Friday, January 31, 2014

Liz Lisa Spring 2014: Wish List ~

Hi! Hi!

Ooohh, do you like my blog-layout? I changed it recently because I was a bit bored of the pink. Let me know if it's okay with you all. 
I'm a bit disappointed in it because blogger seems to have changed the colour of header and background I used which is really odd. And annoying. Humph. 
None the less, I really like it. 
I wanted something that was a bit more 'trendy' and stylish than pink polkadots. 
Okay, enough gushing, it's hardly that special. 

I must admit, when I first saw the new collection, I saw like; 'Ew, that's... not really appealing to me at all!,' 
But to be honest, I think it was the styling that really let it down because all the items on the website are actually very cute! Or... I think they're cute.
I'm not crazy about the longer length either to be perfectly honest (I'm terrified of my legs looking short!) but I'm willing to try one or two items in the future because, I think in some cases longer length is appropriate. 
Plus, it's fun to try new things~ 

I'm currently waiting for sale to start buying things because it looks to me like Liz Lisa has had a small price increase? What do you guys think? I don't think it's much but somehow things seem that little bit more expensive? Or maybe I never noticed before? 

Ah, enough blabbering, on wards!! 
In no order...


This set~ 
I don't mind either colour but I think at this stage - the navy skirt has sold from the online store so. I might end up with the other one. I really love this set though. The navy and white/oyster is so so so sweet in an untypical way~
Also, they would both be nice to mix and match as well. 

This comes in three colours - white, pink and lavender, honestly, I like all three! So I guess I don't mind which one I end up with at the end of the day (or when they go on sale!) Lol. 
I think I like this cardigan so much because it's longer (ie. Not waist length) which normally, I prefer. 

I like this dress - I don't know why... maybe it's the stripes - super sucker for stripes. I don't think is one of those pieces that a lot of people will like however... :/ Do you guys like it? 

Such a boring item. Lol. I feel like last time I did one of these, I said, I didn't normally like tops from Liz Lisa and I don't buy a lot of them from them... I take it back. This season I really like a good portion of the tops they have out. 

 I only like these in the pink and blue... actually now that I look at them not on the site.. I'm not crazy about the waist of these... :/ How odd. 
I guess if I can get these on a good enough discount I'll still get them but eh... not so crazy about it. Lol.

Blagh... Love love love this. I want it really badly but I somehow can't bring myself to buy it right now. 

 At first, I was like... this is not appealing... but then I saw the back of it and I really like it! (It's a bit lacy and open on the back and quite unexpected - like the neck looks so conservative and proper and bam! The back is super girly and fresh! Lol!) I like the blue but I want to see it if comes in more colous just in case. 

Okay, I like this as well BUT! I saw this on the shop staff - and it looked... quite generous. I think it's meant to be bigger to layer (knits under) but... I prefer it with out so I'm a bit... unsure if I want to risk it. Too bad they didn't release a skirt version TT_TT

Again...  I like this I don't LOVE it. If I don't buy it I won't be sad but if I get it... I think I'll like it?  I think going into Autumn/winter I'll wear it however. 

Of course there are shoes on this list. Of course. Currently debating the caramel or navy to be honest. I really really like these!! (More than the winter version in suede and the lace up the back,) 

Like, there would only be one pair of shoes on this list :pPp. I only like these without the bows however. (Bows... stick up too much,) I love the lace of the sides as well! I have a pair of lace shoes already but they are quite old so... I like that these remind me of them. ^.^

Kind of a really.. obvious common Liz Lisa skirt... they always do variations of this all year around so nothing particularly special about this one! I just like it ^.^ I fancy the blue too. 

Okay... Okay... I may be more interested in this because it was paired with the Jumper Skirt... I love the sheer sleeves - sold. 

So cute!! ~

Knowing that the charms on necklaces like this are quite small - I wonder what the navy blue will look like from far away :/ 
Still cute. 

 I love bows!! I always need new ones because I always wear the them. I just don't feel properly dressed with out some sort of hair accessory. I possibly only want this in a lighter colour because I have dark hair and I prefer the contrast.

 Lol. More bows. Any colour. (read: whatever is left when it goes on sale,) 

Hair band
 I love the pattern on these and the colours are cute!

My thing with this is; if it fell into my possession I'd be happy with it (or it ended up really inexpensive more likely,) I'd go for it but I don't like it enough to pay full price basically. 

 Actually, I think I prefer this one over the other one I showed... Lol. I still like both! Happy and sweet daisies are so cute. 

Normally, if people ask about Liz Lisa Jewelry I say; stay away from the bracelets because I never have much luck with them *either too big or break on me!* but... I still like them... and I still want them. Fml. 

Which. colour... argh... I liked this dress from it's pre-order stage as well. 


Because you can never have too much of a good thing. 
Also, I give really bad advice. 

More transparent things!!

I just like these okay!!?!!?

Actually, I have no intention of buying these - just wanted to share because they look like the type of thing a lot of people would be interested in. ^.^
(I'm also going to say, that these will most likely have a hidden heel in them from past experiences with shoes like this from Liz Lisa/Tralala,)

Because... blouse!!

Promo skirt... I wonder if it'll be poofy in real life... :/ At first I wasn't crazy about the longer length this season... but I must admit - I do want to try it at least with one garment and I like this skirt quite a lot!! Looks very retro~

Okay... So...
That's everything!! Lol! So much! XD Of course things sell out and I might not wind up with any of it. Good I need to save money.   But hopefully, you'll see something that you maybe didn't notice before...
I might do one for Tralala because... I noticed not a lot of people buy from that often but when I did my wardrobe post, many seemed interested in some of the items? Idk. 
What are you guys interested in this season!?!? 
ALL OF IT! (Totally me,) 

~ Byyyyeee~


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tralala Master Key: Wardrobe Post

Hi! Hi!

Truthfully, I'm not 100% why I'm doing one of these for Tralala as I imagine people would be more interested in Liz Lisa but I said I would do it so that's that. 

So I guess I will lay this out in the same way as the Liz Lisa one; 

Hope you enjoy it!!

 Tralala Coat in Pink (Pale Pink? Can't remember) (A/W)
 Tralala Beige Coat (Lucky Pack 2014 item) (A/W)

 Tralala Denim Blouse with bead detail (S/S?)

Selling the black - please contact for information. 
Tralala blouse in black and white

 Selling - please contact for information.  
Tralala skirt in Pink (S/S)
Tralala Singlet in Pink and White (A/W)

 Tralala 'Fleur' Long Sleeve shirt in Beige (A/W)
 Tralala T-Shirt in white (A/W)
 Tralala Cardigan in Navy with detachable badge. (?)
Selling  - please contact for information.
 Tralala sailor Top/Jacket in Pink *Set!* (S/S I think)

Selling - please contact for information
Tralala sailor Top/Jacket in Navy *Set!* (S/S I think)
 Tralala Cardigan in Navy (S/S)
 Tralala blouse with Script Bow in white/Black. (S/S)

 Tralala Black cardigan (Lucky Pack 2014 item) (A/W)

Tralala Camisoles in Pink and Black (Lucky Pack 2014 item) (A/W)

 Tralala Blouse in White (S/S 2014)
 Tralala Lemon Print blouse in white (S/S 2014)
 Selling - please contact for information
 Tralala Blouse in white (S/S 2014)
 Penderie Blouse in White (S/S 2014)


 Selling - please contact for information
Tralala sailor skirt in Pink *Set!* (S/S I think)
 Selling - please contact for information
 Tralala sailor skirt in navy *Set!* (S/S I think)

 Tralala plaid skirt in Red/Black (?)

Tralala lemon Print skirt in blue (S/S 2014)

One Piece;

 Tralala Polkadot dress in Beige (S/S)

Tralala Plaid dress in green, red and beige (A/W) (*that everyone has seen me in exactly 1000 times each or something,)

 Tralalal Lemon Print dress in White (S/S 2014)
Penderie Floral Dress in White (S/S 2014)

 Penderie Navy Dress (S/S 2014)
 Tralala Polkadot Make up Bag in Pink (S/S?)
 Tralala daisy hair ties in Pink *Two* (S/S) Tralala Y U NO release more of these?!?! LOVE these. So mad you didn't make any for A/W.
 Tralala triple pearl bracelet (?)

 Tralala Daisy Earrings in White (Also have red, can't find will update later) (A/W)
 Tralala 'Alice' hair pin in gold (A/W)
 Tralala beaded Beret in Red (A/W)
 Tralala Beret in Beige (A/W)
 Tralala Heart/Leopard beret with detachable bow in white (?) Again, really old item I found in the sale section ^.^
 Tralala bag in beige/Pink? (A/W)
 Tralala bag with velour heart in black (A/W)

Tralala Lucky Pack bags 2014

Phew. Done minus missing things. ^.^ 
Oh, and tralala shoes are here and scroll down a bit; Clicky! 

Also; check out my Liz Lisa Master Post here

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