Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dear Diary: Life Lesson Friends and Money don't mix

Hi! Hi!

I haven't done one of these for a while... or I didn't know this was a thing. 
But eh, guess I need to vent. 
Maybe I should change the title to 'Vent' Diary. 
(No relation to Vent Online,) 

Ah, well, today's vent is all about how I learned to never ever lend money to friends. 
Shitty thing is I knew that. I never lend money.
I do however buy things online for friends and receive payment from them upon the day. ie. Movie tickets or things like that - easier to group buy things.

Normally, every times all my friends (select few not ALL my friends) pay me back so I trust the people I buy for so I normally am quiet lenient with them and relaxed because why worry? I always get my money back and I'm not stupid I never use my last money for it so I'm not 'desperate' for the money back - if that makes sense. I mean, I do want my money back of course but not like straight away if that makes any sense. I guess that's what got me into strife because I guess I got too lenient and also, I blame my friend for treating me like a bank. 
I make a strong point not to complain about not having money/being short from time to time in front of people because... well, quite frankly, it's no one else's business but mine - right? So I guess, from other people's my friends point of view they have no idea how much money I have or haven't got from time to time - right? 

Eh, anyways, lately, my friend has liked to buy from Tralala and Liz Lisa like me! I'm so happy I have a good friend who likes the same style I do! But she doesn't buy that often from them and I buy for her *I can hear you all groaning* and at first it was fine because she paid me back when I knew how much the shipping was (like within one two days) and I was fine with this. No problem! 

And this year, I guess I was going on about Lucky Pack and I wanted them and I didn't know which ones to get? And I linked them to my friend to show and ask advice about it because I was really confused. Lol. She then asked if I would get her two? One Liz Lisa and One Tralala. And I was like... sure! Just pay me when shipping comes in - we're just pre ordering now so when it comes in January pay me back. 
She said fine, is it okay if I pay both item and shipping at the same time? 
And since I used credit (because vent only takes credit) I was like... sure. That's fine because I thought it was fine. 
Anyways, items arrive at Tenso and she pays me for the Liz Lisa Lucky Pack only. I have to have these things shipped because I'm not sure when but Tenso no longer holds things for that long - only a few days so I have no choice or I'm going to have a problem in a bit - right? 
Pay for it all - out of my saving account. 
Friend pays for shipping for Liz Lisa - finally. 
But she still hasn't currently paid for the Tralala one (the 10500YEN one - which is a lot of money,) OR the shipping yet and she said she will pay me next pay day... and I said okay, because I didn't want to argue but come on. 

It's not like you didn't know that the item was coming. I did tell her it would come in January so it wasn't a surprise. 
And she did have the money - she booked a holiday (flight) to Hong Kong at the beginning of January. So I guess I just feel like a bit disappointment or not, because she's been speaking non-stop about Hong Kong for a while so I'm really happy she's gone but... at the same time, I'm a bit left out? I guess, because I think paying what you owe first is more important? I guess that's my own opinion.  

To makes things worse, *before the shipping kerfuffle* she asked for me to buy some boots from Tralala for her... 
And I did and I'm waiting for that money too!!! 
I guess, I just feel very stupid and a bit embarrassed because I should know better. 
And I feel angry because my friend should think how I feel! 
How would she like if I did it too her?!?? 

I did tell her I won't give her any of the items she bought until she paid me IN FULL. Which she said was fine and she understood where I was coming from because she would do the same thing. Oh, wait maybe she knows how I feel.
So, she has her Liz Lisa Lucky Pack (before I got mine as well- humph,) She got really nice things too. 

Do you ever get into these type of things - where your just like... I should have known. I shouldn't have done that. I should have don't that differently...

I guess, my two concerns are; 

1. I'm going to say something I regret to my friend and get into a fight. Which I don't want to do because I would really rather gracefully and skillfully maneuver around awkwardness and then get money and then move on. Lol. So far I'm okay though, I think. I don't think my friend thinks I'm mad so that's okay!!

2. How to avoid it in the future. I think I will try and get my friend to make their own vent account (which they probably won't do) but if failing that I will just not tell them when I am ordering or looking at things online. Lol. What they don't know won't hurt them - right?

Blarg. I'm not sure if I will even post this. So boring - right? I dunno, I kinda like the random text posts because I really enjoy reading and let's be honest... I write way too much - don't I?! 

Anyways, hopefully, next post will be.... dunananana~ 
Lucky Packs and what I got in them. 
Is there anything you would like to see with Lucky Pack post in particular? Let me know because I know they get really repetitive after a while so if I can do something to make mine more interesting to you all - let me know, please!! 

Oh, I guess I'm in the mood to hit publish! 

Again, sorry for the most boring post ever....


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