Wednesday, November 6, 2013

[Review] Jill Stuart Velvet Crystal Eyes in 04 Loved One

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I decided to do a review today, I recently purchased this eyeshadow quad when I was in Melbourne last week and I decided to review it because that seems like fun. :D

When I was in Melbourne I was surprised by the amount of makeup and asian brand make up you can buy there! There are many places selling Jill Stuart (at a high price, mind you,) But for a little indulgence it's alright.
I've been a big fan of Jill Stuart for a while now, but I haven't tried a lot of their products to be honest because of the price and availability of the products.
I had wanted to try a Jill Stuart Eyeshadow for a while now, but I'm always hesitant to buy them online because I can never remember which is cream and which is powder and I always get frustrated and give up and never purchase any in the end. Since I could see them in person I was finally caved at got one!

 The little pale pink box it came in.
Look at how princess-y and elegant this eyeshadow quad looks on the outside. It's a good size as well, and very travel friendly. It's a little over 10 cm in length.
It may look delicate and light but it's actually quite sturdy feeling in the hands. It has a good weight to it and a great mirror in it as well.
I love the diamond shape eyeshadow! Really adds to the overall look of the  pallet. It comes with a dual end sponge tip applicator but I don't use it. It does match the packaging and have Jill Stuart written on it so it is a nice touch.

Swatches with out primer.

Swatches with Primer.

I'm actually really happy with my choice, I thought I would go for a brown and nude palette but I have a million browns and golds and tans so why should I buy the same thing? This time I went for the pink palette this time and I've been enjoying it a lot, in fact, I've actually been reaching for this every. single. day. I'm not even just saying that. The J is gone on three of the colours. Back story, I have BOTH Urban Decay Naked Palettes and the little 6 colour one. You tell me I don't have enough neutrals.

I really like pink eyeshadow for spring and summer.
The lady at the shop was nice enough to explain that the pink is the colour you apply over the other colours, giving the hint of pink which is not only really pretty but also really flattering. 
I was kinda concerned with the pink looking too bright but I don't think it is at all.

When I first swatched it I was a bit underwhelmed but I decided to put that behind me and really try it on and I must admit, I do like it! All the colours work well together and I've created a few different looks so far with it. The staying power is really great on this. It's quite light and delicate on the eyes and I'm really enjoying using this. 

The lightest colour is a lovely high lighter or all over the lid colour (I use it as both,) 
The tan blends into my hand really well... but on the eyes it lightly defines and adds warmth. 
The pink is lovely and soft, the glitters finely milled and easy to work with. You can use it lightly or build it up. 
The brown is easy to blend and I've found it quite build able and neither too matte nor too sparkly so it works well for day or night. It's definitely not too much and you don't have to be too careful with applying too much. 

I always wear my eyeshadows with a primer - I use Benefit's Lemon aid (a must if you have dark eyelids like me,) and the eyeshadows lasted all day on my eyes with no need for touch ups. ^.^

- Adorable packaging 
- Versatile product
- Easy to wear 
- Great quality product

- Can be hard to find//purchase

Overall, I'm really happy with this pallet and I'm really glad I have it. I think it's a wonderful pallet and I've enjoyed it a lot. I think it's a bit of a downer than you should possibly need a primer with it because that can be an extra cost if you don't have one already. I think it's a good product and a lot of people would enjoy it as well. 

Note: You can get an eyeshadow quad similar to this in the Jill Stuart Christmas 2013 collection here or see it here.
*shugs* I think it's the same quad but it had the limted edition print on it and they gave it a new name...? Lol. Maybe it's different and I can't see it! 

Gah! I hope I did a good job! I will review more so I get better. ^.^

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