Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aloha update~

Hi! Hi!! 
I just wanted to stop by and update a little. I'm actually on holiday and I'm in Hawaii!!! 
It's really nice here it's so hot though!! 
We're on Honolulu now and I really like it here theres lots of great shops like forever 21 and Victoria's Secret!! Lol

And we have a great view of the beach!! I already went today and its really nice!! The water isn't as salty as in Australia but its also not as clear.... You can't see the bottom of the ocean :/ which is kinda scary!!
I'm actually using blogger app to update its not bad! I can't check blogs though :( that kinda sucks...
Hmmm what else can I say? 
Oh I tried fresh coconut out of the actual coconut !! I think I'm allergic a bit cause I had a rash on my hands from where I held it. Oh well! Still nice! 
Food is cheap here too and really yummy not like back home where it costs twice as much and you get half the amount if food. 
I saw pearl harbour too yesterday I didn't really know anything about it so it was interesting to see and learn about it. 
Ah I might try to nap a bit now actually... I thought I wanted to write a bit but now I'm just sleepy!! Lol 


  1. lol I know blogger app sucks, I installed it and deleted it almost inmediately because it needs a lot of work.

    Anyways, enjoy your holiday in Hawaii, and have lots of fun!! ♥

  2. Hope you have lots of fun in Hawaii, enjoy your holiday! The beaches are absolutely gorgeous and so much fun. ^___^

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