Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tralala Lucky Pack *Set* 2014

Hi! Hi! (Again!)

Today I will share what I received in my Tralala Lucky Pack *set* I hope that this interested you all~
So I didn't see much about the Tralala Lucky Packs last year so that's why I was so excited to receive it this year - much more than the Liz Lisa one. Lol. 
 Okay, so I'll just follow the same layout as my Liz Lisa post; HERE. 

Here's the pink candy bag; 
I sort of like it I sort of don't. I like the shape and the style but I don't care for the fabric of the bag at all I'm afraid. I feel like I want to sell it. Would any one be interested in it? 

In the bag was this black singlet.
It's really thin and sheer so I definitely think this must be worn under clothing. 

The next thing I pulled out was this jumper skirt. I do like it but at the same time... I don't? I can't explain it. I think what puts me off is that it's really short and then after that I don't like how the suspenders aren't removable. 
It's lined which is nice! ^.^ 

 Lol, what am I doing here??! Front.

 The final thing I received was this jumper! I really love it! It's so soft and fleecy on the inside! I really like this and it matches the Lucky Packs so well too!! I think it's a nice casual item for cold days.


Next we go on to the bigger tote - I love this bag~ It's so cute! isasuckerforcandystripes

In this bag, I received this dusty singlet which is the same as the black - very thin but good for layering none the less~

And then I also got this cardigan.I feel like you can't go wrong with this item really. 

Next was this item - this skirt. It's a very cute denim *?* skirt. I really love the colours on this but, I'm a bit 'when can I wear this?' with it? Because in Australia we will be going into Autumn and this really feels like a 'Spring' item to me. I'm debating if I will keep this//hang on to it until I can wear it or if I will sell it to someone who can wear it now! Anyone interested?? Lol.


I got this dress!! I really like it because it's so elegant and pretty! It's a bit big in the waist for me, but I can belt it or just rock it :p (I don't think anyone can tell when it's worn to be perfectly honest,) 
My only gripe, is that this seems to be one of Tralala's basic items - they have versions of it all year round in every colour/variation so it doesn't feel very 'special' to me. I do like it and I always look at these dresses online anyways but yeah....

And then finally is the lovely coat! After I bought both the Liz Lisa and Tralala set I realized I was going to get two coats (fml) but since I got the jacket in the Liz Lisa one I'm happy I can keep both! ^.^ hehehehe. 
 Sorry it's blurry. 
I really like the shape of the coat and the collar is nice too! 

 Heart Pocket. 
Overall, I like how this coat is quite cute but not in your face cute. It has cute touches but at the same it's mature and lady-like. Very versatile. 

Anyways, that's all I got in the Tralala packs! Over all I'm very happy with all the items but I do have one girpe; 
It feels very safe. I can't imagine anyone being particularly unhappy with any of these items if you like Tralala. I'm not sure. 
Maybe that's just me? 
I'm happy the quality of all these items are very nice - they feel like store bought stock! All thick/lined/heavy if they should be. (apart from the camisoles,) 
But yeah! Overall, I'm very happy with the items I got in both the Liz Lisa Set and the Tralala set! ^.^
Hope everyone enjoyed this post. 
Sorry again about the blurry photos. 



  1. Definitely feel like the contents are typical Tralala. The outfit from the Candy tote is really cute together! And I really like the pockets on the coat. <3

    1. Yeah... I do like it though ^.^
      It's nice to have a whole outfit in the pack - I think Tralala did it better than Liz Lisa somehow? And the pockets are so cute!!

  2. The 2 camisoles are meant to be worn under something I guess. At least it always says "inner wear" at their HP. I will have to sell those as they don't fit me.-.
    I didn't realize that the dress was a standard item XD I'm not following Tralala that much, so I didn't know. Nevertheless I think this dress is really cute and it suits you so well!
    I wonder why they put in a summer skirt thougho.o I also got a skirt in my lucky bag (that I don't like that muchxD), but at least it was made out of warm fabric.

    I think Tralala put together a nice lucky bag this year:3

  3. Yeah, I think so too! I don't think they're that warm though but oh well.
    I really like Tralala so I follow it as closely as Liz Lisa sometimes! ^.^ Thank you!!!
    I'm not sure about the skirt - maybe it is intended for those going into Spring - so they will have something to wear in the next month? But I'm not sure!
    And yeah! I think so to!!

  4. Ooh! That Candy jumper looks really comfortable and nice! I love the simple design of 'Candy' with a small detail. I feel like it's really easy to match it around with other clothings and look stylish too. :D

    1. Yeah! I think so too! I want to wear it will it with my stipped black and white skirt and make it look really cool~

  5. I love, love that beige coat! *o* It's super cute, something I'd definitely look for in stores, haha. <3

    Junniku blog [Click!]

    1. Oh really!?!? I feel like while I do like it - I've seen others in the web shop I'd like more than this one. I'm still really happy I have it though <3


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