Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tralala Master Key: Wardrobe Post

Hi! Hi!

Truthfully, I'm not 100% why I'm doing one of these for Tralala as I imagine people would be more interested in Liz Lisa but I said I would do it so that's that. 

So I guess I will lay this out in the same way as the Liz Lisa one; 

Hope you enjoy it!!

 Tralala Coat in Pink (Pale Pink? Can't remember) (A/W)
 Tralala Beige Coat (Lucky Pack 2014 item) (A/W)

 Tralala Denim Blouse with bead detail (S/S?)

Selling the black - please contact for information. 
Tralala blouse in black and white

 Selling - please contact for information.  
Tralala skirt in Pink (S/S)
Tralala Singlet in Pink and White (A/W)

 Tralala 'Fleur' Long Sleeve shirt in Beige (A/W)
 Tralala T-Shirt in white (A/W)
 Tralala Cardigan in Navy with detachable badge. (?)
Selling  - please contact for information.
 Tralala sailor Top/Jacket in Pink *Set!* (S/S I think)

Selling - please contact for information
Tralala sailor Top/Jacket in Navy *Set!* (S/S I think)
 Tralala Cardigan in Navy (S/S)
 Tralala blouse with Script Bow in white/Black. (S/S)

 Tralala Black cardigan (Lucky Pack 2014 item) (A/W)

Tralala Camisoles in Pink and Black (Lucky Pack 2014 item) (A/W)

 Tralala Blouse in White (S/S 2014)
 Tralala Lemon Print blouse in white (S/S 2014)
 Selling - please contact for information
 Tralala Blouse in white (S/S 2014)
 Penderie Blouse in White (S/S 2014)


 Selling - please contact for information
Tralala sailor skirt in Pink *Set!* (S/S I think)
 Selling - please contact for information
 Tralala sailor skirt in navy *Set!* (S/S I think)

 Tralala plaid skirt in Red/Black (?)

Tralala lemon Print skirt in blue (S/S 2014)

One Piece;

 Tralala Polkadot dress in Beige (S/S)

Tralala Plaid dress in green, red and beige (A/W) (*that everyone has seen me in exactly 1000 times each or something,)

 Tralalal Lemon Print dress in White (S/S 2014)
Penderie Floral Dress in White (S/S 2014)

 Penderie Navy Dress (S/S 2014)
 Tralala Polkadot Make up Bag in Pink (S/S?)
 Tralala daisy hair ties in Pink *Two* (S/S) Tralala Y U NO release more of these?!?! LOVE these. So mad you didn't make any for A/W.
 Tralala triple pearl bracelet (?)

 Tralala Daisy Earrings in White (Also have red, can't find will update later) (A/W)
 Tralala 'Alice' hair pin in gold (A/W)
 Tralala beaded Beret in Red (A/W)
 Tralala Beret in Beige (A/W)
 Tralala Heart/Leopard beret with detachable bow in white (?) Again, really old item I found in the sale section ^.^
 Tralala bag in beige/Pink? (A/W)
 Tralala bag with velour heart in black (A/W)

Tralala Lucky Pack bags 2014

Phew. Done minus missing things. ^.^ 
Oh, and tralala shoes are here and scroll down a bit; Clicky! 

Also; check out my Liz Lisa Master Post here



  1. The mock two piece blouse is so cute!!!

    1. Thank you! It's also insanely warm somehow.

  2. Love so many of these items especially the top you have in 3 colors! Tralala is such a great brand that not that many know about - similar to Liz Lisa in some ways but cheaper and with a different color palate :)

    1. Yeah! And it's less 'competitive' like things down fly off the shelves so I don't feel pressured to rush to the check out. I think Tralala and Liz Lisa often work so well together~

  3. Oh wow, so many lovely items! I'm especially in love with the pink coat, the floral denim skirt, and the 3 way bag in pink! Really cute things! :)

    The Girly Gamer

    1. Thank you~ I'm thinking of selling the coat maybe (maybeee) the floral skirt is for sale and that bag is awesome~ I loves itttt.

  4. Replies
    1. It was actually a pretty good buy because I wear it often~

  5. nice wardrobe postXD
    I love Tralala's sailor style skirts♥
    ahhh you have the bag, that I wanted to buy, but ended up not and regretting it forever XDD ahh (the 3 way bag)

  6. Thank you and thank you~
    Ah, I remember being like, do I want it do I not want it do I want it when it's released and I ended up getting it. They release the same bag every season however just in different designs/patters/colours. My friend has a navy stripe one with brown pipping as example so it's not too late!!

  7. How much did you get for the Tralala bag with velour heart in black ?

    1. If you mean; how much did I pay for it - good question; I can't seem to find the email receipt, I'd say around the 3800-4000YEN mark might be my best bet.


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