one?
Pink hair bow. You can actually slide this to the left or the right or in the middle and there's also wire in the bow so you can pose the bow how you like! Very clever. However, my bow was missing the little gold heart that all Liz Lisa accessories have...
It was missing as soon as I received it. A bit of a bummer but oh well, the bow still works.
 This hairband might be my favorite item from the haul because it's so pretty and I wasn't expecting it. Online it didn't show that it was sparkly! Subtle sparkles are my favorite.

I'm a bit worried the wire will get caught in my hair however... :/ But it's so pretty I'm willing to risk it!
 Last item!! A pretty and easy to wear hair bow. I like the colours, I think it'll be nice in Autumn and Winter because the grey is still appropriate - right??!?
Eh, okay! I got quite a lot of items! Luckily, it all came in a small box and shipping wasn't that bad because all the items are light - lol. That's one good thing about hauling mass accessories, there's no repocussions like massive boxes and expensive shipping.
Ahaha. Winning.
What item did you guys like best?!?
I hope I encouraged more people to buy accessories now! ^.^

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