Monday, July 1, 2013

Supanova 2013

Hi! Hi!

Supernova was on the 29-30th of June this year and I was really excited to go this year because it was my first time ever cosplaying...

My cousin and I cosplayed Tsukasa and Kagame from Lucky Star~ 
Can you believe my cousin is turning 14 this month and already taller than me!!? TT_TT

 Our cosplays were hand made by my aunty too! Hehe!

I was really scared Supernova was gonna be freezing and I would cold but it was such a beautiful day. It was sunny and warm and the sky was cloudless. 

We got there kinda late. We arrived a bit after 9:30 am (Supernova opened at 10) 
The line to get our wristbands was short and the line to get into the convention was crazy super long we were like... woahhhhhh, this line is never ending got to the end of the line and five minutes later the line got even longer!! 

I was super happy because the door that we entered the stall that was in front of us was Peppermint Coursel! Yay!
They were one of the stalls I really wanted to go to because, I really really really wanted a giant baby alpaca because at Waicon I missed out. We went straight there and I was trying to make up my mind which alpaca I wanted. 
There will be pictures of what I got, at the bottom. 
There was a cute pink one with a cake around it's neck and the one I got but with a white ribbon, and then I looked to the side and saw the same alpaca with a pink ribbon! ^.^ Hurrah! 
Bought it!

Only problem was I had to carry this lovely white alpaca everywhere... 

And then my cousin and I went and walked around and looked at things and hey! Actually got stopped for photos! 

I saw Kimdao! Or she saw me! She was a photographer that day and took our photo and I asked it I could have a photo ^.^
Ahh! Happy :D :D :D

 I dunno if this was for sale or what, but we took pictures with it anyways! No one told us off aha!

 I actually saw three sets of Panty and Stocking cosplayers, I think these two were the best personally because these costumes were harder to make (and wear confidently - no?) (The others were in their everyday clothes)
 We followed these guys for a while to catch up with them! They were totally cool! I love Mario and anything Nintendo (pretty much) so I thought these guys were pretty great. 
Lol at the girl looking at Waluigi. Caption contest anyone??!

And I didn't realise but... Greg Cipes was there...
and wasn't doing signings/photos on Saturday. And I was so sad because Greg Cipes is my favorite voice over artist. It wasn't until I got home, that I saw he also had a show...... 
And I was so certain I saw him on the line up for singing and photos on Saturday. My brother said that when he volunteered last year they cancelled and changed things all the time. He was probably was on Saturday and they changed the line up. 
So sad. 

But yeah, anyways ranting. 
Actually, I have another rant. 

See, even though, I went with my cousin there was suppose to be a third person, my friend was suppose to come... 
And I preordered three tickets like.... over a month ago. So this was planned pretty early on. 
So I think it was a week before and my friend was saying she was going to a brunch on the same day we were going to Supanova... 
and of course I got upset I mean, it's not like I sprung this day up on her, she knew it was coming. She knew the date and the time it opened so I don't understand why she agreed to do something on the same day? It wasn't like it was a birthday or a good bye thing for a friend as far as I know it was just a random brunch thing.
But I just kept quiet. It's not really my problem since I'm not the one wasting $27 on a ticket I didn't use. 
Sigh, I swear every convention someone always stuffs it up for me and ruins it in someway.... 

Anyways, my cousin and I sat outside for a while around 11:30 because it was a nice day it's fun to watch people walk around in costumes.. no? 
Then we got lunch - we had yummy red rooster~ 
I never eat take away so when I do I always savour it and try to really enjoy it. 

Then after that my cousin ran into a friend and I was alone for a bout two hours so I went to the Nintendo center and luckily found a beanbag and played with my DS. I wanted to play Animal Crossing: New Leaf because I hadn't yet but... there were so many street passes that day! I got 80 alone in that two hour period!! ^.^
I was really happy because I was near the tv and they were showing the new pokemon games and they had the battle music playing the whole time and ahhh, I love that tune. It brings back such nostalgia for me. 
If you must know, I watched pokemon for the first time when I was six years old and became so obsessed with the games I haven't stopped playing ever since. I did however somehow completely miss out on the third generation. Not sure how that happened but it's my secret shame. 
Okay, got to shop blabbering my love of pokemon now.

So finally my friend came and we then walked around and she bought a few things, like Cardcaptors Season 1 from the madman booth and I took her to One Day in Paradise because I bought a really cute bag, and there was a darker version I wanted to show her and she bought it! ^.^ We have matching Baby the Stars Shine Bright bags!

 Nice stock photos. ^.^ Cute aren't they!!? 

They are actually really well made and very square. If you see one or a pondering getting one, I love mine so I recommend it.

Anyways... I think that was it, we walked around a bit more and bought a few more things and then we decided we were pretty tired. My cousin's wig was actually soooo heavy. 
I'm shocked she wore it all day. 
My dad was kind enough to drive us home, and I was falling asleep in the car! I think my cousin and friend were just as exhausted because we didn't even talk in the car.

Considering the convention centre is quite small and everything is so close, I walked about 2500 steps (according to my DS anyways.) 
(Ahaha, I should stop advertising my 3ds but I learned so much about it at Supanova I am really impressed with it! I've had it for ages but I never really used it before then!) 

 Almost all the things I bought. I realized as I write this, I forgot to take a picture of all the ramune I bought. I bought all five new flavours they had there. They had Strawberry, coconut, lychee, pineapple and grape! ^.^ I never tried any of those flavors before so I'm excited to try them. I bought six packets of pocky. I love pocky so I decided to stock up. And strawberry is my favorite. And I bought these Mario and Luigi caps from a cosplay store. ^.^ They are cool right??

 K-on! Complete series one and two! I love K-on! I have already seen season one but I like to buy the whole series. This was suppose to cost me like... 160 I think? But then the guy was like... make it 150 as I was giving him the money! Oh well, saved $10...
 Hair stars I got from One Day in Paradise. They came in many colours, but of course I chose pink.

 And a cute hair bow with roses and pearls as well.
And I got this cutie as well~
I love her so much!

Ah, so that's all I think!! I hope you enjoyed this. 



  1. Eee, love your cosplays and AWW - your alpaca doll is absolutely adorable, I really wanted one!

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. alpacas are so cute!! You can find them easy on ebay too!! And it was fun to cosplay~ I really enjoyed it~

  2. So cute~! :3 And OMG , the hair bow and the bag are just so gorgeous ! <3

    1. Thank you! And yeah, they're both pretty cute huh!?!?

  3. Your blog is so lovely, dear!:) How about exchange banners?:)

    1. thank you! um... but I don't have a spot for banners I guess? If I ever do I'll let you know!

  4. Love the bag! I got the heart shaped version in that store while I was in Japan! They are soooooo cute >3<

    1. Yes! I saw it in your video~ I was like... cuuuttteee! Then I saw it at Supernova and was like.... ahhh! Looks cute like the heart one!~ Hehe! We can be matching! Lol

  5. You look so cute ♥
    your bag is super adorable.


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