Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Liz Lisa Haul

Hi! Hi!

I'm not too sure what I want to blog about recently, because I have no holidays to post about lol.
Joking. Joking.
But I bought things from Liz Lisa a while ago but only got it recently. (I left it at tenso for a while)
So I thought I might share what I got with you.
I bought most of these things in the sale actually minus one thing....

The thing I got not on sale!

This dress. Link here
I really wanted it in the burgundy/deep red but it sold despite not being on sale... so I decided to get the pink at full price because I really wanted the dress regardless. It's not pink at all in real life.
It's almost like a light tan or brown but it's still nice! I think it would be nice with brown or pink so I think the colour was a good choice actually.
I tried it on quickly when I unpacked it and I think I will need to wear a blouse underneath it because it's... uhm, a bit big in the bust for me. TT_TT
This dress is really stretchy too!!

This is the stock photo. See, it's a bit darker in real life but still gorgeous!
Gah! I just love it so much!! I'm really happy I got it!! It's really pretty!

 The detail on the back. Kinda random...

All the other items I got in the sale section...

I got this skirt; Link here
I just saw it in the sale and the orange was the last one and it said there was only a few in stock. I liked the other two colours more but I got it anyways!
I'm happy I got it though, the fabric is stretchy and soft.

stock photo.

I really love the orange colour. Orange always makes me so happy!! It's pretty plain in design thou

I saw this 'Margaret' online ages ago and kinda forgot about it... I went and got the orange/blue combo because I really like that combo! Also, I have the bandeau in that colour combo and as well, so I kinda have it as a set.
Not that I would wear both together...
Or maybe, like, with a shirt and the 'tie' around the neck sticking out. That might be cute?
Or too matchy matchy?

 Front! The suspenders are also detachable which is great! I love that I can wear this two ways.

See? Matching bandeau! 

I bought this short sleeved vest as well. I had been eying it for a while, and I thought it would be quite versatile. I wish the white had been available and I got that instead of the pink but happy to have it none the less.
I will admit I was thinking it was going to be a heavier fabric but... meh, this is fine.
 In the packet.
 Front. It's really cute right!?!
 I love the little bow on the button!

and finally, I purchased this pillow case. This was a stupid purchase since I don't have a heart or a circle pillow even so now I have to hunt around to buy one.

Stupid me is stupid.
But it's so cute!! Sigh.
See, lol. It's still the the plastic... I'm one of those people that doesn't take things out of the packaging until I use it btw. I like to keep things as new as possible for as long as possible, if that makes sense!
I'm actually really glad I got these since there's speculation that Chambre a Coucher maybe shutting down. 
Sobs. I'm actually glad I bought what I did when I did now knowing that I might never able to get it again but urgh... so devastating!! I love the roomwear sets.

And I didn't realize there was a novelty going at the time... but I got this soap dispenser/ tooth brush holder.
I'm not sure if I'll ever use this but it's nice to receive it for free I guess!! ^.^

That's everything I got!! Kinda random huh!!? Hehe. Sorry. :D
Bye guys!!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Hawaii - Part 2

Hi! Hi!

Continuing on! ^.^ 
A little - or a lot late, sadly. I've been a bit busy with uni lately and working. 
I'm a bit sad. Last week, I had a good amount of hours to work and now this week I don't have many at all. 
It's not fair. 
Some stupid new staff member stole all my original hours. wtf. 
I really hope I can get more work soon. 
Ah, so anyways... ignore my sob story please. 
So after we left The Big Island we were on our way to Maui!
I had heard of Maui before and I was pretty sure it was where all the celebrities stayed. I was pretty sure I was gonna spot some superstars and I could secretly take photos and sell them for money. ^.^

First thing I took a photo of in Maui was of course food! ^.^ Oh, don't act so surprised. 

Look at how pretty Maui is!! The sky is so blue and the grass is so green!!
Ah! So nice.
Yeah... pretty golden hour shot ^.^ Hehe. I always wanted to take pictures when everything has that golden look.

Prettiest sunset in Hawaii. ^.^ In my opinion. Capturing a sunset is always pretty fail but I tried really hard to catch this one in all it's pastel glory. And it lasted ageeeess as well! Huzzah.
My brother, dad and I all shared an appetizer sized nachos. We struggled to finish this. And let me tell you, my dad and brother are two people that can eat. Like.... a lot. So this picture is decieving. It's massive. 

The next night we went to a luau! I didn't take to many photos that night. I always feel so awkward taking photos at night because of flash.... sorry....
But it was really enjoyable. The dancers at this luau were very energetic and good showmen. 
Long story but we ended up at another luau on Waikiki and I thought this one was better with their dancers/dance (I preferred the show as well) I enjoyed the food here too as they had a better selection with more to choose from. 
Coincidently this was the smaller and less flashy of the two. 

 And it had pink bread. Tasted like normal bread though! ^.^
Make for the night... I look stupid here...

The next day we decided to go for a drive and to go to the aquarium! 
I took so many pictures there and I'm going to share them all!
I'll share a few. I know some people find these boring, so you can skim over if you like. I always enjoy pictures from zoos and such so I'm going to include them. 
K. See. I blog this I want too see. Meh. 
And sorry if some of them a blurry. Water + moving fish = not so great photos... :/

Sea urchins, I think.
Cutie turtle.
These are upside down jelly fish!! They look so pretty don't they!?
 I ordered calamari that night. I really love calamari! I wish I could eat it all the time. Lol. :3
I love the way the rain catches the light in this photo. It looks like it's raining sunshine ^.^ 

The next day we went to the beach and oh my gosh. It was so nice and enjoyable. The water was perfect. It was calm and clear and perfect for floating in...
 Some people left this sand castle on the beach! Pretty cool! Good work guys. :D
 How I feel about Hawaii in one post.
HE HAS A SIMPSONS DOUGHNUT FLOATY THING!! AHHH! With perfect bite mark too. Lol. Love The Simpsons, like... a lot.... in case you missed that. 

 Look at how good this pizza looks!! Sigh, the pizza was so good in Hawaii. Probably why I put on all that extra weight... which I am still trying to loose. Omg, fats. go away. I don't want you anymore.
Oh and this. This was like, of of two (or was it three?) deserts I had in Hawaii? Can't remember. 
It was cinnamon and banana and ice cream and it was warm and so yummy. And look at that honey. Omg. Love honey so much. 
This was the last meal in Maui before we headed back to Waikiki! 
We left at like, 5 am. Sigh. And it was rainy and stuff too. Ick. 
 First lunch back in Waikiki. Miso salmon. Also, I love salmon. Favorite fish. ever. Why you so expensive!?!
Tried cheesecake from the cheesecake factory finally. and... I took two bites and took the rest home. I tried to finish it! I really did but... 
It was rich....

shots I had with my brother... It was... interesting... It's called a grenade btw.

We went to some place called Duke's for dinner and it was alright. The burger was kinda not that great but the waffle chips were bomb. I ate my dads as well. 
And why does America serve all burgers with a pickle? 

The next day my family and I did what's called a circle tour. It was alright, the morning part was really good. Very entertaining but the afternoon was a bit... meh. 
Also, there was this couple behind us, and they just wouldn't shut up even when they driver was talking. It was really really bothersome as they day went on...  

Some pictures of the gorgeous Hanama bay. 
Hanama Bay is famous for two reasons, one being, it's a popular snorkelling location. 
But it's also where they filmed Blue Hawaii staring Elvis Prestly!  The water is so pretty looking here!

Random thing about Hawaii. Lots of chickens like.. everywhere- okay not like, main areas but more like... parks and such. 
Someone told me why but... I can't really remember why they chickens are loose. The fighting chickens are aroaming around because it's illegal to fight them in Hawaii and when it happened they just released all of them into the wild.

Next we went to what's called the Blow Hole, I think? Picture two shows the water coming through the hole in the rock. Sometimes it can shoot pretty high apparently. But it didn't shoot high the day we went there. 

 More chickens... or baby chickens... So cute!
 Look at that view! The ocean blends in to sky and look at how lush and green it is. (Or maybe it's not that green to you guys, in Australia, we don't have this level of greenery Ahaha,)

And.... a Japanese temple was next on our stop... is this weird? I was shocked to see one in Hawaii! ^.^ But it was pretty neat. 

whhhaaattt!!?!? A black swan!?!? I thought they only lived in Western Australia...? My whole like is a lie...
Next we went to this place. Such a handy photo has website and phone number on it. XD 
We took a train ride around the ranch and they told us a lot about the spirituality and the history of Hawaii. 
The first king of Hawaii is called Kamehameha. 
(Dragon Ball Z FTW!!!) 
 Dem mountains.
 These looked cool. I can't remember what they were of... :(

This is called Chinese Man's Hat and apparently it was used in the open sequence of Gilligan's Island. 
After this tour we went to get some lunch at the ranch. It was alright. I think I just got a burger of some kind.
We went to a macadamia nut farm and I saw this signage there.

Coffee beans growing on a tree. Get into my coffee. 

 The first king and queen of Hawaii. ^.^ I fell asleep on the bus to our next stop after this. Lol. Random.
Oh I wish I remember the farms name. The macadamias here were super yummy. And they make macadamia coffee too.
I tried them all and I was like... YUMMY and I don't even like macadamias.
 Some... cool looking rock. I'm not sure what it's neat looking.

Next place we went too was a pine apple farm. 

Question; is a pineapple a fruit?

Nope. It's not. It's a flower. It grows on a cactus. 

Super mad disappointed I didn't get time to go though the maze TT_TT we really didn't have time. I mean, we had like 20 mintues there... 

After this we were taken back home. We got back at about five I think...? 

For dinner that night we went to the farmers marker again and I tried the korean place.

This is totally not korean but it was really yummy. There was so much food so I shared it with Dad. He liked it so much he got the same thing the next night!! Lol.

 The next day, I went to the beach with my aunty and cousins in the morning and we bought floaties! We don't use those things at the beaches here and really missed out. ^.^ 

It's fun to float in the water. 

I went shopping after that again and bought way more stuff from Victoria's Secret. Lol. I bought so much stuff from there. But I also bought some souvenirs and stuff for people back home. Hehe!

Then that night we went to another luau for my Aunties 50th. The real reason we went to Hawaii was because of her and her birthday so thank you!! ^.^ I had an awesome holiday, I hope you did tooooooo~

 They had lots of fun activities... like temporary tattoos...
 And make head bands and bracelets with flowers and...

 Canoe rides!! 
They had other things to though. It was a lot of fun

 The sun starting to set. 

 Me with a palm tree and sunset.
Dinner is cooking in the ground there!

Beautiful hula dancers performing before they take the pig away to cut it up and serve it. 

I didn't try any though. I'm not a big pork eater...

 Okay that's they last of my photos of the luau... swear I took more but nope. 

On our last day in Hawaii, we went snorkelling!! 

By us, I mean; 








Aunty's Friend

Aunty's Friend

Aunty's Friend

Aunty's Friend

Lol! There was a lot of us. We picked like the worst day. The sun was so strong. 

 The sign on the bus. Pretty funny right!?!?

Once we got to Hanama Bay we had to wait in line and pay the admission fee again... :/ My aunties friend kept whinging about it the whole time we were there.... Sigh. 

Oh, and if you ever go to Hanama bay... you must pay to enter and also watch an environment video...

 Fun fact: I now know I hate snorkelling. I had actually never been before so I didn't know but yeah... I don't like it much. So I just lay of the beach and talked with my aunties friends. ^.^

 Last pictures of Hawaii. Thank you all so much for reading my stupidly long posts and sorry it took so long to get the part up. I hope I can do a few reviews make up reviews next. ^.^ 

Ahaha! Sorry if it's really long as well.... ehehe. I didn't really want to divide it into 3 parts for some reason. 



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