Tuesday, December 3, 2013

[Review] CandyDoll Limited Edition Blush in Rose Pink


Today I will be reviewing this blush from Candy Doll. I bought it randomly in store in Melbourne and it wasn't until recently that I realized it was actually a limited edition colour!
So, I decided to review it so you can all hunt it down at buy it if it interests you (or you are like me and can become a bit of a collector when someone says 'limited edition')

Originally, Candy Doll used to look like this;

But recently it's packaging has been changing and becoming more 'grown up', First the lip colours were changed and now the blushes have also been transformed into this more 'grown up' style.
The old packaging was only a one colour blush in a clear plastic container but now it looks like this!

Personally, I actually prefer the old packaging. :/ I'm not sure why, I do like the new package just like the old one more.
The old blushes were a one colour blush but the cool thing about the new redesign is they are a blush and highlight combo (normally). This makes them great for travelling or for people who don't want to spend a lot on make up.

This particular blush is strawberry pink and rosy hot pink. This blush is set is both blushes. 

This is pretty true to real life, in my opinion. The blush is the same as my other candy
doll blush, it's pigmented, and vibrant and very buildable. The colour can be lightly applied for a light hint of colour and it can be applied heavier for a more intense look. 
This blush is matte as well, and neither blush has any shimmer to it. 

The blusher when applied to my cheeks. close ups.

Whole face. Crappy hair... sorry. 
It's really bright on my skin and I think it gives a really dolly look to my over all make up look. What do you think? 

- Good for travel or people who like less products. 
- Nice packaging. 
- Bright and vibrant colour. 
- Great for a newbie to makeup.
- Wears well through the day. 

- (If you have to) Buying online can be costly. 
- Only one colour is limited edition. (See Below)

As you can see only one colour in this duo is actually limited edition. So I feel like saying it's limited edition isn't 100% true in a way? I'm not sure. You can also see the size of the new and the old packaging. The old one on the right and the new one the left. 

Overall, I really like this blush but Candy Doll. I think it's really cool how it's a dual blush and you can mix them or not so it really feels like three blushes in a way so it's actually good value that way. The blush is a great product over all and I really like it. I think many people would enjoy it as well so it might be worth the hunt to find it. 

Thanks for looking~
That's all for now! 



  1. I like the new packaging better than the old one. The blush looks very natural on you ♥

    1. ^.^ Thank you so much! Lol. I think it looks much brighter in the pan than on the face.

  2. ohh love both packagings! I love Candydoll!

    Your blog it's so cute, would u like to follow each other? :)

    1. Yeah, it's really cute!! CandyDoll is an awesome brand!

  3. Aww super cute my blush the strawberry one has lasted a long time!! Can't wait to get the new packaging since it comes with a highlighter :)

    1. Yeah, they are really good blushes aren't they!!?? The dual design is really nice and quite unique too!! Try! Try!! I'd love to know if the others are just as good as this one too! :3

  4. Oh sweetie very cute review, I love the color of this blush is very pretty!

    Join to my KPOP Giveaway for win two Bracelets!

  5. Thank you! It's very a cute blush!! :3

  6. the packaging is so cute now!!!! That shade of blush looks really nice on you. I can't wear blush, since I have a natural blush already =/ But I'm so tempted to buy that blush for the packaging lol

    1. Aw, thank you. Aw, what!?? Can not wear blush, man, lucky you look good without trying lololololol. You should buy it anyways. Ahahaha!


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