Monday, February 17, 2014

Tralala Haul

Hi! Hi!

I'm kind of annoyed because I accidentally deleted this post originally, so yeah... I'm rewriting it.

 A while ago *they are doing this sale again!* Tralala was doing a 70% off sale - which is a really significant saving. 

 Earrings in Mint, Purple and Yellow - here (can't find the original link O.O sorry!) & similar - 472 YEN
If the pink was in stock I would have gotten those as well. Most likely.

'M' Jumper in Pink - here - 1,228 YEN
I'm a sucker for jumpers like this lately and I quite liked this one for some reason~ 
Rose print jumper in White - here  1,543 YEN
I really wanted a floral jumper but I didn't see any I particularly liked that much from Liz Lisa, so I'm really happy I got this one at such a good price as well~
I really liked the styling for it here; 

On a side note; these shorts sold out so fast - and I'm sad I didn't get a pair. They look so nice with so many co-ords.

Mock Two Piece Jumper - Here -3,601 YEN
I didn't realize until now that I paid a bit more than I thought for this! I still like this however ^.^ I had the hardest time deciding which colour I liked this most; 
other options are; 
 I like the colours on these two, but I didn't love the colour combinations together as much as the white x navy.
Cardigan with Flower details - here -1,543 YEN
I thought this was apart of Spring at first but I guess not. I was really happy to find this on sale in the colour I wanted however! I like that this one has longer sleeves too. 

Pants in navy- here - 1,543 YEN
At first; I was after the red or teal colour.
And then I added the navy to my kart. 
Erm... to be honest, I'm not sure why I bought pants.
Or if I can fit into these...
I am the worst shopper. 

 Mock two piece Romper - here - 1,543 YEN
I just thought this was quite a unique looking item and I have nothing like it! Normally, rompers look like... well, one piece but this one looks like two separates so it's very different in my opinion.
Mock Two Piece Dress - here - 1,228 YEN
I'm not sure why I got so many mock two piece items actually! 
And I'm really unsure about this item because those types of leather skirts never really look nice on... 


Subtotal 13,645 yen (tax included)
Postage 525 yen (tax included)
0 yen cash-on-delivery fee (tax included)
Total 14,170 yen (tax included)
Use Number of points 1,707 points
Payment amount 12,463 yen
Number of points will grant 112 points this time

Apparently, I used points on this purchase? I'm not sure how, I tried in the past to use them and nothing happens so I'm not sure why it worked this time but yay? 

  • Usage Fee
    yen(Service Fee 980yen + EMS Fee 4,700yen + EMS Insurance 0yen+ Consolidation Fee 0yen)
The shipping cost more than I was hoping for - I was hoping for the 4500 YEN mark... so I guess I was quite a bit off. Ah well. 

So, now I guess, I'll show you everything in person!! ^.^

These look just like the stock photo so nothing interesting. When I got these, I was surprised how heavy they were! I was a bit disappointed but I wore the yellow ones the other night and they were fine - not too heavy and I forgot I was wearing them. So that was a good!

'M' jumper worn back and front. It's a bit longer in the back which is nice. It's really soft and cosy actually. It's more lavender pink than I was anticipating but I still like it. 
Also, I'm wearing the pants in most of the pictures...
I'll talk about them in a bit...

 Floral Jumper. I really really love this jumper. I was expecting the flowers to be painted on but they are sewn in to it. So I'm really happy with it. 

White x navy knitted jumper. I really like this it's super warm and cozy but it's not sloppy. Again, I didn't realize that the navy bit was knitted but it doesn't both me at all. 

Cardigan is really nice!! I love the yellow colour - it reminds me of a baby chicken Lol. So cute. 
Ah! Okay, so... pants! Firstly, they fit (What do you guys think?) !! o.O I really didn't think that they would somehow :p. They are a perfect length for me so no alterations needed either. They are a corduroy material so they're a bit fancier than regular denim but not like fancy either. Apart from the fact that they are pants... they're really really good! Really warm and if you're umming and ahhing - maybe worth trying (especially for the price!) 

 I'm surprised I liked this in the end, actually. It's very comfortable as well so that's a bonus. Not something I can wear much longer going into Autumn/Winter but oh well. 

 Mock two piece~ The leather skirt is not bulky at all so I'm really happy with this. I like the half sleeve a lot as well. 

Okay! So I think that this is everything. ^.^ I'm glad I got quite a few things I normally wouldn't have gotten because I don't really regret any of it at all.
Thank you for looking at this really long post... Lol. Glad you made it too the end :p 



  1. Hahaha. I totally love that you buy all these things so that I can "shop" vicariously through you. I especially love the styling for the floral jumper and the b&w mock two piece at the end. The pants really are a great fit!

    1. Lololololol. I tots do that with other people's hauls too. Oh, and thank you!! I don't know if I can wear the floral jumper and the lace skirt with a straight face outside my own home but I think it goes quite nicely. And I had the boots - so I needed to get the dress... basically. *shifty eyes* and thank you. Lol. I can't believe they actually fit still. ^.^

  2. The floral jumper is really cute. :)


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