Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Liz Lisa Haul

Hi! Hi!

I'm not too sure what I want to blog about recently, because I have no holidays to post about lol.
Joking. Joking.
But I bought things from Liz Lisa a while ago but only got it recently. (I left it at tenso for a while)
So I thought I might share what I got with you.
I bought most of these things in the sale actually minus one thing....

The thing I got not on sale!

This dress. Link here
I really wanted it in the burgundy/deep red but it sold despite not being on sale... so I decided to get the pink at full price because I really wanted the dress regardless. It's not pink at all in real life.
It's almost like a light tan or brown but it's still nice! I think it would be nice with brown or pink so I think the colour was a good choice actually.
I tried it on quickly when I unpacked it and I think I will need to wear a blouse underneath it because it's... uhm, a bit big in the bust for me. TT_TT
This dress is really stretchy too!!

This is the stock photo. See, it's a bit darker in real life but still gorgeous!
Gah! I just love it so much!! I'm really happy I got it!! It's really pretty!

 The detail on the back. Kinda random...

All the other items I got in the sale section...

I got this skirt; Link here
I just saw it in the sale and the orange was the last one and it said there was only a few in stock. I liked the other two colours more but I got it anyways!
I'm happy I got it though, the fabric is stretchy and soft.

stock photo.

I really love the orange colour. Orange always makes me so happy!! It's pretty plain in design thou

I saw this 'Margaret' online ages ago and kinda forgot about it... I went and got the orange/blue combo because I really like that combo! Also, I have the bandeau in that colour combo and as well, so I kinda have it as a set.
Not that I would wear both together...
Or maybe, like, with a shirt and the 'tie' around the neck sticking out. That might be cute?
Or too matchy matchy?

 Front! The suspenders are also detachable which is great! I love that I can wear this two ways.

See? Matching bandeau! 

I bought this short sleeved vest as well. I had been eying it for a while, and I thought it would be quite versatile. I wish the white had been available and I got that instead of the pink but happy to have it none the less.
I will admit I was thinking it was going to be a heavier fabric but... meh, this is fine.
 In the packet.
 Front. It's really cute right!?!
 I love the little bow on the button!

and finally, I purchased this pillow case. This was a stupid purchase since I don't have a heart or a circle pillow even so now I have to hunt around to buy one.

Stupid me is stupid.
But it's so cute!! Sigh.
See, lol. It's still the the plastic... I'm one of those people that doesn't take things out of the packaging until I use it btw. I like to keep things as new as possible for as long as possible, if that makes sense!
I'm actually really glad I got these since there's speculation that Chambre a Coucher maybe shutting down. 
Sobs. I'm actually glad I bought what I did when I did now knowing that I might never able to get it again but urgh... so devastating!! I love the roomwear sets.

And I didn't realize there was a novelty going at the time... but I got this soap dispenser/ tooth brush holder.
I'm not sure if I'll ever use this but it's nice to receive it for free I guess!! ^.^

That's everything I got!! Kinda random huh!!? Hehe. Sorry. :D
Bye guys!!



  1. <3 Everything you bought is so cute~~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ I want!~ hehe

  2. ahh the skirt is gorgeous ♥
    and your dress too, I like how it looks in burgundy.
    It's so sad CC might close, their stuff is ultra cute

    1. It's so nice in burgundy... sad I missed out on that one...
      And yeah, I'm upset they are 'discontinuing' it. I really how they are just going to redo it or something but I have little hope....

  3. Aww I love the soap dispenser xD so cute.
    I really hope that chambre a coucher won't be closing down. I don't believe it yet. I think they might only close down the harajuku one? Idk.

    Love your first dress the best.idk why some of their dresses are so lose around the bust area

    1. The soap dispenser is adorable XD I'm not sure about it being just the store since there has been no new things online either (the last batch of things, apparently was left over from Spring, I'm not sure, but yeah. Sad)
      I actually never had the experience of the bigger busts on some on the dresses so I didn't know that it was a thing. Guess I'll have to be more careful in future...

  4. Omg I ALMOST bought that pillow case._. but then my sister told me it doesn't come with the pillow lol And the first dress is so cute! By the time I wanted that dress, they ran out of the pink and burgundy color =[

    1. Awwm you should have got the pillow case!! Lol! We could have been pillow twins :D Ahaha. And I'm lucky I got to snag the pink dress lol!! Wish they would release more of that dress. It's so pretty :3

  5. WAHHH lovely Liz Lisa haul! I like this brand, its
    really cute but somewhat also pricey :P I thought
    the orange flower skirt and the suspenders were
    cute! Nice brushholder/soap dispenser thingy :P


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