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Master Key Wardrobe Post: Liz Lisa

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[Updated; 17.10.15] 

Hi! Hi!!

Argh, okay, so I saw Emiii-chan's post here and I kinda decided to share all my Liz Lisa items.
Shoes post is HERE! 
Please note; I'll update this as I get new items or sell things, if they are no longer in my possession I will remove it from this post? Or mark it somehow, I guess. I haven't really decided yet. 

(Decided to remove the pictures of the items I no longer own,)

This post will be arranged by;
One piece 

I'll try and post them in the order I bought them, if I can remember it.

 Liz Lisa Poncho (A/W) *Second hand item*
I think this was the first ever item I bought from Liz Lisa, it was also the first item I saw from Liz Lisa as well. I got really lucky and found it on a blog sale.

Liz Lisa Knit in Beige and White (S/S)
I got the (white) in a lucky pack and beige I bought myself.

Liz Lisa Spring/Summer 2013 Jacket. (S/S)

 Liz Lisa Mint green jacket. (?)

Liz Lisa white denim Jacket (S/S)

 Liz Lisa Jacket (A/W 2013)


Selling yellow singlet (left) HERE!

 Urgh, I have so many of these, I always buy them when they're on clearance and I just buy whatever colour is left lol. I really like these!!
The last one - the light pink one, was from a set with a knit and skirt. 
(A/W-S/S all mixed sorry, if you really want to know you can ask me,)
 Liz Lisa camisole in Pink (S/S)

Liz Lisa White peplum blouse (S/S)

Liz Lisa Deep Pink knit with tulle on the bottom (S/S)
Liz Lisa White blouse with collar (S/S)

 Wishing for you Crop top. (S/S)
 Liz Lisa Trust to Chance t-shirt. (S/S)
Surprisingly good quality and great fit.
Selling - Please contact for information. 
 Knit - Part of Set with knit and cami. (?)

 Liz Lisa Jumpers in Pink and White. (S/S)
 Liz Lisa Bunny Jumper (A/W)
Also have this in grey and I can't find it TT_TT Will post photo when I find it

 Jumper from Happy Girls Set in Orange. (?)
 Liz Lisa Spring knit in pink. (S/S)

Liz Lisa cardigan in Pink (S/S 2014)

Liz Lisa cardigan in Pink (S/S 2014)

 Liz Lisa Blouse in Brown (S/S 2014)
Liz Lisa Burgundy Cardigan (A/W 2014)


 Liz Lisa Cherry Skirt in White (S/W)
Selling - please contact for information.
 Liz Lisa denim skirt - Happy Girls Set in Orange (?)

Liz Lisa Gerbera Prink Pants in Pink (S/S)
My opinion of Liz Lisa Pants? They are really comfy pants (I wore them on a plane and they were perfect for flying) but the lining is of poor quality (I had to fix them as they tore).

Liz Lisa High waisted Skirt in Pink (S/S)
*Lucky Pack item*

Liz Lisa pencil skirt in Blue (S/S)
Liz Lisa Skirt in Deep Pink (S/S)

Liz Lisa Floral and lace shorts in white (S/S)
Liz Lisa lace shorts in Deep Pink (S/S)

Liz Lisa Floral Skirt in Pink (S/S)

Liz Lisa lace skirt in Pink (S/S)

 Selling HERE
Liz Lisa Floral Skirt with Suspenders in Blue (S/S)

 Liz Lisa Denim shorts in Dark Blue (S/S)

Liz Lisa Suspender Skirt in Pink (S/S 2014)

Liz Lisa Skirt in Blue (S/S 2014)

 Selling - please contact for more information.
Liz Lisa Skirt in Pink (A/W 2014)

Liz Lisa Skirt in Pink (A/W 2014)
I normally wear this without the Suspenders.

Liz Lisa Shorts in Blue (S/S 2014) 
 Liz Lisa Midi Skirt in Pink (red?) (S/S 2014)
 Liz Lisa Skirt in Beige (S/S 2014)

Selling - please contact for information.
Liz Lisa Cherry Skirt in Red (S/S 2014)

Selling - Please contact for information. 
Liz Lisa Gingham Pants in Pink (S/S 2014)

 Liz Lisa Summer dress in Pink (S/S)

 (Web Limited) Liz Lisa dress in White (A/W)
Selling - Please contact for information.
(Web Limited) Liz Lisa Dress in Yellow (White?) (S/S)

 Liz Lisa Romper in Light Blue (?) (S/S)

 Liz Lisa Romper in Deep Pink (S/S)

Liz Lisa Champagne/White High Lo Dress (Bought second hand from Emiii-chan's shop) (S/S)

 Liz Lisa Romper in pink (S/S 2014)

 Selling - Please contact for more information.
 Liz Lisa Dress in Brown (A/W 2013)

 Selling - Please contact for information.
Liz Lisa Summer Dress in Yellow (S/S 2013)

Liz Lisa Dress in Blue (A/W 2013)

 Liz Lisa Dress in Blue (S/S 2014)

Liz Lisa dress in blue (S/S 2014)

Liz Lisa x My Melody Collab in Blue/White (S/S 2014)

 Liz Lisa Web Limited Dress in Pink (S/S 2014)

 Liz Lisa Dress in Pink (A/W 2014)

Liz Lisa Web Limited Dress in Pink (S/S 2014)
 Liz Lisa Web Limited Dress in Pink (S/S 2014)

 Liz Lisa Web Limited Plaid dress in Pink (S/S 2014)

Liz Lisa Fruit Print dress in White (S/S 2014) 

Sorry, I find taking pictures of all my accessories quite difficult to maintain so I've chosen not to do this section anymore. My apologies.

Coucher a Chambre;
I really wanted the whole set... But I am missing a few things -_-'
Nor do I know if this is an accomplishment or really pathetic. (*Second one probably)
I think this is all from (S/S but no idea) 

 PJ set in yellow (?)
 Love me Tender night gown - Lucky Pack Item -
 Hand Towel in Blue (?)
 Floral knit (?)

 Summer room wear hoodie *I have the matching shorts but they are in the wash at time of posting this so update later*

 Roomwear pink stripe set

 Liz Lisa x My Melody Roomwear set

Room wear shorts in pink.
 Bento and thermos.
 Head wrap thing - to hold your hair back when you use masks or wash your face. 

Candle... also, does anyone have a method for burning this type of candle evenly? I feel like I'm wasting it! Humph. :/
 Liz Lisa hand towel and make up bag. I keep this together in my work bag.

 Assorted pens. The one in the middle was from the Coucher a Chambe Lucky Pack.

Scent diffuser, pen, calender and soap dispenser. The only one I was aware I was going to get was the pen. lol.
Where I sell (normally,)
I normally sell on ebay HERE.
I have a storenvy HERE.
These are the only places I sell anyone else claiming to or using my pictures at any other place other than at the two places listed are fakes or lying so please be careful!

Oh and if you have any questions on any of the items listed, you can ask. I'm happy to measure items if you want it for comparison purposes. 

I'll do a different post for Tralala I think... later... Sigh. This took long enough as it is so I'm not in any rush to do it again -_-' 
Okay, hopefully this wasn't boring to any of you. 
See you all later~

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