Friday, August 30, 2013

Hawaii Post - Part One

Hi! Hi!

I am back! ^.^
And I have jet lag. 

I was in Hawaii for 2 weeks with my family...
My whole family.
For my Aunty's 50th birthday. 
Ah, what can I say my aunty is pretty fab.

So I guess I will have a Hawaii series on my blog and share all my photos with you all.
All of them. 
I'm totally kidding. I won't share all of them. 
Because that's a lot. 
(Or I think it is, I'm sure someone will be like... that's all?)

Anyhoo... sarcasm aside, I'm just gonna try and make these posts short and break it up by island. 
There are seven Hawaiian Islands in all and we visited 3 in fourteen days. 
The Big Island

We spent the most time on Oahu though. 
See, our holiday went like this;
Oahu - 3 days
The Big Island - 3 days. 
Maui - 4 days.
Oahu - 5 days.

I was actually most excited to cross the international date line going to Hawaii. 
It's like going in a time machine! ^.^

On the 31st of July we left at 9:30 I think it was from Perth and flew to Sydney from there were we flew to Hawaii... arriving a little bit before 10:00 am on the 31st of July. 
Such a quick trip hey?!?! So easy really!! 
(I'm joking, I didn't sleep at all on either flight,) 
(I hate flying,) 
It's worth it though!

I didn't take a lot of photos when I first arrived because... well, I was tired. 
And I looked pretty horried. 

We arrived first in Honolulu - look at how pretty my lei was.... sadly, it was so fragrant I got a headache... anyways we got a bus too Waikiki - cause our hotel was at Waikiki.

Going to Hawaii was my first time ever going to America though ^.^ So I was really excited to go there because of that. Ahahaha.

We were all starving getting off the plane and the first place we went for lunch was the Cheesecake factory. I had heard many good things about it so I was happy to go there. I got a veggie burger and it was really good. It was really filling. American portions are massive compared to Australia. 
I couldn't finish my burger and salad.
We all struggled with out meals but it sure was nice to eat a nice big meal after sitting in a plane and the small portions on the plane. ^.^
And I was really happy because I was able to look in Forever21!! Yays!! Waikiki has forever21 on it! I walked in there a bit but I was just so tired and I didn't want to shop too much in Waikiki the first time we were there because then I would have to travel with the stuff.

A cool surfboard display at the pool ^.^. I wish I learned to surf while I was there but... the surf didn't look very good. (As in, the water was quite flat)...
Oh hum.... I guess I'll have to go back...
After this I took this photo we sat around waiting for our hotel room.  
And I fell asleep in the lobby after a frozen Margarita...
And then in the hotel room after we checked in. 
Alcohol makes me sleepy. *fact*
That night we walked around a lot and I saw a lot of stores I wanted to go shop at. 
I saw a Victoria's Secret!
And Juicy Couture! Kate Spade and Sephora too!! Hehehe. 
The dinner I had... really boring choice huh? But after a big lunch I wanted something lighter. 

The following day, we went to Pearl Harbor! I was a bit ehhhhh, about it to begin with. I just wanted to go to the beach and shop and stuff but afterwards I was really happy to have gone! It was a good day and I enjoyed the experience of going. 
(My aunties and her friends and my young cousins went and I think most of them didn't enjoy it,)
I actually didn't bring my camera because I was under the impression you couldn't take it to the harbor...
But you can. You just can't bring a camera bag. 
*also, if you end up going to Pearl Harbor in future, you can't bring a bag into the harbor. You can only bring things you can fit in your pockets/carry basically. 
I really enjoyed learning about Pearl Harbor and listening to the audio. 
I got to see the memorial and the USS Missouri as well! That ship was so cool~
But it was really windy that day. 
On the way back we got to see things like... punchbowl and where they filmed the old and new Hawaii 5-o. I've never seen either show though ^.^

The next day we went to the beach and ahhhh, I love waikiki beach!! The water is so strange because it's almost opaque...? But it's such a beautiful colour! We didn't stay too long at the beach but I floated in the warm water for a while and took lots of pictures!! Lol. 
I think after that my brother and I went to the pool at the hotel before we went on a Sunset dinner cruise. 
I was really upset over this, because it ended up costing my dad a lot more than we thought it would be and I wasn't happy about it... but... 
It ended up being a really good night!! 
 Look at how cute the butter was shaped!
 Strawberry daiquiri. But I struggled to finish it because motion sickness and alcohol... not a good mix, okay!?!
 1 pound of lobster. I didn't eat this because I'm 'allergic' to shellfish. I'm not really allergic I just refuse to eat it. I love fish though ^.^ I decided not to share all the food I ate that night because... I share too much food.
(Oh, my brother ate the lobster, so it didn't go to waste. Don't worry)
after the lobster we went outside and watched the sunset. Look at the flags. I recognize the American flad but none of the others. 
Look at the skyline~ Dad pointed out that there's no signs on the buildings... I wonder why that is....
 Really cool real life lens flare. Lol.
I look tired... :( And my eyelashes blew off in the wind... so I didn't take any more pictures of myself after I noticed that...
I think the things that made my night was the dancers... ehehehe, they were very attractive ^.^ Sunset cruise had my favorite dancers of the whole of Hawaii. XD Also they had the most ornate costumes with sparkles and flawless make up. Not saying the other dancers weren't fantastic but yeah. My favorite! 

The next day we flew off to The Big Island, it's a very quick flight to get to all the Islands. It takes no longer than 1 hour in plane including take off and getting off the plane so it's very fast! 

The airport on The Big Island is very small and... yes... it's out in the open like that O.O. 
I've never seen an airport like this before, it's very nice!! 
In the hotel 'lobby', everything on The Big Island is so... open... it was kinda cool because it was so different.

 Cool plants that look like fire!
 This is a floating... island? House? I'm not sure. All the Islands had these off the shore and I never found out what they were!! Argh! So frustrating. Does anyone know what these are?!?!
Ocean and Lava. 
We went to Bubba Gump for lunch~ ^.^ I love the theme of this restaurant... but... so many Forrest Gump puns were made that day.
salad with a really yummy raspberry dressing.
My lunch! A chicken burger... And chips. It was really good. While we were dining we saw a turtle swimming by as we ate our lunch.
The display by Bubba Gump. I didn't get a photo with it... but my brother did. ^.^
 We sat at the bar and watched the beautiful sunset. I think The Big Island has the second prettiest sunsets. Second to Maui.
 The next night we went on a tour, called the Kea Summit Tour... 
Um... It wasn't what I was thinking it was going to be! XD I thought we were going up a volcano. 
Okay, technically it's still a volcano but... yeah. 
The Big Island has nice scenery but I didn't take many photos because... I don't really like taking photos from inside a vehicle... 
 Going higher and higher... ^.^ It's starting to get realllllly cold. TT_TT hate the cold.
 A very rare tree that only grows only on in that spot. It's pretty cool looking in real life. 
Close up! You can see it's silver at the roots. It's really unusual looking.
 Totally looks like a massive R2-D2 units.

Watching the sunset go down under the clouds... 
And so did the temperature. It was cold. 

After that we went down the mountain again and we went and looked at the stars!
Because there are no clouds or light pollution you can see everything in the sky. 
Including the milky way. And satellites. And space ships. 
(Lie, I didn't see a space ship - or maybe I did and didn't notice,)
We had a telescope and we got to see the stars though that. It took a while because there was a big group of us and waiting for everyone to look it was boring and cold and I was tired and I stopped looking at them so it would get over faster. 
It was interesting though... 
So was the drive back down. 
Bus driver drove like a mad man. 

The next day we just went for a drive over the Island a bit and I took a few pictures. Water so blue it almost blends into the sky~ 
one of the last things I ate on the Big Island. Hawaiian Pizza. Note; Not ham. It's shredded pork. Hawaiians love shredded pork. 

Then the next morning we left the big Island and we were on our way to Maui! I was very excited to go to Maui. But I think I will split this blog post now because... I think this one is getting long. 
I hope you all found my photos and storied interesting... ^.^
I feel like this post is boring.... 


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aloha update~

Hi! Hi!! 
I just wanted to stop by and update a little. I'm actually on holiday and I'm in Hawaii!!! 
It's really nice here it's so hot though!! 
We're on Honolulu now and I really like it here theres lots of great shops like forever 21 and Victoria's Secret!! Lol

And we have a great view of the beach!! I already went today and its really nice!! The water isn't as salty as in Australia but its also not as clear.... You can't see the bottom of the ocean :/ which is kinda scary!!
I'm actually using blogger app to update its not bad! I can't check blogs though :( that kinda sucks...
Hmmm what else can I say? 
Oh I tried fresh coconut out of the actual coconut !! I think I'm allergic a bit cause I had a rash on my hands from where I held it. Oh well! Still nice! 
Food is cheap here too and really yummy not like back home where it costs twice as much and you get half the amount if food. 
I saw pearl harbour too yesterday I didn't really know anything about it so it was interesting to see and learn about it. 
Ah I might try to nap a bit now actually... I thought I wanted to write a bit but now I'm just sleepy!! Lol 
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