Monday, February 3, 2014

[Review] Jill Stuart Perfume: Eau De White Floral

Hi! Hi!

Today I will review this perfume from Jill Stuart! I always really liked the scent of the Relax line from Relax Line so when YesStyle released the 1st Anniversary Collection here. I really wanted it but I waited and I bought it with the Cyber Monday offer (15% off) I decided to get it and treat myself. Hehe. 
I was really happy this collection included the perfume because I always thought it was something I would like.

Basically, to me, this perfume smells like white flowers (roses,) scent and musk but if that's not descriptive enough - try the Jill Stuart website one; 

・An Eau de Cologne that envelops you in a soft feeling of blessings with its aromatic white floral bouquet fragrance, combining white and pink flowers with natural aromatic oils.
・The top note is comprised of highly translucent citrus and berries, a crystal fruity bouquet popping with the soft sweetness of greenery. This light, refreshing meeting opens the door to your heart, inviting you out into an expansive field of flowers. The middle note is an aromatic floral bouquet, overflowing with the sweetness of innocently sparkling flowers and a feeling of sheer elation. Natural oils from delicate and noble flowers and herbs unwind your heart, enveloping it with a feeling of ultimate relaxation. The base note brings a gentle and soft feeling of warmth, a relaxing musky bouquet that makes you feel like you want to just stay by someone’s side forever, and leaving behind a deep, comfortable warmth and melting reverberations of pure appeal.
・Represents the "clean & modern" design concept of JILL STUART RELAX. Fringed with a beads motif, a translucent design that allows the JILL STUART RELAX flower pattern to appear transparent. Comes with a removable ribbon charm. 

Much better, right?!? 

The scent is actually quite long lasting despite being Eau de Toilette. I can wear this all day and when I come home I can still smell it on me but it's never over powering. 
I like that it's mainly floral in scent but it's not too floral. The musk in it really keeps it from being too girly or too sickly. 
I really really enjoy this perfume - if your a fan of the Relax line from Jill Stuart then I have no doubt you'll like love this. 
I also this this would be a nice 'beginner' perfume, as it's not too much for a young girl and the retail price on the online store is about 3,800Yen (3,990Yen including tax) (So say, around $45.00 depending on the exchange rate or where you buy it,) so I do think it's a really modest price for a fragrance. 
Even if your not a perfume 'lover' and only wear it on special occasions then this might also be for you because it's (again,) inexpensive and light enough. 
Also, perfect for girls that want to pamper themselves and smell like a princess would. ^.^

The bottle as well is really nice (It remind me a lot of Chanel Chance,) and it feels study and comfortable when I hold it/ use it. 
I admit that I do like, more simple bottles because I prefer practicality over aesthetics (and cost,) so I really do like the bottle. The little ribbon/charm is removable if you wish to do so, but I think it's a really nice touch to the bottle overall. 
The lid is a fake crystal which is featured on a lot of Jill Stuart Products in some way. I like that it looks elegant and not gaudy.

 The reverse of the bottle also features a really cute motif pattern which is engraved in the bottle itself. 

The only thing I don't really care for is the paper sticker on the front of the bottle. I think it looks a little... 'cheap' to say. But considering that this perfume isn't that expensive I guess that's where they chose to cut corners. The rest of the bottle is really nice so it's not that bad. 

Since the Eau de White Floral smells like the Relax by Jill Stuart line you can layer it and use the lotion or the shower gel or other relax products to make the smell last longer.

- Nice bottle desgin
- Light but lasting fragrance
- Inexpensive
- Smells like the Relax by Jill Stuart line
- Lotions and shower gels available for purchase to match the perfume

- Sticker on bottle is cheap
- Might be a bit difficult to purchase on line 
- Doesn't come in a roller ball or perfume option.

Overall, it's a lovely perfume and yes you need it. Lol. I guess if you've been wondering - should I try this? I'd say go for it.

Online store - here -  (You'll need a shopping service to buy from the store,) 
Online information - here -


  1. The bottle is so darling! You've definitely got me considering this lol.

    1. Ahahaha - really?!?! Lol! I love the simple bottle too~

  2. Unfortunately I do not like how this smells, which is sad because I really love the design T w T You should try their roll on perfume, they're very handy

    1. o.O No waysss... awww, I really love it! :3
      I want to try their roll on but I don't know which one! Suggestions???

    2. Anything but the yellow one lol I don't remember the exact name but it's definitely not the yellow one

    3. I wouldn't try the yellow one! I know it's vanilla and I'm not the biggest fan of vanilla - unless it's ice cream~ lol.


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