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Tralala + Penderie Floral Marina Collection + Wishlist Spring 2014

Hi! Hi!

I decided to go ahead and do the post for Tralala as well. sorry. 
Also sharing the promo photos from the new collections because... Tralalala doesn't get enough love. ^.^


Tralala and Penderie have gone for a nautical x floral look. A lot of it looks like it has a European influence and it's so cute!! 
Looks like there's a few longer hemlines but for the most part - it looks like it's remained shorter. 
Personally, I like the styling the Tralala photos more than Liz Lisa. Even if I wouldn't buy those particular items - I feel like I can still replicate it or style in a similar way - if that makes any sense? 

Key notes for the collection are;
- Off the shoulder
- Blue is a big trend - seems like Tralala and Penderie have used a wide variety of different shades of blue but all seem to be 'oceanic' in tone.
- Florals are a bit tread and 'mixed' florals in the prints are big too. 
- Very grilie touches - scollop edges and ruffles and bows are key features on garments.
- Also doing a lot of lavender variations as well so they seem to be doing their own thing as well as being on point. 

I think that's all I get. 

Also... I don't think Tralala has gone through the same price increase (?) as Liz Lisa so that's good. It's still a good price.

Okay! So I'll start with Penderie first. 
Ah... I just want to say.. I have no idea what the difference between Tralala and Penderie is actually. I get than Penderie is under Tralala but as for what makes it different - I'm not 100% sure because the price is similar and it's not like you can 'complete' and outfit in Penderie (not accessories) and you still need Tralala. 
Tralala seems more trendy and Penderie more 'European' but Tralala still does that look sometimes with some pieces so... no idea. Lol. 
I do like Penderie by the way  - I look forward to trying it in the future!
Also, I chose the colours I think the garments looked the best in or I would like most but click the links to see the other colours if you like them too!

Dress - Also in black and pink.
Actually, I think it's a bit odd but I like it? I think it needs a belt to really finish it off. Also comes in pink and black. 

Dress - also in white x lavender and pink x pink. Pictured Teal x white. 100% honest, not something I would go for at all but I really love the colour combination and I don't mind the off the shoulder look of this dress. Lavender x purple is also lovely. 

Dress - Also in a lavender x yellow combo and peach x pink.
Honestly, I like both the blue and pink! I love how casual and fresh the blue is. Reminds me of Alice ^.^ 

Blouse - also in pink and blue. 
I love the ruffles on the blouse. Really pretty. I don't think I'd rush to buy this but if there's a decent sale and it's still available I'd look into buying it. 

 Skirt - also in navy x beige and pink. 
Again same with the blouse - I like it but I wouldn't rush to buy it. This also seems to be a longer skirt (?) Might just be the model. 

Okay - that's all for Penderie for me. They don't have a large range to begin with.
On to Tralala!! 

Jacket - also in Pink/Brown colour and grey 
Looks like a nice - throw it on and will go with pretty much everything type of jacket. 

 Jacket - also in beige and denim. 
Something tells me I like the colour more than the style somehow :/ But if you like cropped jackets - this would be really cute!

Jacket - also in black and blue.
You can't see it in the ivory version but this jack is covered in lace! Very pretty and quite interesting to look at. This would be a nice 'all year around' jacket if you lived somewhere that wasn't too cold maybe because the texture/lace is also nice for Autumn and Winter. 

Dress - also in blue and navy.
I like this but I don't love it enough to purchase it myself but looks like something a lot of people would like - very Liz Lisa-ish and it reminds me of a few patterns they've used as well. 

Dress - also available in black and blue. 
I love this dress! It looks perfect for a cute picnic. Ahaha. I like the simple design too. This too my looks more country or boho than marine however. 

Dress - also in white and blue. 
At first i though this dress was really odd looking but the more I look at it the more it grows on me, the bow is actually cute and the button down dress looks comfortable too! 

 One piece - available in beige or black as well.
Skirt features two 'folds' on the sides that look like pockets? I guess. It's a nice touch and keeps this from being very 'boring' and 'plain'. 

Overalls - also in black.
These completely remind me of some overalls I had when I was in primary school which I loved and literally wore every day. ^.^ 
Bralet - also in Pink and Lavender
Normally, I'd shy away from this style of outfit but I think this one is so cute I'll risk it. ^.^ 

Blouse - also in Pink and Yellow. 
I think this is so cute but really easy to wear casual or dressed up. 

Blouse - also in beige and blue. 
Honestly, I didn't like this at first but it seems to be more for layering rather than to wear on it own? I like it for layering!!

Top - also in red and blue.

Very nautical inspired top and off the shoulder as well. I really love this. 
Cardigan - also in blue and red.
 I really like this cardigan because it comes in colours that Tralala and Liz Lisa don't normally release.

Skirt - also in pink and lavender.
Matches the bra-let. Well, it's not a set if you only get the top? 

I have these in bright blue actually. Definitely getting the M in these... Also... I have no idea which colour I like the most.... 
Might just have to get all of them. Jokes.

(More) Shoes
I'm wondering if I'd want to go down a size with these as well because they look similar to the ones above... 
Also.. which colour.

NecklaceSo pretty but I'm not sure how long this is... :/ 
(I've been 'tricked' by Liz Lisa before,)

hair clips 
At first I thought these look like velcro bows used to heold your hair back while you put your make up on but they aren't. I think they look really cute and goofy. 

I don't even need more bows but I need these. Yes.

I've seen a necklace from Liz Lisa that these will go well with as well. ^.^ 

The earrings also match this necklace! 

Okay, so I think that... pretty much everything. Lol. Literally.
Thanks for reading~



  1. Yay! I also really like the second Penderie dress, the Liz-Lisa ish dress and the check pattern one! A lot of the stuff they released today too (like 4 pages of stuff omfg)....arghhh I can't wait for it to go on sale! It's great that the items don't sell out as easily lol.
    I'm thinking about this shoes - . They give a kind of "Liz Lisa" ish vibe as well especially with the color choices!
    I was considering ordering stuff in the winter sale (wtf some stuff super cheap) but I decided to save my money so I can buy a lot of spring sale stuff (in like 3 months wtf) and maybe I'll even try to get in on the 4th installment of the Liz Lisa x My Melody OP which I know I'll have to pay full price for if I want it...

    1. *these shoes wtf grammar/typos.

    2. :O I just saw all the new stuff. I'll have to edit this post now! Wah!! I love so much of it!! And yep!! I love that there's less competition for Tralala~
      Those shoes!! Omg. Do I like the Liz Lisa wedges or the Tralala ones?!?! They are so similar I can't decide!! XD
      The winter stuff is a good price but... yeah... Spring stuff...
      Ooohhhh, My MelodyxLizLisa again...
      And it's okay about the typo... I probably make millions....

  2. All is super cute.
    I would buy all

    1. Yessssssss! You should totally buy all!!!

  3. Everything is so cute, I can't wait until everything is all sale! :3 I can't wait until the biege Penderie blazer to come out (the one the 4th pic from the top).

  4. Yep!! Tralala does a good sale (since everything is a good price - when it's on sale it's a really good price ^.^)
    And do you mean the really cute beige/white one with the scollop edge because I like that one too!


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