Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 in a nutshell + plans for 2014~

Hi Hi!
I will admit, at first I wasn't going to do this post because.... well, I thought it was kinda lame but then I read Aimiya's and I decided to just do it. 
Overall, I had a really exciting 2013 and I can't complain, I was able to do many things I wanted to for a long time. 

In a nutshell;

- I bought my first car. (My baby)
- I went on on my first holiday in seven years and it was also my first holiday without my family (parents) and with a friend instead. 
- I traveled too; Singapore, Hawaii and Melbourne and caught 11 planes in total this year. O.O I think I went over board on the flying in 2013.
- I went to uni for one semester 
- It was a good anime year. (Free! was my favorite however,)
- Ditto for games. (Pokemon and Animal Crossing are my top two,)
- I went to two conventions and cosplayed for the first time ever at Supernova. 
- I made lots of wonderful new friends online. (You all know who you are and I love you all,) 

For 2014 I think I will try and travel less. lol. 
Here's my goals for 2014...

- I'm not going to 'uni' this year but a more specialized school and I'm really excited I aim to work very hard at it and I'm aiming to get an internship there as they offer it but only too  the top students. I aim to be a top student basically for the first time ever. Lol. 

- I want to save my money!! I spend so so so much in 2013 and I really want to cut back. Make small goals and stick to them! 
 - Save up for Japan 2015 (if that happens,)

- Blog more. I'd really like to work on my blog and post more often. I haven't really decided on a schedule or anything but I will work on more posts and sharing nice things with my readers. 

- Save up for a WiiU and buy Wind Waker HD. 

-  Watch anime more regularly instead of stop watching it and then spamming it over a few nights then stop then spam again a week later and actually finishing the 500000* series I started in 2013.
*Not the real amount of anime watched but close.

- Maybe go on one holiday. Maybe. I haven't decided yet. We'll see what happens.

- Keep in contact with people better by responding to my messages faster. 

- Spend less time on the internet doing 'nothing' and spend more time reading and drawing. I really neglected reading this year. 

- Draw more often and don't sweat the small stuff. If all I can do is one little doodle a day than I should be happy with that. Not everything I create will be a masterpiece. Also, share my stuff more and get feedback while not taking it personally. 

- Maintain my current work out/diet from 2013 and stop slacking off (which I did a lot towards the end on 2013,) I'm really happy with where I am and I aim to get better and stronger over 2014 basically. 
But not like, super muscular or anything, I just want to get better at running. 

- Do things 'faster' and stop leaving things for 'later'. 

- Take more outfit posts and share them. I'll try but I'm really bad at it. 

I think I could continue this list but I think I'll leave it here. 
I always try to do things that are 'do-able' and I think my list isn't that bad? The first one will be hard though. 
And I'm just gonna say thank you to all my lovely followers from 2013 and I hope you stick with me during 2014! I hope to blog much more and I hope you all will enjoy what I have planned. 
Hope to see you all soon. 



  1. Yay for owning your first car! :) That's definitely something I need to do this year. It would be nice to be able to drive around. And it sounds like you were severely overdue for a vacation! Glad you were able to take one. :) Good luck with your plans for this year!
    Happy New Year!

    The Girly Gamer

    1. Yep! It's really cool because I no longer need to make arrangements to be picked up/dropped off but cars are really expensive >.<. Yeah! I think I was too. Still think I over did it but oh well. And thank you, Michelle~ Same to you!

  2. oh congrats on getting your first car! Everyone dreams of these moment.

    1. Yeah.....But lately it's been costing me so much lololol. Sigh.

  3. Ahh, I know what you mean with watching anime and watching like 15 episodes in one day, then finishing it off til later. I do that with games too >_<

    1. Oh that's good~ I'm glad I'm not the only one!!!

  4. I'm saving up for japan 2015 :D

  5. Good luck! I hope you get to your goal!!


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