Thursday, January 16, 2014

Liz Lisa Lucky Pack *Set* 2014

Hi! Hi!

Yesterday, I received my Lucky Packs in the mail. This year, I decided to go all out and get a few Lucky Packs because I didn't last year, and I wanted to join in this year. 
Also... when I took these photos it was cloudy and grey out and some of them were very blurry so I did my best to ruin salvage them. Don't look at them too closely. 

These were the two Lucky Packs I got from Liz Lisa. I actually got the set that was available at pre-order stages. I originally wanted to get the bigger one only but I really liked the bag from the smaller pack so I got mad at myself and bought both. 

Actually, I must admit, I really hated everything when I got it at first because I had a bad day at work/was in a bad mood in general.... lol. But afterwards I was a bit happier with the things, I received and I think I got some nice things and I'm happy to have them in my wardrobe!

Mini Ribbon Boston

The first thing, I will show will be the smaller one - Classical Ribbon Mini Boston. Originally, I just got this for the bag. Lol. 
Actually, I was also disappointed initially because I thought me friend got nicer things in hers than I got in mine. (She got the Heartful Monogram Contents in hers,)

It's a 3 way bag, you can wear it as a backpack, satchel or with the handle on the top. I really like 3 way bags because they are such great value for money in my opinion. 


First item was this little singlet. I like these. I have a small collection of them as you saw in my master post so I'm happy to add this too my collection. I will say though, that the quality of this item is much thinner than the other ones I have. The baby pink is nice. I just want to say... the tag on this said something like... 4900 YEN? Um... I don't think that this item is worth even half of that when the fancier/thicker/more decorated ones are cheaper than this as well.


The next item is this cardigan... I like it. I mean, it's a cardigan so it must be really bad for me not to like it! I do like the colour - a soft grey. I have nothing like this so it's nice to have!

One Piece 

Next is this dress... I must admit when I first saw it, I hated it. And then it grew on me, and I do like it on actually. The fabric is nice and soft and the dress is comfy. 
I don't think it's the best fit for me however.

 Dress + Cardigan
Dress on it's own.

Classical Ribbon Tote

On to the Classical Ribbon Tote. I didn't get the sampled items at all. Which was disappointing as I liked the sample items quite a lot from the pictures. :/ I really wanted the coat because I've always dreamed of a white coat and darn it, I didn't get the coat. 

One piece
 Sorry, it's blurry! I couldn't fix it. XD
Firstly, I got this dress, which I kind of like? Houndstooth is not my favorite print but I quite like this dress and I think I'll wear it in Autumn/winter so I like it. 
It's pretty comfortable and easy to wear as well. 

 Front of the dress.

You can see how sheer this top is - you can see the tag through it. :/

Next was this top, which... I'm not too fussed over. I was thinking of selling it but it looks so nice with the dress, I will wear *try to* them together!
 Front of Skirt
Back of skirt.
I really like the skirt. It's a comfy fabric and I think it's cute as well. I can see myself wearing this quite a bit actually and I like it more than the dress. 


I also received this coat! Actually, I think it's more of a jacket than a coat. What do you guys think? Coat or Jacket. It's lovely and soft however. I think I might use this as work coat because I don't want something too fussy to get me from car to work and vice versa. Just something simple.

And of course this impossibly soft make up bag which is too nice to get make up on. lol. I really like it though. I actually stuffed a singlet in it and am currently using it as a decorative pillow on my bed because it's so soft. 

I put all my pretty make up in it... looks so princessy right?

So I don't think I did too badly actually. I don't think I would have bought any of them on my own minus the skirt and mini boston bag (possibly the cardigan and singlet but not that the price on the tags,) but I think I can use most of it. 

Here's a link to my store where I will be selling the items I don't want from this pack.

Thanks so much for looking, I'll do my tralala ones in the next post and hopefully I can have it up over the weekend/early next week! 
See you all later!



  1. Both dresses looks really good on you! I also really like the skirt <3

    1. Awww, thank you emi <3 ^.^ I think the skirt is one of my favorites~~

  2. I think they had really nice items in their lucky bags this year. I regret not getting a Liz Lisa one as wellxD

    1. I think they really upped their game from last year as well, from what I saw of last years I think this years was better quality and items over all.

    2. They sold out really quickly when I was in Japan too ;3; Luckily maruq is still doing a preorder ^^

  3. I got the same items in the tote, and compared to the coat I got in last years trunk as well as the coat I got from Axes Femme, I can definitely say it's a jacket, lol. But unlike the other LL coat, it's wide enough that I can wear a really thick sweater without it being too tight, so I guess I'm a little thankful that I got this instead of the white coat. A little.... I do regret that I didn't buy the trunk when it stuck around for so long.... they had such lovely things!

    Also, you look *the most* elegant. <3

    1. Ooohhh, yay!! I'm glad!! I do like the items a lot~ I thought it was a jacket as well which confused me, I thought it was always a coat in the Lucky Packs?
      If I like the trunk design next year, I will for sure get it next year. ^.^
      Oh and thank you. :3

  4. Thanks! I think I'm going to order the classical ribbon tote from maruq now *w*)!! I really like the houndstooth dress you got!

    1. ^.^ you totally should!! I really like the dress too~ It's really comfy and superrrr warm.


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